g13 labs suck assholes

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    I love g13 labs tbh I can't believe no one has tried the white lavender, it is amazingly vigorous smells like skittles , super sticky an has crazy bag appeal, the buds turn this super light blue covered in trichomes. The blue og is amazing and a must try. White widow was super frosty and giant trichomes. Pineapple express auto , actually smelled like pineapples. So yeah a lot of slander from people for thier shitty skills or lack of understanding of horticulture an possibility

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    I had a similar experience as the OP. I got a cheese freebie which was a hermied out and confused for sure

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    Yea. Yea. I know this is from 2008.

    You can get males from fem seeds.
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    Well yeah.. poorly done fems.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Oh stop it. What the hell does that even mean?

    It can happen with any fem beans. Its actually something some breeders look for. It is rare. Very rare. Like one in every thousand seeds or so.

    There are a few members her that have gotten them. @Dr. Who is one.

    People just repeat what they read. Not a single fem breeder claims 100% female.

    I've been growing fems for years and been making them for a while now.
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    If there can be hermaphrodites then there can be males.

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    I want to like this but I'm too newbish on here to like. Stupid rule. I'm going to purchase from Attitude now.
    Dr. Who

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    No, no! There is NO such thing as 100% fem seeds.

    I've gotten males out of fems 3 times now. Twice from other breeders gear and once from my own S1's. Take the time to actually talk with any big seed breeder. He'll tell you.
    The ratio is like 1:3000 beans is male.
    These males are like gold to some breeders. I agree.

    Twin plants from 1 single bean is like 1:1000, and there are plenty around here who have gotten that.
    The last time I got a male. Was out of a set of 5 or 6 beans for a comparative grow from a beanery here. They were Mephisto genetic's Skywalker kush. I know an "auto" but, the guy from the bean dealer asked me to do it. I felt I should from the polite request.

    I got a male and a twin in those beans he sent. We later talked together with one of the actual breeders at Mephisto..... He wasn't at all surprised like the bean dealer was. Neither was I.

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