GANGAS 2020 garden

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I really need to take off the dead buds from the reveg. Just dont have a ton of time this yr but I'm working on it.received_841629579661806.jpeg
Anyways the poles are 5x5 so they are filling up fast. Here is a lemon crash og 2nd pic
And a random bag seed that I've grown twice now (and tho the leaves are sativa leaning it is a super quick finisher outdoors and massive buds) yes I'm aware they still look like crap but some got very little light in my tent.received_1032827740446406.jpeg

ganga gurl420

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What’s with the reveg?
Just experimenting this yr. I monster cropped one...took a reg clone of another...and some I started from seed and revegged in the tent. I wanted to see if it does infact increase yield.

I like to try something new ever yr to see where I want to land on things in the future. So far the monster cropped clone is by far the winner at this point.

Like I said I'm aware they look like shit right now but I really see some potential.
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Right, the monster cropping thing.

Nothing you grow looks like shit...take some pride in your talent! Experimenting is all part of the passion. Looking forward to what you do this summer!
Awe thanks! I have a feeling I'm on the right track but wont know for about a month so I can compare to previous grows.
I'm most excited to see what the jelly pies do and the lemon crash og from cannaventure. Both are just sooo fruity smelling!

ganga gurl420

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i've revegged plants that ive taken cuts from a flowering plant and the structure on them is insane!

interested to see what you pull cheers :bigjoint:
Thanks! You and me both! So far I'm digging the experiment. Will know more in a couple of weeks when they really explode in growth.


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Looks like you are off to the races. Good luck this season.

I have two small plants from my spring crop (NW Florida} that I'm hoping will reveg. But my Length of Day just reached 14 hours this week, so they are taking their time about it.