Ganja Lollipops

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    gioua Well-Known Member

    Call the airlines.. if legal.. some folks have said they have been able to take MMJ on planes.. if going to a legal state..

    I would not risk it

    WeedKillsBrainCells Well-Known Member

    Being as tsa are fat bored pigs, no.

    PlantManBee Well-Known Member

    Edibles are definitely the easiest way to get things through security. I know someone who brought their whole stash back from New Zealand in cookies.

    JimBlow New Member

    Greetings! Long time reader...first time writer.... I was all fired up (pardon the pun) to make these things. Then I read on and on and started to get paranoid (side effect) about the butter separating from the sugar/corn syrup mixture. I sure don't want to waste some good crop on a failed recipe. But then...the folks who are successful, are REAL SUCCESSFUL! So, I'm in a dilemma.

    My wife likes the effect but hates cotton mouth and after taste when burning it, so I thought this would be a home run! Now I'm gun shy. Getting ready to make butter but then I read about oil...damn the confusion! Any thoughts for your humble student?

    Imsobaked New Member

    I'm about to make a couple of different edibles with cannabutter one of them is lollipops. I am more skeptical about the lollipops than anything. I really don't want the butter to separate from the lollipops and altitude is not an issue. Does anyone have a sure fire recipe that will result in killer lollipops?

    Imsobaked New Member

    OK so just got done making some killa lollipops. Just one thing to add use a pyrex glass measuring cup or the metal spoon because I just used a plastic pyrex measuring cup and it melted through the bottom. Be really careful cause this stuff is no joke. I got a fan cooling them now and I can't wait till they are ready. I will let you now how they taste after. Stay baked friends.

    ker03 New Member

    Hi :) I make lollis and hard candies all the time. Anxious to hear your recipe?

    aisach Active Member

    Agave syrup is finding popularity, as it is not as sweet as corn syrup. Plant based.

    Ragegin New Member

    hi could you tel lme how to stop the cannabutter from separating from rest of the mix

    hillbillymike New Member

    I was wondering about the gelitin do I need to dissolve it with a mitt water before I mix it in with the sugar and butter

    greendave Active Member

    Hey Dirty the flowering time is 10 weeks,and I am on my 3rd run and have a mother in my 18/ 6 room along with the true og and men's GDP.I,m also going to pull the trigger on HSO Blue Dream.

    greendave Active Member

    As far as the true og I bought a pack when they 1st went on sale at the attitude,like a year ago,and out of 10 got 8 good females,and like 3 weeks into flowering opened the tent and boom 6 of the 8 had nanners EVERYWHERE.It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen,but I must say I do love the smoke.

    Briggi New Member

    May I have your modified recipe please?

    Briggi New Member

    Did u use butter in ur lollipop recipe? If so did u have issues with separation? I've read that lecithin helps with that. What are ur thoughts? Also, if u have a good lollipop or other candy recipe, please feel free to share because I sure would like to have one. Thanks in advance.

    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    ever make poprocks? its the same procedure as making hard candy but you pour the warm sugars after hardball stage over citric acid crystals and dust the surface of this with more citric acid crystals. let it dry and cool. break up with a hammer in a bag. it's not a clone of name brand pop rocks since they inject co2 into the sugars under pressure while cooling but the lollipop base takes much longer to disolve in your mouth versus the citric acid crystals which dissolve almost instantaneously. there are indeed step by step recipes but usually make gallons of pop rocks in the end. so to use with cannbutter obviously you need either alot of hash or just to make a smaller batch of poprocks in a really concentrated amount of thc in a little butter

    Briggi New Member

    Thanks, I've never tried them but they sound interesting and I will look into finding a recipe so hopefully I won't screw them up.

    Briggi New Member

    Question for anyone: The recipe I saw for lollipops uses a 1/4 cup of butter. Can a larger quantity of butter be used to make them stronger without ruining the recipe?

    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    no. use more pot in your butter. to do this you may have to use hash. if you add too much butter you'll end up getting a greasy blob

    Briggi New Member

    I will remember that, thanks!

    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    hey you may have a chance however, i did see a recipe on a separate thread yesterday. the had exactly you're situation and it succeeded.

    i just made 20g into a half cup :eyesmoke:

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