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    Good info thanks I've been thinking of buying a humidor and now I've made up my mind. One question though a friend dries in brown paper grocery bags rather than jars. Any thoughts on that? I think the purpose in the paper bag is to absorb the moisture and avoid having to burp them

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    Brown paper bags work OK. People get confused. To cure you have to have airflow, when it goes anaerobic it smells of hay. This is probably fairly intuitive if you make yiur own dirt and compost .
    You can't just jar at the proper humidity and let it sit, you have to have enough moisture to keep open stomatas yes but the exchange of gasses "gas transfer" is what breaks down the plant. If you over dry beyond say ~30% the amount required to keep open stomatas and maintain normal plant functions the cure stops.

    Now curing the plant smoothed the smoke, curing the trichomes alters the flavor profile to more robust stronger smelling compounds. Curing the trichomes doesn't require the level of moisture or oxygen and I makes much longer....

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    This was a great read, if a little long, but it answered several questions I had.

    I live in a dry climate, RH runs 25-35% much of the time, so I'm considering using paper bags to help slow drying a bit. I worry that I will have some trich loss on the paper, unless I could find bags made from material similar to weighing papers, only completely opaque. Experienced input?


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    You will lose trichs. What can you do. Especially when its gooey and fresh with lighter esters and such.. The outside of commercial bud has almost no trich heads but the inside of buds are still gorgeous for this reason.

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    I got a hygrometer from ebay $3 and it fits in my jars..
    I like to smoke when jar reaches 60 65 % humidity. ..
    Just keep burpin till that happens

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    Im currently drying my 1st plant ever ! Lol very scary but most people say drying takes a awhile depending on certain things. I have the whole tree hanging not with branches individually drying alone the whole plant is being held up by a clip that's hanging on fishing wire whats the fastest buds can dry I'm afraid of being too late even tho today is day 2 of drying I'm planing on drying whole plant for at least a week is that to long or not long enough

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    Your good. Depending on the size a week is a good target.
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    Agree 100%

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    just a comment on the year long cure.I think it was the newest issue of High Times I was reading the grow question section and a reader asked if you can store buds in the freezer for long term storage.They said no way never .A freezer degrades trichromes severely and I thnk (don't hold me to this),but curing should only be about a month and that the shelf life of jarred pot is only 1 year maximum.So if you cure for a year its already past it's prime.

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    Thanks man been struggling with mildew smelling buds and taste also. I knew it was my curing proses but not exactly what to do because of unreliable information. So again many thanks beautiful buds with good potency still sucks without the smell and taste.
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    hey thanx ganj, just have s couple questions, I forget what the idel temperature and humidity should be when I'm drying in my closet?? IV grown at 72degrees and humidity at 55-60, I'm about to harvest this week, and I totally forgot where I wanna be temp n humidity wise. I usually hang up my whole plant upside down for 2-3 days then trim the fan leaves n do like a half ass trim and let the buds hang again by the stems for another 3-4 days, but yea if anyone can help me , please do cuz I can't find it on any forum even tho that's how I learned the drying n cure process last time

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    I use ups shipping bags. light and air proof. Much easier tan burping jars. I open the bag and shake! the one I use is pillow case size. I put a pound in and rollitup! PUN intended! :bigjoint:

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    Why, in drying and curing threads, the posters never give the humidity of their location? There is a big difference between Florida and Arizona when the plant is hanging. I get putting the hygrometer in the jars, but the days(?) before that .... it just seems it would have to hang a lot longer in FL or HI than in AZ. 300 miles from Seattle to Spokane and the humidity is 60% and 30% respectively on any given day.
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    I have had bud in jar for well over a year an it dnt degrade or expire like milk or cheese IMO

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    Is this thread still active? I have a couple questions. Ive seen some people say wait until the stem snaps, and some that say wait until it bends. Im just confused on which one is the right answer. I mean wont the stem always bend? Even if its freshly picked it will bend.

    Few more questions if the thread is indeed active.
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    Maybe i helped maybe not...ask away though if yiu want

    To cure properly you have to understand how the cure works.

    A percent of moisture is required to keep stomatas open and maintain gas exchange. Think of it like a cutting, its still alive. 40% is about the lower limit. During this process respiration and hydrolysis break down the plant...

    This is an aerobic process obviously, you dont want to just jar at the right rh.
    Mold of any type wont typically grow under 60%. You want as much moisture as possible without it molding and good airflow, along with low temps- low 70's. Higher temps volatize terps and speed the bacterial break down of the plant, thats what makes brick weed yellow then turn brown and can give a foul odor, you want the plant to break it down.
    The hay smell is of a similar process. But from a lack of oxygen, doesnt matter when you chop or what strain. It should never smell like that. Ever. My plants smell like dank all the way through. the "hay" smell is from nitrogen sugars cellulose, starch, etc breaking down anaerobically with the high moisture content. It begins to ferment. This releases ammonia and acids giving the foul odor.
    Up rh (instead of jarring and burping) lower temps, and increase airflow is the general prescription. You dont want the outside to become dry and then attempt to rehydrate. In practice try to slowly bring the buds to a moisture you like. Some like high 50's. Everyone has a prefrence to the "texture" of their herb
    Trim wet, rh ~60-70%, decent airflow ~500cfm, no light, temps 65-73°f, Hopefully this takes roughly 10-14 days before outside of buds becomes dry. Do not let any part of the bud become dry. if this happens to soon; up rh, lower temp, and/or decrease air flow. If a hay or foul odor arises increase air flow. When drying is complete, Jar for minumum of 16hrs to get moisture back to the tips. You can now add boveda packs or "burp" for 30 minutes and give airflow to the bud. Airflow is very important to the cure but so is maintaining 55-60%rh
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    I have a problem in my grow room, the RH is usually very low and it dries almost crispy in 4 days. Big problem because i can only dry for 2 or 3 days then jar up.

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    Exactly my issue, only add in 90 degree temps (grow outside)
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