GeekBeast Halloween Giveaway is coming--Win GeekBeast UVB 310


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Hi RIU Members :)
On the occasion of Halloween,
We will find two testers for our: GeekBeast UVB 310.

Prize: GeekBeast UVB 310 *2

More details of the prize can be found here:

1. Follow @GeekBeast
2. Like this thread
3. Share your opinion about geekbeast products in the comments,Share cannabis pictures with us, and MUST tag #geekbeast, without other LED grow light's shot. (No offensive words, No negative words, No Politics words).Peace and love.:weed:

Valid Period: October 21st-November 24th

The winner will be picked in a random way. ( The number on the upper right corner of your participation cannabis posts is the number of your participation in the lottery) So this means that the more times you participate, the more likely you are to be selected.bongsmilie

What the winner needs to do: Share your review post and 3-5 high-definition pictures of the prize on Rollitup with hashtag #geekbeast and @GeekBeast


Good luck!:clap::clap::clap:


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I haven't tried your equipment, but from reviews from MIGRO Youtuber are in the top of quality and PAR Map.
Right now I'm doing a journal and would be great to add those to the test during flower. #Geekbeast

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Our place went up for sale and they wanted to show it,so I found this ikea cabinet to stuff my tent in,
so I could continue to grow it!!!