1. dirtyoldb

    Bedtime reading on UVB

  2. Mikenike

    Round 2! HLG Saber vs Amare SB800 RDWC

    Took awhile but I’m back to hydro. Got 8 cuts nicely rooted and they’re all pretty even. Same setup as before with the addition of 4 UVB bulbs. Last run I didn’t post exact weights because I feel I neglected HLG’s side a little more. But Amare won that round by about .5lbs and with the whole...


    Well, ...Hi all, you may remember a user called STELTHY ....well...10 years has passed, ....AND I AM BACK Ive left it so long since my RIU acc. was hacked and I lost a shit ton of pics over 130 pages of journal entries.. And in true STELTHY style I am once again putting more thought into my...
  4. C@nn@b1@n

    How long to run UVA / UVB

    Hey guys hope this hasn't been covered. Im running California lightworks Solar System UVA/UVB https://californialightworks.com/products/solarsystem-uvb and its working to bring out the trics. I currently have it running about 3 hrs at days peak. My question is now that I am in the last 2 weeks...
  5. N

    How much gallon/ml water and nutrients for my seedling and how many times a day?

    Newbie here! Age: 1 week Soil: Coco Coir 1.8 (5 litres) gallon Light: It's winter so UVB reptiles 30w 2 meter distance (UVB bc it grows faster than led and, it's for reptiles bc the light is quite like a sunlight that's why) or when sunny then Sunlight bc of high bills (from closed Window!!)...
  6. Mikenike

    Amare SB800/autopots/megacrop

    after my last grow went south due to a family emergency, I finally got things rolling again. 5x5 tent Amare SB800 (instead of HLG sabers this time) Autopots Megacrop, sweet candy, kelp extract Mephisto and heisenbeans seeds 5 from heisenbeans. Gonna go in another tent later in 4g autopots. To...
  7. Mikenike

    Autopot/megacrop LED run

    Alright finally made the move from dwc to coco/autopots. AN 3 part nute line has been good but so many different bottles and the PRICE is whats turning me to megacrop and the extras. Dwc is great but it’s become too much work for me now. I’m also still a pretty crappy grower but am diving in to...
  8. DrGreenT420

    UV Suppliment Lighting

    Ive been interested in adding UV to my grow setup as Im currently running 3000k 90 CRI COBs and am not getting much blue or uv during flowering and would like the benefits of increased potency and terpenes. What would be the best way of adding UV light to a 3x3 tent ? Ive mostly seen mentions of...
  9. DrGreenT420

    Need Opinions on Supplememtal Lighting

    Hey guys, so Im looking into getting some supplemental lighting to add to my set up and had some questions. Im looking at both the Exotic Supplement board and Emerson board from RapidLED. Considering doing a DIY supplement light though as Im not sure the benefits of the IR spectrum that comes...
  10. Or_Gro

    Epic 4x4 Flowering Smackdown : 96 Elites vs 288s

    Welcome to a side-by-side dwc grow in 4x4s with clones of four strains: Green Crack, Jack Herer, Original Glue (GG4), and Trainwreck One 4x4 will have two timber 48sams (equiv of eight hlg288s) with supplemental red hlg35, growbright far red bar, t5 uvb, and CO2. The other 4x4 will have six...
  11. Invisighost

    Experimenting with UVB bulb

    Hey guys I'm going to be doing a little experiment and wondering if anyone has any input. I have a UVB 10.0 high output bulb that I used for lizards I use to breed. I read awhile back that there was very little info on using one on a cannabis grow but a few articles I found said that the bulbs...
  12. l0wbob2016

    Summary on the influence of UVB-radiation on cannabis

    !!!! Before you start reading this thread I recommend reading this security warning! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ultraviolet radiation...
  13. B

    Various Spectrum High Efficiency LED

    So I've read various posts across the forums of various people using specific spectrums to perform specific functions, however, I have not seen much of if any part numbers or manufacturer information if anyone is interested in sharing this information would be highly appreciated by all some of...
  14. Y

    Adding UVB spectrum to COBs - opinions on this setup?

    Hi, spent last couple of days reading up on UVB addition to grows - some people seem to recommend and are getting good results will agree that there doesnt seem to be any clear data or experiments (maybe there are but i havent seen them yet) Im thinking of going with these UVB200 26w bulbs...
  15. SSGrower

    Hortilux agromax or other t5 uv/limited spectra light

    Looking at the various uv and limited spectra t5 lamps (denoted by "pure" or a nm number like 430), and 10000k / 14000k "finishing" lamps. @RM3 do you have any experience with these or other options like repti-sun? Trying to balance quality, quantity and cost. Thinking about 4-6 2ft tubes to...
  16. TigerSquad

    has anyone herd of these?

    https://cirrusledgrowlights.com/2016/05/19/check-out-the-new-reflex-uvb-led-grow-light/ I like the idea of saving 200$ by pre-ording. I would never get the cash up but we can dream right?
  17. Smoke-A-Cola

    UVB Diodes

    Does anyone have any info on UVB in LEDs? I went to a cannabis show in Oakland recently and there was a new LED company there that said they had UVB in their lights. Just curious if anyone has used or tried UVB in their LEDs. Also, what is the difference between MCOB and COB? Sorry for...
  18. Kevin the Great

    UV, IR, How much, for how long?

    I would like to add some "terpene enhancement" to my light bars. I just don't know what chips to get and how hard to run them. I'd rather not roast my ladies in an attempt at making them stronger. I'm sure some of you have learned the hard way. Any chance I can learn from your mistakes...
  19. budsmoker247

    electrical / lighting

    hey everyone, been awhile since i been here and was hoping to find out some info. not technically grow related but wanted to find out from people experienced with electrical. it actually pertains to a birthday party coming up for my daughter. shes wanting a glow in the dark party and been...
  20. Morbid Angel

    UV supplemented lighting

    Seems they where all the rage a few years ago. Then they kind of fell to the way side. Now I see they're back as supplemented additions to LED, CMH and other fixtures.. Also a big advertising feature for MH, CMH, and HPS. Solistek even came out with the 10,000K "finisher". so what is the word...