Getting back into growing, Would love some clones!

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Hello MA Patients!

I am a longtime grower in Rhode Island. I have grown for 7 years, and I use only Hydroponic systems. I make some very good, clean, and incredibly affordable meds for patients, and patients only (disclosure: also for myself even though I'm not a patient)

Within my time of growing, I have helped out countless numbers of people in many ways, including giving out dozens of clones to those who need it. I believe I was responsible for the wild spread of Jack Herrer from Greenhouse seeds Co. in 2012 in Providence. She was a beauty.

I am now in your need, as I am getting back into growing in Mass. and I am in dire need of clones. I promise to repay the favor to you and/or countless others amongst my travels in the medical community in Mass.

Thank you for your help, and looking forward to hearing back,

Friendly Caregiver


Lol your the reason there was soooo much jack around New England for soo long? People are still shaking their heads as soon as someone mentions jack