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    Please help, I have an infestation of something and don't know what it is. A fellow grower is also having the same problem. I am not seeing any bugs on my plants, I have checked morning, noon and night. But the evidence of something is present. The infestation is attacking the top half of the plants and they are attacking the small shoots. Its almost as if the shoots are getting bitten through to the point that they fall over but they don't fall off. They have a brown spot on the side of the shoot that has fallen over. I have tried several things from neem oil to murphys oil soap, and have even gone as far as Sevin dust and nothing is stopping these little critters. I have 60 plants that look they are in very serious trouble. I certainly don't want to loose this whole crop. Any help to point me in the right directions would be GREATLY appreciated. Im sorry I cant provide pics at this time, but as soon as I get my hands on a camera I will do so.

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    loved this thread.. helped me identify 'leaf miners' in my plant, thanks a million....

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    Hey guys.. need some help to identify some bugs !

    IMG_0060.jpg bugs2.jpg bugs.jpg

    Is this spider mites?

    Can they do harm to my ladies??

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    A couple weeks ago I noticed sides of leaves and tips disappearing and I can find no bugs. I check the plant day an night with no bugs being seen. So I bought this stuff called Azamax ( and sprayed it, I thought it stopped and now it seems to have started again (see photos below)
    View attachment 2927718 View attachment 2927720 DECEMBER2013 016.jpg DECEMBER2013 016.jpg View attachment 2927724

    I guess I can try spraying them with the Azamax stuff again but I wanted to check with you experts before I did.
    Thank you in advance! :peace:

    I also noticed that the tips of the plant that are disappearing are the new growth tips that might be too new to have some of the Azamax on them so maybe just spraying them again is the best thing - but I am sure some of you will see this and know immediately. Thanks

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    I wouldn't go too crazy with chemicals personally not even in veg since everything i grow i smoke for medicine. Use non toxic products, ive been pushing the idea of NON TOXIC to everyone possible after i got very very ill after smoking a bit of bud treated with chemicals.. not fun at all. The best product ive used to date was skunk labs horticulture sprays, it seems to work on a wide range of pests and was very effective on my mildew issue has recently.. So Id advise everyone to stick with non toxic products only even in veg!!

    I would upload a pic of the product but the site wont let me download pic. its skunklabshc com

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    Any chance the leaf or leaves touched a sticky for bug control ?

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    1. First time seeing one under the magnifier. Fucker actually turn and looked directly towards the lens . couldn't get the pic tho

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    Russet broad mite?

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