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So two out of the three ripened plants are chopped; one is curing in the jar already and the otter is still hanging so it is now time to recycle the root balls for another run. We had about a half a 60g tote bin full of soil left over from last time to use as a base. Then we dropped in 3 dry ass root balls: two 10g and one 5g from a clone that turned out to be male.
Btw always carefully label your shit ppl; I recently ended up with 5 male clones of which 4 were given to friends who were kinda pissed when they found out. Sorry bout that guys...
Anyway here’s how I recycle soil:
First we drop some old root balls and base soil into a bin
Hydrate as needed and then break it up real good with a rusty old shovel
Then we add at least one full tray of EWC from the worm bin; worms and all
Then it’s time for the amendments; I add about a handful.. about a cup + 1/2 of each:
Neem seed meal
Kelp meal
Insect frass
Blood meal
Fish bone meal
Crushed oyster shell flour
Then minerals in small quantity; 1/2 cup each:
Dolomite lime
Garden gypsum

That’s it...then we just mix it up real good and let it set for 30 daze & then it’s good to go. Also add in any leftover compost tea and/or bottom “sludge” remnants from a recent aact brewing.
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There are only 2 rules: your shit needs to be organic and you have to post pics about it...that’s it then just grow along lol
I have a tumbler and it is cooking my hand made soil and these girls need transplanted real soon but, organic soil and some liquid fish watering is all that is going on in those cups.

My Entry fee is paid :) LOL
Better to have fun with new friends than play by myself.


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Hey, I have been out of the loop for some time so "What does Aloe do?"
Check this out...


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Check this out...
thank you, awesome stuff. Ive had some aloe growing in my window for years for when i get those inevitable summer sunburns

Richard Drysift

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Hey speaking of praying plants..
This one is now thrip free but sadly the damage is already done.....
Sweet Afghani clone
She has been monster cropped; buds are already stacking nicely and it’s at like 2 and a half weeks....
So just by luck it will be
monstercropping VS normal 12/12 flip
This one I’m still not sure what strain but was just flipped as normal. While the buds are developing nicely my mix is falling off fast at the end of week 6...E052175D-F73E-4603-8A1D-838CFF20EBE6.jpeg. Usually from here (week 7+) liquid fish and worm leacheate will get them over the finish line.....if not a good stout aact might do the trick.
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Had to take down my Power Plant. Ended up being a hermie and i had it next to another tent which has been flipped 10 days ago.
Didn't want to take more risks and end with two pollinated tents.
By day 35 seeds were clearly formed, didn't check before for male flowers because i just wasn't waiting for it, and it was kinda difficult with the SCROG setup.



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Transplant Solo-cup to 2 gallon.

I let these go much much longer then I was comfortable with.
The weakest plant gave up. It never grew a strong stem. Most likely on the very sativa side and the conditions out there in that rough grow-room were too harsh.
Down to 4.

I couldn't wait any longer so this soil is straight out of the tumbler. Very active.
I had to get these plants out of the solo cups.
The tumbler is still going although it is now once again around 80 degrees F and not 120 degrees F

As I mentioned before this is a seed rescue with these guys being at least ten years old.

It may be too soon to try and determine sex but I have a special tool I will try out so I can have a good look with these old eyes.



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Back at the beginning Dyck flipped his seedlings early didnt he?Then back to veg? Sounds like the best way to determine sex early on.


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I'm too worried to flip them and flip them back.

I am hoping for at least one boy. I simply do not know after ten years what seeds were which. There were regulars and a lot of feminized and I simply dumped all of them into one jar when I moved.

My goal here is to make seeds and perhaps clones.
I am building the grow-room as I go too.

I do have some 7 year old California Orange but I suspect it might have been hermi stock. I was gifted the bud long ago.

I do have question. What is Ghost Haze like? I picked up some of those feminized as well as some Blue Dream.
If I have the plants I think I do then crossing them with Blue Dream made some tasty sweet that was excellent for watching movies with.
I did manage to make a few feminized cross seeds in the way back and simply grew them out without making more.
So I sure hope I have a male in this group. Fingers crossed.