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    I have started to experiment with automation systems. I have decided on openHAB as it is readily available for open source use. openhab runs on an Raspberry Pi 3 format with wifi, bluetooth, and ethernet access. I have an example sitemap with items and rules I have developed into a basic system. I have a second system I need to merge with the lighting cvontrols to handle the water pumps and fans with relays, as well. this system is using a Raspebbery Pi 3 B+, a 1TB hard drive, running headless, meaning no monitor just web access. The final system will have security controls and remote access with a smartphone to get updates on lighting, water, air, temperature, humidity. I will be looking at possible CO2 operation, as well.

    So here is a short video of the basic system I have going right now with some screen shots.

    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    Screen shots

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    Definitely interested
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    I work in IT and I've gotta say raspberry pi's are sweet. This is great.
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    A little update and a new direction thinking of how things will look on a mobile device. GrowGreenControl1.jpg GrowGreenControl2.jpg
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    I looked into openHab about a year ago and thought was really cool. Well organized and easy to build. I like your progress @VegasWinner ! I will definitely be interested in updates.

    My approach was going to be a little different. I was going to use aurdinos as remote sensors and run openHab on my computer and store data in database for reporting.
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    bicit Well-Known Member

    I've had an ardunio I've been trying to do the same things with, just from scratch. Subbed, this should be helpful to my endeavors.

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    I like the way the screen shifts to the new page of information, crazy what technology can do these days

    Just one thing, if you do another phone camera(or videoing anything) to computer screen pretty please hold the phone horizontally makes for much easier watching :)
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    With the current setup I am using 9 gio pins. Each could drive a bank of relays with an external. 12v power supply. I already have an arduino solution called GrowGreen

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    I am going to have to get the GoPro out and do better one handed not working that good. Thanks for enduring
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    You can run openHAB as a utility on your pc just no external pins.

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    I like your work.
    I've often thought about about using Pi/ardino as a light controller w/ LED to emulate daytime light cycle automagically.

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    Be careful with these automation systems! You may, or may not get too lazy to enter your growroom !!!
    JK !

    Anyway, I'll be interested to see what this can do (besides lighting control).
    Automation is always cool!
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    I did to. I got tired of looking around and made my own. I programmed for years before windows and after. Decided to do something came up with reliable lighting control.
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    It's cool, but I dunno what I'd do if I wasn't completely hands-on with my plants. This shit has been a therapy for me.

    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    I feel you but I know plenty of folks work away from home and can be sure schedules are being maintained. Schedules are the most important of growing, keeping schedules the same removes many variables. Being able to monitor air light and water on your smartphone is just assurances while away. I am also considering a camera in the app. The rpi3 has a camera jack. Essentially these one board computers are smartphones too on steroids.

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    Regarding devices I am looking at dht22 for each space and a bank of relays for each channel of air water and light. On water schedule i am looking at two choices flood&drain or hydro schedules. For wireless devices a serial gateway is needed these are Arduino minis with a transmitter and controls or direct wiring. I am leaning towards the wireless I have built two serial gateways one for sensors and one for relays. A lot of work. You can google mysensors or myirrigation to get some ideas.

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