Guide to Nutrient Deficiency or Toxicity

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    irish grower

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    ye lad give it a go,ye that red rock its about the garda in Dublin,im from waterford meself,if i had of been growing in ireland i would of made a killing,smoking shitty hash for years,who knew growing it was so easy,well kinda easy,still like babys.i have some blue cheese and special queen#1 sprouting now,i like that cheese ye know lad,hows your grow coming on

    Grenier5413 Well-Known Member

    Sorry guys my phone broke. Just got back. The only tester I have is for pH and basic neuts. Considering I did nothing to the soil practically I'm sure your right.

    Kidbruv Well-Known Member

    So my friend is growing a plant with identical genetics to mine (clones) in almost identical conditions outdoors. He sent me a pic today to compare how far into flowering we both are and I noticed that his leaves were very "veiny". Overall his plant is very healthy with just the occasional lower yellow leaf.

    I don't know if this is anything other than young leaves (because the older ones around it don't seem to have that same veininess) or just pics taken in different lighting, but figured it was worth asking. Possible early magnesium deficiency?

    First pic is his plant, second mine...

    chuckie86 Well-Known Member

    Does this look like a phosphorus deff I look it up and looks like it to me but I'm not %100 sure

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    dickiefickle Active Member

    This could be useful with some pictures
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    Jerro Member

    Hello everyone,

    2x 1000 watt SolarMax/VEG - Metal Halid- Air cooled 4 feet Away running @ 75%

    Temps are have been @ 68-76 most grow
    except for a few heat waves but never over 85 Degress for Longer then 4 hours.
    Humidity has been 50-60 except a few days they dropped to 25 I added a humidifier and have kept it at 50-60%
    Running light 24/7
    Rapid rooters starting plug.

    Air circulation is good fan blowing over the top and two others moving air back to the carbon scrubber.

    DWC - 55 Gallon 6 pot system- cultured soultions under current @ 67 Degress
    R/O water - system is currently at 6 PH -Stable
    40 Gallon Reseivor - 5.7 PH currently - 67 Degress
    40 days since planted seeds

    I have co2 setup also and ran it for a few days, my room isn't completely sealed and it is escaping so I will seal everything up and start to run that this week. The growth difference is huge it was amazing anyways let me get to the rest..

    Nutes: cultured soultions veg a, veg- b @ at half of recommended strength, UC roots, cal-Mag half strength, when I topped the first time the stem I cut was hollow. The system is at 210ppm and the Rez is at 420ppm (EC500 Scale)

    I was having N toxicity so I drained everything out and cleaned everything throughly with hydrogen peroxide. I had ph fluctuations (faulty Ph meter) in the beginning and the first water change I did I didn't have a transfer pump so alittle build up was left behind which most probably caused N toxicity. I have topped five of them twice and one three times.

    Everything seems to be normal now, but I want to make sure her growth is normal as this is my first grow and havnt seen any other plants grow. Also my rapid rooters has green alge growing on top.. How do I treat this?? Do I spray hydroton peroxide and then cover it up so no light gets shined on it? Thank you all for your help!!

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    Dontknow77 Member

    Man thanks a lot I just found out what's been killing the leafs of my girls

    drfish93 New Member

    Can anyone tel me what the problem with this is???

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    Tigerpaws Well-Known Member

    Any idea what could be ailing her?

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    BecauseIgotHigh Well-Known Member

    plant looks calmag nitrogen tox, keep your ph perfect and see what happens then. Plant looks good from that though?


    Tigerpaws Well-Known Member

    That's probably it. I was using Calmag with my tap water.

    ray2013 Well-Known Member

    Greetings farmer's. Was wondering if anyone could help identify this issue with my plants. 20161022_154423.jpg 20161022_163340.jpg

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    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    sort of looks like early root rot

    Mrjacob274 Active Member

    I have this tangerine dream she is 15 days old and having a spotting problem. Planted in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Room 76* 37%

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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    at first glance i would say something is eating it. looks like leafminer damage, which is actually the small larvae of several different pests that haven't emerged yet. spraying isn't very effective, as they're inside the plant. do you have any insects like small flies around your grow room? using yellow sticky traps helps, and i've found that watering with a half strength dose of spinosad if they get bad helps knock them down a lot. they aren't the same as fungus gnats, but if fungus gnats like the conditions, so will they.
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    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    I was just reading about leaf miners last night and now here they are.... good call
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    Mrjacob274 Active Member

    Theyre not moving along or tunneling. New growth and my two other plants have not a blemish.
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    there are at least 4 different insects that can be called "leafminer" in that stage, some travel around, some just sit and eat one spot. they don't have spots anywhere else because the larvae are close to where you see the damage. the best thing to do if its just one or two leaves is cut them off and dispose of them.

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