Guide to Nutrient Deficiency or Toxicity

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    BurnzyBurnz Active Member

    Ya ouch...
    But cannabis plants tend to recover quickly given the correct ph. Just keep regular water only 6.7pH every 3 days. Give it a week or two and she'll come back to life
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    Thank you very much Burnzy! I will let you know how it turns out!
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    InsoMnia90 Member

    Hi my girl has been doing real well she is at 39 days of flowering .. can anyone tell me whats going on with her today this is bothering me , whats up with her leaves tips turning brown i though it was a ZINC DIFF any advice? 20170727_205425.jpg 20170728_095212.jpg

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    Bowtieguy77 Active Member

    Throw that pile away and start over it would be much easier

    LeMrMagu Active Member

    N def / PH ?

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    InsoMnia90 Member

    that's not cool lol she's not doing that bad
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    Johnei Well-Known Member

    The purple veins you see is phosphorus deficiency, from what cause exactly, can be a few things.
    As is that burned spot on the leaf in the pic, this is due to phosphorus deficiency I am fairly certain.
    Overall color/tone of plant, nitrite deficiency. Again, cause can be few things.
    This leads me to believe, either pH is completely out of range locking out main elements for healthy growth but elements are atually present in the soil, or they just need more food. Must find out which this is. Testing runoff pH and EC can help to determine this. Too high nutrients, either in the soil, or from feeding, can also cause pH to drastically drop, which could be a cause, and why leaf tips show burning. Also, there is chance this can be from too low temperature either always or at night time dipping way too low, locking out elements, like phosphorus

    BurnzyBurnz Active Member

    Don't listen to this comment. Your girls are okay they just need a little help. No biggie.
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    InsoMnia90 Member

    Any specifics ?

    Jhon77 Well-Known Member

    Same prob as you bud mine

    grassy007 Well-Known Member

    Some say it's lacking in phosphorous. You might want to use a product low (none) in Nitrogen such as FF's Big Bloom to prevent nitrogen overload but which adds P and K nutes. I was using Alaska 5-1-1 fish oil and my plants were getting too much nitrogen (dark leaves) and not enough P and K. I've stopped adding high nitrogen nutes for the time being until my leaves start to lighten up (which they are slowly doing).

    Stltoed Well-Known Member

    This is my second grow. I have 3Ayahuasca Purple and 1 Pineapple Chunk in hydro and one more in soil in its own little room... The soil plant is cranking! It pisses me off. The hydro plants have been in flower for exactly 4 weeks. And they look ok, but it took a while to get a stretch going, only one plant seems to know how to really do it. Haha My leaves are dark, clawing at the ends, and sugar leaves are cupping. One single leaf set on my smallest plant is showing a brown rough area in between the veins. This may just be an anomaly. My question is... is this a nitrogen toxicity issue? There are no yellow leaves, and absolutely no nutrient issues showing in the leaves. Air is 81 ish. Humidity ranges between 40 and 60. Ph. Is anywhere between 5.5 and 6.7. I keep it moving, without making to many huge changes all at once. TDS is at 1210 right now.

    My system is a homemade RDWC. 50 gallons of nutrients total and plenty or air, each pot grows two plants, there's an Eco Plus 3 air pump and 12 inch diffuser for each pot.

    I'm using the GH trio for nutes, and Koolbloom liq. for now, dry later. Calimagic, Armor Si. and Diamond Nectar humic acid. I use Floralicious in veg. I stopped this in flower.

    I have 2 400watt Black Dog Phytomax 2s and 2 670nm red "bloom" lights from G8. These lights are just used to fill in dark corners and are regularly moved to the soil grow which uses a P4 Platinum light.

    I had every intention to send pictures but they won't upload so, i guess I'm kinda screwed

    Josiah123456789 New Member

    Hi. Im a first time grower and Im having a problem with my seedling that I just cant seem to fix. The seedlings leaves r beginning to turn yellow. I checked the ph and it was between 7.5 to 8. Could it because the soil is too alkaline? Or is it do to a nitrogen deficiency? Pls help Message_1504837598444.jpg

    Bowtieguy77 Active Member

    Ph your water to 6.0 every time you water or feed and your problems will go away as for feed those little guys don't need anything if they are in dirt for a few weeks

    Josiah123456789 New Member

    Theyve been in dirt for only 2 weeks. I havent seen much growth in the past week tho. Just so i understand what ur saying is if they have only been in dirt for a short amount of time dont worry about the yellowing?

    Bowtieguy77 Active Member

    The reason you aren't seeing any growth is because the ph is out of balance and your plant can't uptake nutrients so it is essentially eating itself you need to see what the ph of your soil is so you know how to fix it either raise or lower the ph. That would never be normal for any grow method. If you are trying to grow organically and you made your own soil it might not have enough bacterial growth to keep up with the growth of the plant, with that being said if your ph is way to far either way it can kill off almost all of your beneficial creatures. What other information can you give me?

    m00rejuice New Member

    Hello I have some spots on my fan leaves and I'm not exactly sure what to do or what it is... Please help.

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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    looks like mag deficiency, check your ph going in, if its not at least 6.1 plants have a hard time absorbing mag.
    a full plant picture would help, different things start in different places, would be helpful to see a shot of lower, older leaves, and newer growth from the top of the plant

    Stltoed Well-Known Member

    I had that! I never got a definitive answer. But more than one person said it was a Boron issue. I ended up using a nosebleed expensive additive called Fasilitor from Aptus at my next nutrient change (DWC) and it went away.

    Don't buy a big bottle... this is 100ml bottle. It was $40. The good news is its highly concentrated. This is a controversial product due to its cost. But it has readily availabe Boron, Molybdenum, and Silica (which is easy enough to find elswhere) if you have a product with the first two you may want to shine this stuff and try it.

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    jewsh808 Member

    Been having Nitrogen issues...seems like no matter what I do I get the tip burns, ultra dark green leaf and the leaf curls down and "claws"...I just run a veg and clone room at the moment...I have my Hanna meter thats correctly calibrated so I'm keeping track of the pH of my solutions and the ppm...what am I missing? Right now I'm using and only using KLN, Pro-tekt, Hygrozyme, Roots (elite91), and Cali-Magic...I was using Dyna Gro Foliage Pro, then switched to Grow...i really felt both still were overloading Nitrogen now I'm avoiding nitrogen/grow nutes just momentarily ...

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