*Gummies~ using Northern Lights Flower

Budley Doright

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I was planning on using both this run. Not a lot of guar gum, just 1/4 teaspoon . Lecithin didn’t work correctly alone on my first run.
Good to know thanks, I’ll stick with the guar gum only then as it seems to work well. I’ve made 4 batches since the seperation debacle and all turned out perfectly ........ chewed up two an hour ago lol.


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I don’t know . This is my first time making gummies. I have a lot to learn. I am going to keep these in the fridge after 2-3 days room temperature in an air tight glass container.

They popped out of the mold great but the jello separated from the oil .
It might be because I used a generic brand unflavored gelatin or because the jello was sugar free. I am going to change both of those next time. I also need to somehow mix the oil and water much better I guess.
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You could use an immersion blender to mix all together.

Budley Doright

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The only problem with immersion blender is you will introduce alot of air into your mixture and end up with a foamy layer on top of your gummies as it dries.
I tried using one and it was a PITA. A whisk works fine but something other than the dropper to fill the molds would be great. I use a Turkey baster but it’s still kind of messy.
But cleanup is great lol

Dr.Amber Trichome

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how does the hot mix not settle in the bottle? Someone must be assisting whisking while the other one pours and squirts.