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Stuffs pretty cool. AND legal.
It is less potent just slightly. Not as fulfilling being only thc also. But it causes much less anxiety. Perfect for like work use.
And when used as an edible it still converts to a more potent 11 hydroxy d8 that is more potent than traditional thc.



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Oops, I did it again, I made another pancake, this one quite large. By letting the plants hang for 24 hours the volume was reduced enough that I could stuff the whole batch into a single gallon size spring water bottle with the bottom cut off as a dripping column. The amount would have been about a pound if dried, based on prior batches that I did dry. This pancake weighs about 75 grams and is 4" across at the widest part.

I got a better yield than I did with my earlier strain. This one here is called Cherry Pie, by Female Seeds. Doesn't smell particularly like cherry pie but does produce a good amount of resin and does have a sweet smell in early flower. No idea what is smells like dry, I never dried any, nor should anyone else dry their weed unless they like smoking plant material and they want the potency reduced from hanging out in the air for about a week.

The parchment is over an 8" glass plate I use in the manufacturing process. Nobody else will ever make a pancake like this because it's labor intensive and is rather complicated to do. You have to be a true resin artist to make primo pancakes, I doubt it could be done on a large scale like the gross looking stuff they crank out for dispensaries that they call "live resin". This is close to live, just wilted to reduce volume like I said earlier. By the way, the bud harvesting procedure is to wear a rubber glove and pull my hand from the bottom of a branch to the end, stripping everything off. I pick off the large leaves while the plants are hanging. Stripping is a lot quicker than scissoring the buds off individually, that's for suckers. Actually manicuring buds is for hardcore suckers.

For those who haven't seen my earlier posts, the pancakes are solid, they pancake out at first when I put the blob on there right after making the extract, which is done with iso in freezer conditions, and then it sets up solid over the next several hours.

Big Pancake.jpg
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It is. Aromas are very cheesy with a touch of gas.. Not one of my favourites but not bad. Surprised me the quantity of hash she returns to me after wash her. As well i found landed in 160 almost the same quantity than in 120, but dirty, there were some pieces os leaf... And i didn't put 90 between 73 and 120 so, the conclusión its that this strain make a bunch of glands over 73, i'd say mostly glands are in the range 90 to 120.


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This one it's from Maroc, native strain Beldia. They use to dry the plants and then sift all through 4 screens, this one were probably re-filtered by one more screen because it's so clean.

Bildia dry.jpg

This is the kind of stuff you can smoke all long day, it doesn't hit too much and allows to lead a normal life without staying all the time in the fog. It's amazing, old school terps and a sweety aftertaste. I like it much more than the Roquefort OG one.


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That resin cake I made last time didn't turn out quite right, it didn't solidify completely, I guess it still had too much moisture in it. It's not easy to get resin to solidify properly. I did get a small amount to solidify perfectly but then the rest never did work so I decarbed it instead. I think I should have heated the water when I washed the extract, instad of mixing it at room temp, which mixes the water in too much. When you heat the water in the microwave the resin melts and forms into blobs, so the water separates from it and you can then cool it to remove most of the water. Most people wouldn't bother washing it but I do.

To decarb extract I put it in a microwave at low setting for 90 minutes. It really does take that long, you can tell when it's done by the bubbling stopping almost completely. There's no burnt smell or anything, that only happens at higher temperatures, which is why you use the lowest setting. It turns kind of reddish and gets more transparent. I tried 250 mg of it mixed with olive oil and it was too much, probably 100 mg would be plenty. Here's a pic of the small piece that solidified properly, it was about 2 grams. I had to melt it in the microwave and stir it around until it started to set, the stirring helps to start the crystallization. I put a USB drive for scale.

Cake USB.jpg