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    Pig4buzz Well-Known Member

    May be over watering. Autos don't need much water as seedlings

    sydarko Member

    leafminer, i don't think its a big issue but check on it.

    Alejondro Active Member

    I'm thinking this is the best place to ask this.

    Can O.P or someone re-upload the photos on page 1 first post?
    i just think it would be cool since this thread is sticky'd & the info seems pretty useful, when combined with corresponding images. Otherwise..

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    Photo links are broken. And Growfaq link is not working from page 1 of this thread.
    fruits of labor

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    Agreed...some of us listen...but we cant look here first if images are down..


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    Anyone know when we will get these images back? Anyone know where I can find a good illustrative book of symptoms and causes?

    Edit: My bad, I found most of the information is already in https://www.rollitup.org/t/guide-for-diagnosing-plant-problems.38772/ :bigjoint:
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    Levradus Well-Known Member

    image.jpeg My plants growth is slowed and leaves loosing their colours to yellow

    Smithshane650 New Member

    Help! Thought maybe this was due to heat during flowering but got temps down and seems to be happening again on my next run. Very frustrating. Using promix and advanced nutrients sensai AB with RO water

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    dtl420 Well-Known Member

    What medium, ad what do you feed and how often?

    dtl420 Well-Known Member

    What week are you in?

    Smokinroach New Member

    OK so it's my second grow indoor, my first with good genetics. I have three autos going and I dunno I feel like they should look better lol. There growing strong just feel like I need a second opinion to rule out paranoia be for I go messin with them. There under 400 Watt hps 2 in soil 1 in dwc constant 5.7 ph the other 2 in eco scrap organic potting mix all are fed with Lucas formula 5/10 Gh Flora trio. Temps stay between 78-85 never any higher than 85.the tallest is purple cheese. In the black dwc is cash crop. And in the small blue bucket is super critical auto. And don't laugh at my lst attempt. Lol.

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    Smokinroach New Member


    Smokinroach New Member

    Its not working right but here's a few.

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    LoIQ2 Well-Known Member

    Are you running just plain coco? I'm no expert with soil or coco but she looks hungry to me....starved in fact!

    Smokinroach New Member

    Levra it looks like a ph problem or some kind of lockout. I would flush with plain Ph water. Not sure of it the same for coco but I ph my water to 6.3 in soil. And also are u using a calmag supplement I remember there being something special with calmag and coco u should check it out. But first I would flush with ph water that would rule out a lot.

    Levradus Well-Known Member


    those leaves went more bad, got yellowed and died while its happening I trimmed it and mainlined it..
    its mix with coco and soil..
    after mainlined i gave calmag
    now its growing nice leaves but soo slow and leaves shows some color paleness again..
    im not sure what makes it slow and i do not have ph pens and humidifier also hygrometer things just have my closet in and out fan currently running only out fan , decent light and my area around 60-80rh.
    it can be one thing i plant it directly to big pot and watered all the pot by not giving it a time to develop its rot this is my conclusion and now im applying water only the around of plant and not soo often..

    check from pictures

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    LoIQ2 Well-Known Member

    Red stems and yellowing leaves with dark veins is definitely magnesium deficiency. Good luck!
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    Levradus Well-Known Member

    @LoIQ2 im giving sensincalmag just after those problem i got that and applied it was the only one i can obtain.. hopefully it will get better leaves are ok
    growth slow
    and stems are still red...

    dtl420 Well-Known Member

    Epsom salt works really well for mg deficiency. Also provides sulfur. (Magnesium sulfate)
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    CriticalCheeze Well-Known Member

    Phosphorous and calcium issues? Looks like it to me.

    6.5 ph anything i put in to it
    auto magnum by budda pheno#2..#1 pheno is healthy
    pistils at day 25
    Fed 5ml general organics bloom (2-4-4)
    2.5ml calimagic ( 1-0-0) 5% calcium, 1.5% mag 0.01% iron, 1% N)
    Bud production nearly stopped
    Leaves cupping down (similar to phosphorous def) (hence why i think it is)
    Started on older leaves then the next oldest (phosphorous moves from old to new when needed)
    . Stems and branches are quite bendy
    . Slight redish tint to some of the branches

    1) Leech soil and then re-feed at double the regimen i have listed above
    2) feed with the same regimen as stated above and NOT leech soil?

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