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Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by justatoker, Feb 2, 2009.


    dargd1 Well-Known Member

    Oct 6.JPG Have some very light green going on in the center of my leafs?
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    Levradus Well-Known Member

    @dargd1 they usually appear as lightgreen and turn into the darker day by day they grow
    imagine cells are building up give them a time its not issue they look pretty
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    dargd1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Levradus. These are my first plants from seed. I guess like most I am watching them like they were new born babies....lol...trying to be proactive on anything that might not look correct.

    dtl420 Well-Known Member

    New growth may appear particularly light green in high temp conditions, this is because sulfur uptake it inhibited at higher temps. But as @Levradus said, this is nothing to worry about, the leafs are still developing chlorophyll.

    This seems to be a rather commonly asked question, but it's always nice to see people concerned enough with their babies to ask it! They look very happy though.

    dargd1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you dtl420. I can see I picked the right forum to learn and ask questions. looking forward to increasing my knowledge base. I am thoroughly enjoying the growing and learning curve.

    dtl420 Well-Known Member

    No problem. There's not a grower on this site that would be where they are today without help, and I love helping people! You never know who the next great breeder/grower will be, so it's best that we help each other to not get discouraged! There's a lot of snake oil and people who are full of shit out there who make growing seem difficult, when really it's just a matter of being patient and relaxed (mostly patient).

    Google will be your best friend. There are all kinds of free pdf text books online for any topic you can think off. These forums can only get you so far, sooner or later you'll have to split and do some digging of your own. Don't just read about weed, look into plant physiology in general. Learn why you do what you do for your plants and you'll learn how to do it better!

    I wish you the best of luck!
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    dargd1 Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I have done a ton of googling, research, purchased a couple books, asked questions then formulated a plan. I learned along time ago education is great but real life info from those that have already been there and done that is extremely helpful and tends to fill in the gaps from books and research.
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    Red Eyez 707

    Red Eyez 707 Member

    Good advice!!
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    Tigerpaws Well-Known Member

    Can someone help me figure out what's causing this please? 600 w hps, coco, approx. 8 week old clone. Dyna gro feed every water. Just switched to RO.

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    ray2013 Well-Known Member

    Greetings farmer's, would highly appreciate it if anyone could help identify this issue with my plants 20161022_154402.jpg 20161022_163226.jpg 20161022_154402.jpg 20161022_163226.jpg 20161022_163340.jpg

    Noinch Well-Known Member

    My amherst sour diesel is definitely struggling a fair bit, does this look like an over watering issue? (I don't always water my own plants). Should I start a new one?
    14872425_10154032671470963_1274710888_n.jpg 14793726_10154032671405963_249891817_n.jpg

    in comparison the og kush is doing fine

    rob333 Well-Known Member

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    rob333 Well-Known Member

    looks like its burnt have you been feeding it and ferts ? or is there any slow release ferts in the soil ?

    Noinch Well-Known Member

    Haven't been feeding it and it was just generic potting soil I had ran water through weeks in advanced and just left in the pot so that wouldn't be an issue. Of course there'd still be an issue though haha. Think it would be better just to get some fresh soil and plant a new seed instead of trying to keep this one going since its getting later in the growing season?

    rob333 Well-Known Member

    always throw more then 1 bean in at a time bro srpout 6 its a even run so if u get 3 males you still have 3 females and any issues u have plants to play with just run about a ltr of water not ferts thru her once every 3-4 days starting tonite repeat and check back in with me in about a week i think she will be fine just a question how often you water ?

    Noinch Well-Known Member

    Roughly every 3 days, depends on the weather. Just light waters while they're still small. Although I checked on them today and the soil was drenched just under the surface even though it had been a few days since I had personally watered them, that's why I thought it might be over watering since usually if i'm not here someone else waters them which becomes an issue if they don't notice that I have recently

    cheers for the help
    Mr M.J. Don

    Mr M.J. Don New Member

    That's definitely a Calcium-magnesium deficiency not nutrient burn bro.. could also be light radiation burn which causes yellowing not heat.. but the yellowing resembles Calcium deficiency commonly..

    If you've done everything correct and confused I can say that leaf twisting and nutrient deficiencies are caused by PH problems also.. try upping to 5.8-6.0 for a week and see if that helps with new growths.

    Lastly.. when the ladies have crinkled and up-turned edges like ur seedlings seem to; it's a sign of too much heat or too much light intensity.. u should raise ur light a ft and keep ur PH at a solid 5.8-6.0ph range.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Any chance these posts can get their pictures back? It would make them a bit more helpful.
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    somebody1701 Well-Known Member

    WTF good is this sticky when the pictures are gone!?!?
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    My thoughts exactly. I was trying to figure out what's up with my plants. But can't use this resource thanks to there being next to no images of what I'm trying to figure out.

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