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Hello lovely people of Rollitup!

We have been long-time 'lurkers' of Rollitup (so many wicked subs and threads) and have taken the plunge to become an advertiser here, awesome to meet you all :D

A little about us
We started trading 23/24 years ago back in 98' on Norwich market and have served Norwich's heady and seed needs ever since. Our customer service, huge array of products and seeds, knowledgeable and long-term staff (we're like a family here) have helped us build a huge and very positive reputation in the industry.


Fast forward to 2020 and we have a grandiose 2-story shop in the heart of our gorgeous city of Norwich, our shop has become what's best described as the 'Hub of the East of England's smoking community' and people come from far and wide to check the store out, purchase some great products, seek some knowledge or just hang out; it's very humbling indeed and we're very proud to be part of the cannabis community. Customers have often described our store as a wonderland for stoners haha!

We also have loyal customers from all over the globe who purchase from us online. We are favoured for our friendly service, good quality products, great value for money and discrete shipping methods. We ship worldwide!

'So what do you sell?' a common question, but a better question would be 'What don't you sell?'.

On www.alibongo.co.uk you will find over 2500+ products. All your obvious ones; Bongs, Vapes, CBD, Skins, Blunts, Pipes, Grinders, Dab Rigs, all sorts of Rolling Gear and accessories of course. However we also specialise in Presses of all sizes and shapes, those little accessories that seem impossible to find like spares for your vape or that perfect fitting bowl, Storage Solutions to help hide your bud away or cure it, Clothing from reputable brands, Incense, Gifts for the Pad, Books, Magazines; everything! Even Pop Tarts (yes, Pop Tarts).

We are literally always on the look-out for new innovative products that turn heads and ensure everything we have on offer is great value for money, fit for purpose and exciting. Here's a couple of my personal favourites:-

Crocodile-IG-1.jpgCrocodile 18.8mm Glass Bowl
RAW-SMELL-PROOF-BAGS-IG.jpgRaw Smell Proof Pouches
pop-Tarts-Frosted-Chocolate-Chip-Toasted-USA-Treats-Main.jpgPop Tarts; obviously
Alien-Labs-Glow-Tray-Roll-Light-Up-Led-Xmas-Christmas-Gift-Ideas-Weed-Cannabis-Stoner-Smoker-S...jpgAlien Labs Glow Tray
Chongz-Widow-Maker-New-Image-Clear-Bowl-Main.jpgChongz-Widow-Maker-New-Image-Clear-Bowl-2.jpgChongz Widow Maker Bong

There are loads more, come and browse and find your favourite :weed:

We have been selling seeds since the days when there was very little choice and variety, the most popular being AK-47 and White Widow! now the choice is just insane and we have over 4000 strains by 100+ breeders on our website www.alibongocannabisseeds.co.uk

All of our seeds are from trusted reputable supplier who we have been working with since the dawning of Ali Bongo. Most of our seeds we order in fresh for customers apart from the customer favourites which we store in our building in optimum conditions. This is to ensure the best viability and freshness which is very important to us!

Over the years we have expanded our Bongo Bulk range too which is exceptionally popular due to the amazing value for money and quality. Working closely with a Spanish breeder over the years so that everybody can get a slice of the most exciting genetics at a decent price. We keep the prices low because we don't bother with flashy packaging that usually ends up trippling the cost, come check out the range - https://www.alibongocannabisseeds.co.uk/search/?q=bongo+bulk

Our relationship with the breeders on our website is amazing too and we always run unmissable promotions with them, Barney's Farm, Green House Seeds, Fast Buds, Cream of the Crop, Sweet Seeds, Humboldt Seed Org, Dutch Passion all included aswell as maybe some less well known breeders who deserve wayyyyyy more attention such as Critical Mass Collective, Tastebudz, Big Head Seeds, Heavyweight Seeds and Monster Genetics just to name a few. Here's some examples of some great promotions (current and old) we have:-


For all of our current promotions visit https://www.alibongocannabisseeds.co.uk/free-seed-promos/

Roll It Up
All members of Roll It Up will have access to an exclusive discount code - ROLLITUP15 - for a huge 15% off anything from either of our websites and in store if you're close enough to pop in :-D

Can't wait to chat with all you guys and get stuck in, especially to that video gaming thread haha! (any AoE players in here? :-P).

Any questions feel free to comment here, email us - [email protected], call us (+44)1603 760055 or message us!

Nice to meet you all :leaf: