1. SwankDank

    Monthly seed subscription

    seen on Neptune seed bank they have a seed subscription service where they send you a new pack of seeds every month. Just wondering if any has tried this and if the seeds you get are even worth it
  2. S

    Savage Genetics thoughts?

    Hey newb here. After some guidance I ordered some seeds from Savage Genetics. I read the thread about them before but no mention of the strains I got. I ordered Nose Candiez, Super Gruntz, and Victory Lap. If anyone has any info at all on these that would be great!!
  3. J

    Need help identifying weird brown splotches

    Not sure what these splotches are, I thought my ph might be off, I re calibrated my ph meter and feed it today. The one with the problem is blue dream the other is blueberry. Maybe someone can help? It seems like a deficiency, but I’ve been beating my head against the wall, trying to make sure.
  4. R


    Hello, I am an experienced outdoor guerilla cannabis grower and I wanted to ask if anyone has ever ordered seeds from, this year it has good deals all around the website starting from 1.00€ per seed, ordering in bulk. So my question is how can I trust em and am I sure that I...
  5. P

    How many seeds should I plant

    I know this sounds like a noob question but hear me out. I just got a pack of these brothers Grimm c99 seeds and I’m super exited. It came in a pack of 12 seeds. I am a newer grower and really feel like these genetics are going to be good so I don’t wanna mess something up and loose the genetics...
  6. Gary Seeds

    Win a 5 pack of Female Seeds in this weeks Vault Promotion

    Hi All Gary Eff here with this weeks Vault promo' - read on to get involved... We like to put the spotlight on some of our regular supporters of The Vault so this time around we are checking out our friends at Female Seeds. Read all about them and the seeds in the blog post - in the...
  7. SwankDank

    Just showing off my seed collection

    3rd year growing this is what ive acquired in the past 2 years
  8. Towelie29

    Some of my seedlings are missing leaves

    So i planted my feminized crop king gelato and l.a. confidential seeds recently. 9/10 germinated and broke the soil. One of them only has one fan leaf developing instead of two and the other odd one is barely showing anything in between the cotyledon leaves. Are these plants most likely going to...
  9. MarketDisruptors

    How to Germinate 101

    Paper Towel Method Wet paper towel (Moist not soaking) Place beans in between paper towel and fold Fold over once more Place in zip-lock bag for 24-72 hours. (Sometimes longer 5 days) Once tails appear place in desired medium. For Rockwool, soil and Coco Soak medium in PH water (5.5-6) Make...
  10. P

    Where to find and how to send seeds down under

    I’m new to the scene and looking to buy seeds online, no intent of growing in bulk, and to be used 100% for personal use. It’s been dry in S.A and if I do find someone that has it, it’s plain old boring stuff. I looked online and the variety of autos from overseas is just so sweet. My question...
  11. G

    Best or favorite breeders/genetics thread??

    I'm looking to start putting some seeds away for the future. Kind of like sports cards... it fascinates me. Wondering if anybody has any favorite breeders or genetics they think are on the rise? Any particular breeders worth following and if so, why? I want to support the people that have...
  12. G

    Sensi Seeds Northern Lights!

    Wondering if anyone knows a seedbank that carries the original Northern Lights by Sensi Seeds and also ships to the US??
  13. T

    Terpy Seeds bait and switch (scammer)

    I purchased 4 limited packs of seeds from This was my second time ordering from him. My first order was fine but my second order with the rare seeds were bait and switched. On 2 of the packs he cut the top of the packs off so the package still looked natural and replaced the...
  14. calvin.m16

    Miracle Alien Cookies (Can anyone get these seeds?)

    Sup dudes & dudettes looking for someone who can get the Miracle Alien Cookies strain? I'm in Michigan been looking to find a seed vendor or something that can supply me with it. I was able to grow a small plant out a long while back but since then I haven't been able to find it and the person...
  15. chicharon

    Looking for seeds

    Hey guys/gals im in Southern California could anyone provide a link to get some good seeds? Like somewhere that ships from usa i hate doing the international thing it takes to long.
  16. Gary Seeds

    Brexit Notice from The Ceo at The Vault

    Hi All, Just dropping in with a notice from our CEO, George, about the impact of Brexit. To read it, just go here > Thanks, Gary Eff #TeamVault
  17. Dish

    Seedsman - Zombie Death Fuck

    Anyone else giving this strain a try? The strain description and potential THC% has me SUPER excited for this one! I've got a 4-node lass I hatched from seed that just got transplanted into her "forever home" yesterday! Looks like I luckd out and bought some before they became "unavailable...
  18. ddeck96

    More seeds germinated than I needed

    So, I’m doing a 4 site RDWC grow. I didn’t want to take the chance of having not enough seeds germinate so I did 6 seeds (feminized). Guess they were good seeds cuz they all popped lol now I have two extra seedlings. Growing in a 4x4 I figure 6 plants would be a little cramped, but it would be...
  19. Ali Bongo

    2 Free Seeds with Every Order | Kannabia Seeds & Fast Buds

    Hey RIU, Hope everybody is doing well, looking forward to xmas? What are your plans? A few weeks ago I mentioned that we're offering 1 free Fast Buds seeds with any order, well, Kannabia have joined the party too meaning for ANY order of ANY amount you'll get 2 free seeds. Fast Buds...
  20. D

    HELP, I have ran into a huge issue and need your opinion!

    Well this sucks ..... Hey so I have a massive issue in my grow and would like to know what you would do... I have 8 plants in flower. 4 plants at the start of week 6 and 4 at the end of week 2 (these ones have just started to show a few pistols). While checking them last night I noticed seeds...