Help for a Mainer back home for two weeks

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Patients' started by leidenaar1971, Apr 23, 2017.


    leidenaar1971 New Member

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to turn so I'm hoping someone here can show me the way. I'm a Mainer (Bangor/Hermon area) but I've been working and living in the Netherlands since 2009. In the Netherlands, flower is easy to get and I use it medically for many years for recurring back pain. I'm back in Bangor for 2 weeks to see friends and family and am afraid to bring flower on the airplane. I'm 45 and a family man but no contacts anymore. Does it take long to get approved from a caregiver? I only am looking for a small amount to get me through the next couple weeks. Thanks in advance, feel free to PM or post replies here.

    Btw I am so proud to say I'm from Maine, and that we legalized recreational use! We rock :)

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