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I haven't cleaned it as of yet. The way it assembled/disassembled cleaning should be extremely easy. 2 to 3 chamber swaps are 1 second ordeals, while screen swaps could take up to one minute when first using it. My pops says the funnel with the pipe is slick. The cutting process does take a bit longer than the typical grinding process. That being said, I invest a lot of energy in my gardening, for me the KLIP is just a little extra "finish" to my end result. Have a good one. TC

Ukulele Haze

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I have been using the same Kozo grinder for about 3 years. I always get the impression details of the device were carefully thought out (eg. the magnet is the ideal strength). It's got some heft to it for being yo-yo sized. I think the weight contributes to the nice feel of the grinding experience, though. My old Kozo works fine, but I might buy another one to have a different color; they are reasonably priced. The grinder came with a little kief brush, but I lost it.

Roy O'Bannon

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I have 2 of those free, aluminum 4 pc, planet of the vapes, ones they give out. The wetter/rosinier weed kind of smears around in it some. Works ok.

I used the coffee grinder as well, too much to clean if I don't want to grind a 1/4 at once, imo. Then it's still too much...
I did grind an outdoor oz for rolling, worked nice.

Mostly, I kind of just pick a nug apart with my fingers. The grinders seem messy unless you need a bunch right then.
Might try the scissors and shot glass.

Roy O'Bannon

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That is the coolest thing I have seen grinder wise. On the other hand the scissors and shot glass were really cheap and easy to chop like you want. Thanks who posted this btw.
That pipe is really cool from the cleaning standpoint alone.