Homemade Apple Cider...


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If you have a juicer and a source to apples, any kind of apples, as much variety as you can get.... then you can make some cider for free and can it to get you through until next year!

all you need is a juicer, a 5gal bucket, 220 micron hashbag (or whatever filter device you like), water bath canner, jars lids bands, and a bunch of apples!


remove as much foam as possible from the bucket of cider, add it to a stock pot and heat to a simmer; I added some cinnamon sticks, cloves, and allspice berries to a couple batches but just cider is fine! shut off heat once a simmer is achieved and pour into hot jars, cover with hot lids, band them and water bath for 5 mins for quarts. remove and set on dry towel to cool...


any that don't seal just stick in the fridge and drink it up!


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Looks good I see the makings of a pretty tasty Moonshine/cider drink for those cold days.......or anyday really