How Does Your Garden Grow??????


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I will admit jealousy. I plant the fava in april @ 42 lat.

Did you plant your garlic in fall? I find it makes them stronger. I will plant lettuce again as it was a big hit.

Winter in canada, only indoor plants: rosemary and basil.
Just watching the orchids.. zoomed in, it looks like bird of prey taking a victim.
I'm at the 45 lat. Makes a big difference with the weather and being by the coast we get the typically warmer air off the pacific ocean here in Portland. Although the very east side of Portland get the cold air coming down the Columbia River Gorge. A few miles makes a big difference in winter climate.

I planted some garlic in the fall and it's about 6 inches tall. I planted some a few weeks ago and it's a couple inches. I have some more I'm going to plant today. Just some Chinese garlic that sprouted.

I have a big rosemary bush in a pot that I need to plant in the ground but can't decide where. I started some Thai basil in my main 72 cell tray and am going to do a six pack of Italian Basil.


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I have a few tomato sprouts. Pictures at 11. Just joking. My camera is in my pack, which is in the truck. So it will be another day on the pictures.
I have one tray under a burple light so no pics of that and one under a t5 ..... some of the seedlings under the t5 stretched like crazy and I’m to embarrassed to take pics of those lol.