How many growers run a fan during the dark cycle?


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I've searched for the answer to this question in other forums / categories but haven't seen anything specific to leaving the fans on during the dark periods.

My room gets around 60F at night and I'm nervous about ill effects from cold air blowing on them.

Is it advisable to continue air circulation during the cooler night (dark) periods?

Thanks in advance! kiss-ass


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I do from time to time. Since the room is pretty much closed off, the temp is the same with or without it. I have just reciently attached a pool vaccum tube from my veg area which is 24/0 to suck the air from there and pump it into my flowering area. I too have had issue with temps becoming too cold for my liking and this was my solution. I just used a small desk fan to draw the air.


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I run mine 24hrs for 2 reasons. First reason being, the plants always want/need fresh air and my second reason being odor control.