How much shatter from a zip of bud?

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    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    As the title states, how many grams of shatter can be expected from an ounce of bud. The reason I ask is, that if I get $300 an oz of bud, is it worthwhile to make oil?. I have never done it, so input is appreciated. Peace

    WarMachine Well-Known Member

    I personally don't think it's worth it. Let's just say you hey hooked up with 30g instead of 28g. If it is some super stupid chronic, let's just say you get a 20% yield which is pretty damn good. You get 6g of oil keep in mind 20% doesn't happen very often. 6g of oil for $300 seems like a lot. I get a gram for $25 so not worth it for me. I'm in California so the prices vary.

    Let's just say you get 10% yield, you have 3g of oil that cost you $300+ because of the supplies required. 15% yield would be 4.5g. Remember, the numbers I am putting are for 30g not you're standard 28g.
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    SnapsProvolone Well-Known Member

    No reason to blow oil off nug you can sell for $300 / zip. Larf and trim yeah but unless you have buyers at $60/g its silly.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I concur...
    My personal homegrown with all yearly costs and bills equates to 37ยข a gram...

    Make hash off your homegrown..
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    WarMachine Well-Known Member

    Now that is a beautiful price for a gram qw.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Thankya.. I'm not the best grower but I do it cheaply

    WarMachine Well-Known Member

    At those prices does it matter? Lol. Plus just take it all and make concentrates with it.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Yup..that's the plan ;)
    11$ oz's of beautiful landrace sativas turned into gorgeous crystalline hash of the highest quality
    Mmmmm smoke break!

    jason1976 Active Member

    60 a g is what it goes for here too....but im with you, gyo. its cheaper. lol

    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    $100 a gram in Fairfield, CT. Is it worth it?

    WarMachine Well-Known Member

    God damn $100 a gram.. It might be worth it at those prices but can you get your hands on trim/shake instead?

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Yield varies with strain and condition, but we average between 20 and 25% yield by weight from prime bud. Our record was 28.1% and worst was 5.7% from the high CBD strain Catalyst. Good trim is about half the yield of prime bud.

    28.3 grams with a 20% yield would be 5.66 grams. Locally that would sell wholesale to coops at around $85 and retail at $200.

    The folks that I know whom supply medical coops, either grow their own, or obtain their trim from growers donated or deeply discounted.

    midnitetoak Active Member

    Don't think you will realize a return on investment. I run only trims and smoke the nuggets- if I turned it all to BHO the ol lady would kill me but I had a friend who I turned on to wax & now is a full on dabber like me- he brought over a zip of bud he purchased to run. Came out great but yeah it ended up actual cost $350 for a little over 2g of wax when his guy sells nasty black shatter for $40g...not worth it
    Lavender Lady

    Lavender Lady Well-Known Member

    It's selling in Colorado Dispensaries 100/gr. If you can get it.

    I was told the fan leaves are high in CBD's. Would you know. I know, I know. Make your oil with bud, but....I've also heard that fan leaves are high in CBD's. Anybody have info on this?

    Texas(THC) Well-Known Member

    if you ever want to double up on your money, at $22 an oz hit me up!

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I've never read anything to substantiate that claim
    when thinking if leaves have different cannabinoids than bud I think first we should look at how thc is produced.....

    Geranyl pyrophosphate and a precursor to olivetolic acid react, a c12 (for pentyl) c10(for propyl)polyketide,catalysed by an enzyme to produce cannabigerolic acid,. The production of Thc (and propyl)thcv cbd cbdv and cbc cbcv are controlled by 3 different enzymes Thca synthase being the enzyme converting cbga to thc through an oxidative cyclization of the geranyl group on cbga(of course this is a bit simplified for y'all)
    geranyl diphosphate + olivetolate = cannabigerolate + diphosphate .......cannabigerolate + O(2) = Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinolate + H(2)O(2)

    This combination can only occur within the secretory cavity of the trichome through vesicles..
    In general secondary metabolites are toxic and must be held in a storage cavity to prevent cell death and indeed thca and cbga cause 100% cell death in 10 day old suspension cultured cannabis sativa cells at 50um. The cannabinoid precursors do not have this effect and some can be found in leaf material The results of reverse transcription–PCR (RT–PCR) and heterologous expression suggest that THCA synthase is localized in the apoplastic space of the glandular trichome only

    Now there are several types of trichome covering every inch of the plant even in veg. The ratios of cannabinoids are predetermined genetically(we've mapped the genes responsible, production of enzymes and precursory compounds are controlled by such) and are the same throughout life and types of trichome. But with a higher ratio of cannabinoids to the outer waxy layer as the cavity fills....

    So no there is no reason to believe leaves would be higher in cbd or otherwise have more medicinal benefits (not that cbd is more medicinal)

    lowryderlove Well-Known Member

    I just got 4G from an oz with 2.5 cans of tane and one run. It varies greatly it seems. That oz was worth $50 here and shatter is $60 to 80 a gram great return in my case... I would never blow a paid for $300 oz..

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I'm curious what y'all charge for homegrown.. gram-oz
    And curious what y'all charge for concentrates
    Lavender Lady

    Lavender Lady Well-Known Member

    Homegrown is as expensive, as it is in the dispensaries unless you have a "Friend". Here in Colorado dispensaries who catered to mm patients (some)have now stopped selling to mm patients because they have a retail license and can get more $'s for retail. Most homegrown is kick ass expensive because it is good..Full spectrum weed..It still has the trichomes, they haven't been removed in the trimming the dispensaries do with those mechanical trimmers.

    I couldn't afford the stuff in the dispensaries. I have expensive tastes. But I grow kick ass grass and don't need to buy any but I still like to taste all the different flowers and now I can. If I sell any of my bud, it is in the $400/oz and if it were sold in a dispensary, could be doubled easily. I get $300 per 1/2, more if it has high CBD's. I will sell #'s if I have it, to mm patients and at a decent price. Depends on how much they try and manipulate my price down and their circumstances.

    I have only made shatter once, and found the return to be to low and a waste of good bud, time, and is dangerous. Concentrates are going for up to $100/gr. here. People need to shop around.
    I think these prices will come down as more retail shops open. I'm so thankful I live in Colorado. Yea for amendment 64! You guys in Texas will see the $ being made in taxes and will get bitten by the $ tax bug. Two years, I bet.

    Sorry I digress.

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    250 to 300

    1200- these guys charge 60 to 90 a gram

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