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Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by SnotBoogie, Mar 13, 2013.

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    I'm in the works the light I just made pulls 609w from the wall and 2 of them will destroy Gavita. I took my light over to Hydro Galaxy and they were amazed. I'm making 2 more so I'll have 1800w to play with and I get a lb from 400w so do the math

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    I'm black so of course lol. That is why I want to have Skype conversations so this nonsense will end. People hide behind text.

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    You should buy a par meter. I don't think it's right that some of these cob manufactures here offer Par ratings based on equations. They sell lights stating they will perform with certain PPFD's but never actually measured w/ any type of meter at different hights. I find that to be very misleading.
    Don't be one of those guys Reals. Keep it REAL like your name implies.
    All I've seen from these vendors w/ so called transparency is them trading one set of deceit for another. Leaving much of the LED world to continue to not trust manufacturers.
    Real readings from a real light meter is what's needed, for real.
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    I have an Apogee meter and a lux meter but that thermal imaging I don't have and it will show me the hot spots.
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    You can rent these at some Home Depots if you just want to try it out.

    PPFD readings are easy. Some manufacturers are using PPFD calculated from theoretical PPF, this appears to be true, But the same cobs at the same wattage have been tested by plenty of folks par meters. Thats no big deal. Check out @Malocan's thread for some of the most comprehensive testing yet. 511W of CXB3590 in a 4x4 tent, average PPFD at different heights, comparisons, the works. It's a great thread. https://www.rollitup.org/t/spectral-lightmeter-gigahertz-optik-msc15.913239/

    I'd love to see more data like this, instead of negativity, ego stroking, and drunken rants. Here's a 3D visualisation of some of Malocan's measurements I made:


    How cool is that?
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    Those are great graphs. And for $250, that phone mounted FLIR is cool.
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    Great! Thnx! I'll check out his thread.
    Cool graph!

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    We all could use a lil more humility now and then,this section could be the best ever if everyone could put the egos away and just get back to discussion and sharing knowledge. Not my lights bigger and better than your lights. Sheesh,and everyone dissin on gavita can go jump off a bridge if you aint run one you aint knowledgeable on the subject bwahahahahahaah bwahahahahahaah bwahahahahahaah

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    Dude I think he mentioned he was black as a joke to me talking about E-Dicks.. Calm down bro.
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    Nope,better read back more lol.why do you think he wants everyone to skype him anyhow?
    I mean if im looking for people to talk face to face i leave the house lol.plus all that closed off convo wont add a thing to these topics imo
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    I want to replace my 1000W HPS with a COB set up but I want to make 2 of them for a 4x8 room. I'm guessing 4 COB per heatsink and driver? 4 of those for one 4x4 section?

    Are there any DIY tutorials for this type of set-up that someone could link to me?
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    @Growmau5 did a bunch of videos on all this cob diy stuff.well worth the time watching part 1 thru 7.go to youtube and search growmau5 and all his vids will pop up.

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    i'm looking for 3 watt high CRI ( 90 -97 CRI) 3000k diodes. can anyone provide a link to a supplier? thank you

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    Currently running 4 200w GGL panels in 4x4
    3 Scott's OG & 2 Skywalker Kush
    No cooling needed!
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