Illinois legalization Jan 1st 2020!!!


Im gonna build a greenhouse w a lockable door,should count as an "enclosed locked space"

And can anyone figure out the penalty if your a medical patient and grow outside. I see law written that plants must be in an enclosed locked space.

Ok so what if they arent? I for the life of me cant find the penalty for violating the "enclosed locked space" thing or the "cant be within view of public" thing....there is no wordage that says you cant grow outside....soooo
what about privacy fenced yard thats locked up?
What about a chain linkd fenced area thats locked on some rural land??
my property has woods on 2 sides and no one can see my back yard without trespassing.

I have a medcard and im gonna put 3 outside where onlyI can see

A greenhouse is legal!!!!!

2 "Enclosed, locked space" means a closet, room, greenhouse,
3building or other enclosed area equipped with locks or other
4security devices that permit access only by authorized
5individuals under this Act. "Enclosed, locked space" may
7 (1) a space within a residential building that (i) is
8 the primary residence of the individual cultivating 5 or
9 fewer cannabis plants that are more than 5 inches tall and
10 (ii) includes sleeping quarters and indoor plumbing. The
11 space must only be accessible by a key or code that is
12 different from any key or code that can be used to access
13 the residential building from the exterior; or
14 (2) a structure, such as a shed or greenhouse, that
15 lies on the same plot of land as a residential building
16 that (i) includes sleeping quarters and indoor plumbing and
17 (ii) is used as a primary residence by the person
18 cultivating 5 or fewer cannabis plants that are more than 5
19 inches tall, such as a shed or greenhouse. The structure
20 must remain locked when it is unoccupied by people.


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Well I went to the dispensary the other day and got a half-gram vape cartridge of Death Star.

It is hands-down the worst tasting most throat destroying harsh vape cartridge I've ever had in my life. It tastes like I'm vaping a cartridge and some dish soap at the same time. Every time I take a hit I can just feel irritation right on my trachea, when I exhale I have to cough. Tried to use it just last night before bedtime cuz it's a great strain chill out, but it ended up irritating my throat so bad I couldn't stop coughing and had to go down to the basement for two hours before I went to bed otherwise I was going to wake the whole house up hacking.

If you've ever had a smokers tickle cough in your throat, where every time you breathe air in it irritates it and makes you cough, that's exactly what this cartridge is doing to me x10. I emailed the company that made it and told them , we'll see what happens.


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So i was hoping it was just supply issues with the market being new, but I can confirm that we will never see one gram Vape cartridges. until they change the laws half grams are as big as we can legally have cuz of the 500 limit.


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You can look at the menus online here in Illinois. Finally getting some flower, but very limited. $60 an eighth for even the bottom level bud. Corona virus making things difficult to pick up too. You have to order online and pick up in a time "window" and that is if you are lucky! Very strange times. I am getting the hang of the edibles. The gummies are great, the mints not so much. I have yet to try the shatter or crumbles since they have not been available. Day by day here anyway with the lockdown and virus doing who knows what.


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The mints arent bad, i like em. Gummies good too But i have a high tolerance so i take two 10mg gummies with 2 unisom and 2 melatonins to sleep.

Lastnight i did 3 gummies and a mint along w the pills cuz i wore my bad back out changing ball joints on an F250.

Ive not tried flower yet either, i just cant pay that for something id use all of to get high.

I went to IL supply and provisions and honestly didnt really like the place. I tried Green Solution and have now been there twice. Better selection better prices and friendlier staff in my opinion


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Back from the dispensary. There is some flower, but you have to jump on it when it is available. I got Cresendo an eighth for $49. I was still smoking my homegrown so I have not tried it yet. My homegrown was killer, so I don't know what to expect from dispensary weed. I got some gummies, which I really like. They are a bit much so I cut them into smaller pieces. I also got some 2.5 tablets for micro dosing. You order online, go during a pick up window. Everyone in masks, but for some reason not the person I bought from. There was a glass shield. Lots of tax, so be prepared. My order was $122 for the eighth of flower, 10 gummies and 40 micro tablets. So Illinois roll out is still kind of a mess. But it is getting better. My friend in Colorado says flower prices drop. He says he can get oz's for $300. We will see how it goes here.


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It's going to be a while before we see a price drop here. We're not even getting any new dispensaries built right now. There should have been some other ones opened already but nope not with this crap going on. Stupid covid-19

I've gone to the dispensary a few times. Been gettin Vape cartridges and edibles. I can't spend the money on the flower, $60 average for an eighth no thank you...

I'm on my second cartridge of an Illinois strain called cheese and Chong, it's a sativa hybrid and so far I really like it, reminds me a lot of Durban Poison.

Been enjoying some Gorilla Glue number 4 Live resin cartridges at night, I've been using cartridges for a while but the live resin stuff is probably two to three times as potent as the regular carts.

I eat one 10mg Berry burst Indica gummy before bed every night. Been sleeping better than I have in years.


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So we have a new Indica Landrace strain here in Illinois called "Mag Landrace"

I wasnt aware of it until I came across a cartridge, Im always down to try landrace strains. I love trying out what Mother Nature made for us.

Definitely does not disappoint!

One of the most sedative melt into your couch highs ive ever had. I got a vape cartridge of it and my buddy got flower.

Until now Bubba Kush was my number one anxiety smashing sleep inducer. Followed by GG4

Number one is now Mag Landrace, wow, awesome mellowness.

Funny how the most chill strains are found in places where the people are the most high strung


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Some one in the state of Illinois is fucking the supply chain up. How is there never any flower? It flies off the shelves and we have multimillion dollar grow facilities that can’t supply even the dispensaries that they own.

Then there is the issue of all eights are 65+(w/tax). 12% Shit Weed. 28% (straight up lie. I had the flower sent to a lab and retested) that was actually 16% To actual decent flower at 20% plus.

The 100mg limit is completely arbitrary and really fucks the consumers


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I have my medical card and still haven't seen much flower on the menu at my dispensary. But I haven't been interested in buying any anyway because that's way too expensive in my opinion.

I've been concentrating only on cartridges and Edibles. And I would say within the last 10 to 14 days the selection at my dispensary of those items has exploded. I think as of this morning I have 56 Vape cartridges and 48 different Edibles to choose from.

So I would guess that the majority of the flower being grown in this state is being processed into other things.

On a good note since that has happened I have watched a small selection of Edibles and vape cartridges go down anywhere from five to ten bucks from what they were a month ago.

Baby steps y'all, Fatboy Prickster and his minions wrote A bill that's completely retarded in every way that it could be, except that it's kind of legal, but highly regulated
The real reason flower is so hard to come by is that the cultivation centers didn't gear up for the recreational use fast enough. We have one here in southern Illinois that only added about 5,000 sq ft of canopy before the first of the year. They are now working on adding another 80,000 sq ft building (I'm not sure how much of that will be dedicated to canopy space). Never the less, it will probably be closer to the end of the year before that 6,000 lbs or so per cycle starts to hit the market. If other cultivates are in the same boat it may take a while for bud to actually stay on the rec menu. My son is a medical patient and he doesn't seem to have any problem getting flower.


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Flower is starting to show up. $65 for an eighth seems to be the price, plus tax. Not bad weed, you don't need much beyond a few tokes. Edibles are very good. Things are starting to smooth out. I am sure prices will drop as we go.


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Ive noticed prices coming down a tad, not much. -5 bucks on some carts, -10 on some edibles.

Really dig the Cheese n Chong cartridges for daytime sativa.

I get the Indica Rick Simpson Oil in syringes and squirt a grain of rice worth on a peanut butter cracker before bed. Sleepin like im 18 again