I'm sick from smoking some contaminant in my BHO

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    These are the reasons I don't mess with any extract products unless they have a batch tested lab analysis for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, mycotoxins, and molds/bacterias. As someone who works in the industry, alongside with a million dollar extract lab and partnered with a ISO standardized testing lab I can tell you that roughly 90% of the extracts contain pesticides in the current California market... major brands included!!!!

    Pure butane itself is rather harmless, and the most danger comes from asphyxiation from the way high concentrations of butane remove oxygen from the air... and the explosive factor (very dangerous stuff) as it is explosive at low levels.

    Most of what people are probably reacting to in my opinion is either pesticides or other contaminates from un-pure butane... as it is very very common in todays unregulated industry. Unless they are using 99.99% butane or a pure propane/butane blend... then you have to ask yourself...what else is in the gas they are using, and how can it effect me?

    Not making this stuff up... there are handfuls of articles and independent and 3rd party random tests that confim this... just look at the results of the PNW's secret cup from the last few years... may of the entries were disqualified due to residual solvents and contamination from pesticides and other unwanted things.

    Many unregulated growers have been doing whatever it takes to save their harvests and not lose profit, even if it means spraying their plants with stuff that should not be sprayed on smokable plants... this is what made me start growing my own in the first place, meeting many of these growers and having my mind blown how many times they would have no care for the end user, and all about profit and saving a harvest. It happens way more than you would expect in unregulated states.

    Sometimes its not even the growers fault, but contamination can occur from neighboring grape or other agriculture farms where they are sprayed and the wind picks up the pesticide and contaminates nearby outdoor cannabis plants.

    They are even finding that in some cases, that say you have a mother plant and treat the mother with pesticide, and then you take clones... well even the clones after they mature and harvest contain levels of pesticides that do not pass the standards....

    I've even found that nutrients.... like Terpenator and other brands like popular botanicare have levels of high arsenic, and other undesirable heavy metals in them which again ends up in the final product. Even feeding plants things like alfalfa meal, or crabshell meal can potentially contaminate plants if the source fertilizer was contaminated... and this then ends up also in the final product... and with contenctrates... you are concentrating everything, not just the thc and cannabinoids. Washington state has a great resource for checking your nutrients for heavy metals....

    If products are not properly winterized they generally contain a lot of cutical waxes which have been shown to cause granulomas and harm to lungs...

    Extracted cannabis, although having a lot of potential for application, is still quite new and with the high demand and prices, there is a lot of black market and backyard extracts being passed around... and if even major brands are getting passed around with pesticides and residual solvents... imaging what you probably are smoking.... and without a full spectrum lab analysis.... you are potentially putting yourself at risk.

    This isn't meant to be a post to scare anyone, as I love cannabis just as much as all of you.... but this is what is actually going on right now in unregulated markets like california, and most likely others that don't mandate full spectrum testing.....
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    ALL LP's up here spray their shwags!
    Medical folks love concentrated poisons!
    HC says ITS OK!! :cuss::fire::spew:
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    good post.first time i heard of bho was in cervantes bible talking about the honey bee about 10 years ago.5 years ago or so i tried a dab from a friend and loved it.being in a place where it wasn't easy to find,i learned how to make it myself.never really feeling 100% safe about it,it took a new member on here fall of '16 to open my eyes completely to the dangers of it.i've moved on,glad i did,and happy to see i think its a trend that might be starting to wane.i think there are safe ways to do it,to those who have the funds to buy the right equipment.unfortunately,not everyone has those funds and i personally believe the whole butane movement was geared towards backyard blowers.too easy to do.watch a youtube video ad you're off and running.no glass or ss tube? no problem.i'm sure anything from plumbers pvc to wiffle ball bats have been used to blast through.
    what's a bit concerning to me now,is that ppl think they can blast garbage material and end up with some pristine product.i've seen it more than once on here,someone has powdery mildew/botrytis and they "throw it in the oil bin" thinking it's filtered out somehow.damn,what do you suppose we'll see for health issues 10 years from now?
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    I haven't even tried to smoke anything since it all went down. I'm convinced it was the last batch of dabs I got. Not reputable. I'm pretty sure there was too much butane in them or something similar like a.pesticide. your symptoms were pretty similar compared with mine , minus the heart palps and I guess I did kinda black out but it was like a black out from not having enough oxygen kinda like I was breathing fine but it was like I wasn't getting any oxygen at all and slowly started to fade.

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    Thanks buddy

    TJGlotz New Member

    Man I'm having the same thing happening to me right now. Did you ever figure anything out about this. I need to talk to you bro plz get back on here and give me some info

    TJGlotz New Member

    Is there someone you could recommend that I could contact to have these shitty dabs,that made me ill, tested...? Thinking they either used cheap butane or that there is a large amount of pesticide and/or heavy metal, like you suggested. If i can figure out what is in these dabs that is so toxic, maybe I can figure out how to treat myself and get better. Any advice?

    I'm having problems almost identical to what the original poster is experiencing , So I know the kid isn't full of shit. I wish he would get back on this thread and tell me if he ever got better, but he is prob dead. jk. But I wish he'd freaking update us on his status..

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    Maybe, where are you located?

    If you've ingested pesticides or heavy metals, they should show up in a blood test. Have you had that done yet?

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    menthol alcohol poisoing.....get some 151 and drink about 1/4 of a bottle for next week after the hang over will feel a shit load better

    who ever made the stuff winterized it but did it with denatured alcohol to save money
    odds it was done open blasting using 5X as it is cheapest safe stuff on the market .....u said 19 so means youngens suppliers more about greed

    denatured alc is about 15-18 a gallon where grain ach a pint might be 15 20 bucks and 200% is 75 bucks a 1000mls
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    LMFAO .....smh
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    your right thanks ....dsylexic

    read up all the troubles are in there the reason i said it i know what does as i ran a stil for a few years and had to make sure i cut it off
    but the way to fix it is ethanol.......151 is 75% ethanol

    Icemud420 Well-Known Member

    Any licensed testing lab that does full spectrum analysis, and I highly recommend one with a PhD that is on site. You would want to make sure you have it tested for heavy metals, potency, residual solvents, pesticides, microbials and mycotoxins/aflatoxins. I don't know what state you are in but every state that has legal or medical cannabis should have legal testing labs...

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