Large study shows no correlation between psychedelic use and mental illness

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    Truth spoken promptly. Those who don't want to heal want to make money to line their pockets.
    HEALING is limited in profits.
    MASKING is unlimited in profits,
    as long as they don't heal.

    The fortunate will always work off the backs of the unfortunate.
    The unfortunate will always resent the fortunate.

    Unnatural selection is at work brothers and sisters.


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    canndo Well-Known Member

    Healing is as profitable let as treating.

    Charge a million dollars for a pill that cures cancer, who won't pay it, borrowing get the money and enslaving themselves in order to pay back the loan.
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    MERIKA as described by actual folks paying attention ^^^^^^^^^

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    If I told you how much LSD/PCP I did as a teen, you would call me a Liar.

    I used to inject LSD regularly easily 1000 microgram shots, or more.

    I quit everything except weed in 76 when I OD'd shooting 95 units x 1:1000 solution Epinephrine/Adrenaline.

    I would say Ive done no less than 2000-3000 doses of LSD.

    I'm 58 but its not up to me to say I'm normal or not.

    What is Normal ??

    Also liked to shoot PCP, and sometimes shot PCP, and LSD in 1 shot.

    PCP in 10- 20 seconds your screwed. LSD takes a few minutes to kick in.

    I also liked to shoot Desoxyn x Coke in 1 shot.

    Usually 5 Desoxyn x 1/16-1/32 gram of coke. We also used to get a lot of pharma coke, and not street stuff.

    Street coke isn't in the same league as what comes from the pharma. Pharma coke is very dangerous vs street coke.
    Al Kaloid

    Al Kaloid Member

    In most instances, this is correct. I've determined purity for law enforcement (forced by employer, quit soon after) and also for friends that were dealers. I've seen street coke that is over 95% pure, but more commonly it's been cut ~4x or so. Street coke can also be dangerous, for different reasons, such as when an indiscriminate dealer adds a little bit of something toxic like strychnine to make the uneducated buyer think it's uncut.

    Back on topic, I find this thread very interesting. How does one define the starting condition WRT mental illness/health? It's not like the profession is in full agreement - just read the classification / diagnostics literature. There are plenty of examples on forums like this that talk about long term problems resulting from bad trips but part of the problem is that many uneducated critics have an expectation of one's mental health being stable without a chemical influence like psychedelics. Unfortunately, many medical researchers today have a holier-than-thou bias against all recreational substances. The Nixon administration tried really hard to motivate researchers to "study" weed and let it be known that finding it to cause cancer at a higher rate than tobacco was the desired outcome. Is it any wonder that the same mentality led to the current problems with mega-potent prescription opiates? OK, rant off...

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    How'd you IV LSD accurately? That's dodgy as fuck - needles scare the shit out of me.

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    I would just break down some tabs/blotter by soaking them in a little water, then draw it up, and shoot it. Pretty simple. Many of us did it where I'm from. Takes about 3 minutes to start peaking. Its not instant.

    IMHO the best PCP was the small Pink Tabs/Wafers that I very first saw in 1971-72. Then after that black market stuff started showing up by 73-74

    They were much bigger, thicker vs tabs/wafers. The very 1st stuff came from Vets Offices. Then the Powder came along.

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    i knew sum1 who grew up at the age of 13 taking acid, hes in his 30-40s now dont know my pops age, but acid and stimulate abuse will cause problems if stick to it. acid speed any stim.. ive only took acid, but i come from a family of lots of parties and i can say acid did my father no good when he started coke at 13. i love pyschodelics if i spelt that right just dont mix them with coccaine i come from trippers who got ruined by coccaine... , east coast life
    dont be that dude...... if u do coke or meth or any stim acid will cause issues my unc also got scizo from taking acid then a later addiction of meth abuse of couse he sold tosupply his habbits and in return lots of highs :P sadly that means high brain damage with crystal and coke(lived in socal,)... when i learn how to fix peoples minds ill hit u up. one love \|/
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    First time I did shrooms was about 3 months ago. I got some MDMA at the same time. That was also the first time I did any drugs since 2001 if you don't include alcohol. The MDMA is fun but way too taxing on the body and even with pre and post loading feels like a hang over the next day. I don't get any depression the week after so at least that is good. The shrooms, I do about 1-1.5 grams are great, as you get the funky feeling and 5-6 hours later you're back to normal with no physical side effects. Not a fan of super visuals so I just take enough to just below visuals.

    As for what is wrong with me. Well nothing. You could say the same thing about people jumping of of planes or mountains. Hell when I did cardio 5 times per week in the trails around my house I loved the exhausted feeling and mood uplift I got from doing it. So if that high means something is wrong with me, well so be it.

    I picked up 2 more OZ of shrooms but should last me for quite a while.

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    5 gram dose will last me about six months. No depression. Deep connection to who I am and what I am. Soul reset. Out of body. Ill face the evil I've done and the Love I've experienced.

    I burn sage before taking them. Throughout the house. Let the sage smoke roll off me. I eat them dried on an empty stomach. Calm heart, no demons. Cannabis at the ready.

    I harvested some shrooms today. They're drying right now. Like always. Ill end up with a couple hundred grams of shrooms. All I need is 5-7grams. I'll pass them out like potato chips.
    Mr. Bongwater

    Mr. Bongwater Well-Known Member

    i've seen excessive psychedelics make people retarded but most people won't take that into consideration
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    It's a brief visit to the spirit word. Staying there?

    Yep. Retarded madness. It's not teaching you a thing.
    Mr. Bongwater

    Mr. Bongwater Well-Known Member

    i think psychedelics are absolutely amazing but you can't use it a lot or it'll fuck you;'re brain up big time

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    True that. Then people ask what's it's like. You try to describe it but you can't. I've sat in a dark closet with my eyes closed. I saw Aztec gods. I don't worship that and can't explain it.

    The flow of life. The absolute destruction of the ego. All that shit melts away. It's pure Love. But don't temp the demons.

    Then you'll face them. Bad trip? The spirits are judging you for evil. They'll make it a nightmare and you'll stop doing fucked up mean shit to your fellow human being.
    Mr. Bongwater

    Mr. Bongwater Well-Known Member

    i definitely believe that part
    Mr. Bongwater

    Mr. Bongwater Well-Known Member

    bad trips could just mean too intense of a high in a overwhelming environment though
    Mr. Bongwater

    Mr. Bongwater Well-Known Member

    most can't handle loosing they're greedy selfish manipulative egos they feel too bad about how shitty of a human being they are lol
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    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    And they'll never know true peace. It's a hateful existence they can't escape from. Scream all you want. Beg. Pray. Grovel.

    Step off the ledge. Fall into a world beyond this shit.

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    Look at this motherfu¢ker.

    Dude...this dog is soaring. Ill be there soon.


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    How about a link between psychedelics and several hours of nausea? Psychs might be enjoyable aside from that. They all work by very general serotonin receptor stimulation and serotonin is involved in nausea. The only psych that doesn't induce nausea is Salvia, and I can assure you it's not at all enjoyable even without it. I never use psychs anymore. Got tired of self induced misery for an entire day. Visual alteration isn't all that great a thing really. Doesn't come close to making up for the sickness, just you're sick AND your vision is fucked up. Incidentally, if you take psychs often the visual disturbances can become permanent, which probably isn't that much fun when you're driving or operating heavy machinery. I can't recommend psychs whatsoever. Feels more like being poisoned than anything else.
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