Large study shows no correlation between psychedelic use and mental illness

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    Many many times.

    Self medicated.
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    I presume this means it's been somewhat effective. Glad to hear it.

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    Truffles for the win! I watched a captivating documentary on truffles. Was quite excellent. Ill have to find it and podt here when im not too tired to do so.

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    Watch ^ enjoy!
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    Hey guys,
    I'm not sure if this is relevant , but I'm carrying out my third year research at Uni . I'm trying to find out which personality traits might predict the adverse effects of using cannabis. It only takes 5 minutes maximum to do the questionnaire. It would help me a lot and once I'm finished I can also publish my results here.
    If you're interested this is the link:

    Thank you in advance,

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    Hmm. Well, I'm still never going over thumbprint levels.... If I ever do something that nuts. :shock:

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    Mad Hamish

    Mad Hamish Well-Known Member

    Same here. MUCH thanks for this thread. I have showed some info to a few proper squares I know. Still didnt convince them.
    Mad Hamish

    Mad Hamish Well-Known Member

    Never, EVER a good idea where real problems are involved
    Mad Hamish

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    Try the Texan Cubensis. Bit of an eye opener. The figurative and the third one both in equal measures. Truffles are fun. But try some 'Hill Billy' Texans... OMFG...
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    Mr. Bongwater

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    lol that guy seems like a fucking wierdo though
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    Mr. Bongwater

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    looks like he possessed by the devil lol
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    Xiu Well-Known Member

    Misinformed people think because there has been a correlation with the onset of schizophrenia and marijuana use in SOME cases that it implies causation. Not the case.

    I have a schitzo friend. He manages when he takes his meds. He's on disability and doesn't really work a "regular" job. I've known him for 15 years, and he's always smoked weed. Probably long before I met him.

    I've never asked him, but my guess is it levels him out. He also does a lot of blow. Not sure what that does for him. Probably because it's awesome, if you like that sort of thing.

    Marijuana is considered a psychedelic? Psychotropic? What class again? Fak I have to look it up.

    Gonna be one of those days.

    Three types of drugs? I feel like I remember this from middle school DARE program.
    1. Stimulant 2. Depressant 3. Hallucinogen.

    I dont know what I was talking about before. Science or some shit.

    Off to work, A question for another day.
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    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    I don't know what up was up with this one kid probably crazy already just the shrooms brought out the true crazy? Cause he seemed alright other than being a lush then the day after shrooms kid was talking to himself but I didn't know him well before. But yeah I have never had any negative effects myself never been worried about losing it on shrooms I just ride the wave.
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    ive ate real lsd a number of times in my teen years prly around 100 or more times along with extacy and mushrooms but lsd being the number 1 an im only in my mid 20s so its only been about 5 years since i last did lsd an there is nothing wrong with me i am a little but wierder these days someof my friends mite say but i live a completely normal an happy after awilein my glory days i did have episodes everynow an then were shit just didnt seem right but i was dropen acid about 3 times a week an in large amounts but after i stoped using lsd the side effects quickly subsited one thing is i tend to be "burnt out" some ppl might say but so would anyone that used to party like i did lol
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    canndo Well-Known Member

    If you never take it again, it is likely you will take your experiences with you, for the better, for the rest of your life.

    I never met an LSD burn out that I didn't suspect had other usually physiological problems.
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    Mr. Bongwater

    Mr. Bongwater Well-Known Member

    i had a extremely bad trip on around 4.5 g's of shrooms by myself and it brought out a really bad anxiety disorder in me for about a month and a half, pretty sure i had a bit of anxiety disorder in the first place but maybe not, i think i still have a bit of anxiety from that trip ffs, i'm not the only one who had similar problems

    so any advice anybody? is it possible for somebody to be a dick when tripping? cause it really does soften ego don't see why anyone would get on with shit for no reason, i will trip again for sure but never by myself again at least with good vibes to keep on my mind, and on acid instead of shrooms

    yesum Well-Known Member

    I stick to pot these days. If I do not like the high it will be gone in 2 hours and halfway gone in 1 or less. Acid was a bummer after a while. Shrooms good to go always.

    I have seen others and myself suffer with mental problems and some did drugs and others not much at all. It is a mystery I guess. If you have mental problems and then trip out heavy, well it is just asking for it imo. If you do the drugs under control and all, very little chance of bad happening. Most just take whatever, wherever and expect the best.

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    so good news right? hahhahaha

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