Las Fingerez Grow Journal - Various Strain Scrog

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by las fingerez, Dec 7, 2010.

    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    those strings be under nuff stress by looks of tings man. ;)
    kevin murphy

    kevin murphy New Member

    be worth the stress

    WOWgrow Well-Known Member

    you must be 5 an a half weeks now arent you las? lookin forward to seein the jungle :D

    PITTSBURGHFAN Active Member

    are you making a spinach pizza cause that looks like some cookies with jelly topping you got hosed lol

    mantiszn Well-Known Member

    PITTSBURGHFAN you are like the resurrector of old dead awesome threads

    good work.

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    PUKKA BUD Well-Known Member

    Done it again ya cunts pmsl....
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    las fingerez

    las fingerez Well-Known Member

    hello to everyone that's still subscribed ;)

    who wants me 2 get my lemons out for the lads????
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    Bobotrank Well-Known Member

    Fuck yeah!

    PUKKA BUD Well-Known Member

    Get um out ya cunt lol

    mantiszn Well-Known Member

    Such a tease..
    las fingerez

    las fingerez Well-Known Member


    As you can see...

    A. there not lemons, had 2 get rid of my cut and get a new one, she's up next.

    B. i've turned into an even more lazy grower than newuser...... getting in there 2nite when lights come on and staking everything up with bamboo and string lol.

    about 6 weeeks 12.12 i dont time it any more. when she's done, she's done :)
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    mr west

    mr west Well-Known Member

    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    woah, looks like my last scrog lol. nice work on not timing stuff anymore ;)
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    ghb Well-Known Member

    still subbed lol. i thought you had fucked off from riu laz, glad you never left us.

    lazy gardening is the way forward, compared to my first couple of grows i spend very little time with the girls these days. fuck writing stuff down and keeping track of dates, that is for noobs :P

    what strain is it you got there? shame about the lemon but hell i've lost loads of cuts but i still keep pumping out fire, starting to think there is no BEST strain out there just lots of good ones
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    Cindyguygrower Well-Known Member

    How Do me old chum, i was wondering wen you'd pop in!

    Thats what you call utalising space in that tent eh! Looks BEAST bro. Good to see you around, ive not been up to alot, got too many family issues going on, but still plodding away.
    Hope to catch you later, i tried you around x;mas, New No?
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    PITTSBURGHFAN Active Member

    man that pic looks like it is in beast mode bro that is some mighty fine cheeba you got there healing the world one smoker at a time aye lol
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    las fingerez

    las fingerez Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone still here, thanks for the kind words about the mess of my tent hahaha :) been a while still.........

    Things are looking lemony so all is well, i've heard some rumours on the boards someone trying to sell cuts of a lemon and trying to par it off as the one i gave out on here for free. if it finishes in 9 weeks, it aint mine! 73-77 days for the pengaleng.

    She's coming round again, and yes its exactly the same cut, i aint stopped messing with her, lost all my other strains, getting exo sent in a week :)

    Speak soon folks :)

    ps. Big up to who ever crossed "las pheno" with the smelly cherry creating Smelly Fingerez, i have some of the beans, thanks what a honor :) please someone refresh my memory who did the cross, all changed round here!!!

    Las :leaf:
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    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    well shit the bed!

    How do Las!? good to hear your still at it man. I read about a new SLH cut in uk thread think they're calling it ZLH

    Who do you think put the smelly cherry to ya cut man haha :wink: I even did a BX to the SC. there's been some massive variation in flower times and I mean -/+ 6 weeks!

    good to see you about man
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    rasclot Well-Known Member

    Good to see u back las mate I ain't been on here my self much with2 kids n tryin to run my new business I don't get time to fart these days lol
    Here's a purple smelly dog for ya il post a few more pics later today need to catch up! got a new room n all that hope every1 is doin well Ras

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    las fingerez

    las fingerez Well-Known Member

    sorry i didnt hang around before but this time will be back to stay, for a while at least looking for some more info / 1st hand experience with THC / CBD and ME and MS. also looking for info on making e-juice for vape pens. have messed around a little, going to start a thread for some input will post the link in here would love all you guys to come and have some input (why i'm here) got a lot of respect for u lot, glad 2 see ur all at it ;)

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