Legalize Cannabis in the UK!!

should Cannabis be legal in the UK!

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it should be legal? take mother nature to court for growing it across the globe.
it's the company policy for getting £££'s.
decriminalized at least. av a look at this, its about your u.k company policy.



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Take it that 4.8 % that don't want to see it legal ,Grow for the market.Still a place for that folks ,But lets bring a plants that purpose is all about healing,and making a stressful day more easy to cope with.Alcohol is the thing this should be about not Cannabis.This plant does only good ,We are talking about something that cures cancer.Let the folks out there Suffering with these kinda a medical conditions have access to it.To me its just crazy that we have something that is doing so much good ,but the higher powers just will not listen to us.Me too Zander i agree,i mean you got people on facebook in the uk ,selling Oil from the seed.Now there may be medical Benefits to that other than Nutrition,There are other Cbn's in the seed But most of the folk buying that have never even tried cbd,There is for sure no cbd or thc in the seeds.I bet the Government are having a right laugh with a glass of whisky.People saying they getting better from something with no cbd in it.


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It can be done...we did it! Or just move to Canada
Doctors in the Uk can give out CBD ,but they just wont do it.I think once one starts then the rest will follow.At least then the folks that need it but do not grow it can get access to it.But in all Honesty the crop there growing down south now,In the largest Greenhouse in the Uk was covered in Mites,and they was all wearing these white overalls mask's hair nets.And the plants are covered in mites.That is not good meds ,to me any how.I want clean pest free product for oil.


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Uk government not Interested in doing it anytime soon, should be legal but don’t think will turn into pothead paradise if it is I reckon big companies will come in and standardise a way of production to produce shitty buds full of bolox but a consistent product just like alcohol and tobacco. IMO the only gateway drug bit of it, atleast in London is kids start off selling weed then start selling crack and smack as obviously pays more, if that link was cut a few kids might not end up in the countryside with an ass full of drugs. Tbh all drugs need to be legalised there no point in it being illegal but fucking everywhere and u get in trouble if u get caught with it. The amount of people I was in school with that have dealt and been to prison for class a, or been involved in a gang dealing class a and are now dead are the reason why these drug laws need to change. Prisons are full of smack heads and young offenders full of smack dealers and I’ve been in both and seen for my two eyes. The drug war failed but no government gonna accept it and change anytime soon till then weed smokers/growers still gonna be fined and given community or shit sentences for a plant and young men are gonna continue throwing there lives away to chase the pot of gold that gets taken off them when they get caught and smack heads will keep spending every penny of benefit money with a 15 year old runner.

when the people who vote these governments in vote for a party that wants to change and not just more of the same time we will see change till then grow it and sell it whilst the taxman can’t get a penny from ya for it


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Its a fine line, (Using medicinal as an example)...

,it would be great for people who required it for actual medicinal purposes, but don't have any blackmarket connections to walk into holland and barrat, boots or wherever and buy their medicine hassle free,,,

the herb needs to be grown with passion and organically ,the very best! ,but will that happen,,?


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Over 95% of the votes are yes. This is a staggering amount of people who believe in legalising cannabis. Hopefully more companies such as CannaPass becoming popular will help when collecting endorsements and hopefully things start to change