Low Stress Training (LST) Guide

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Rollbluntz, Sep 22, 2010.

    warren kirk

    warren kirk Active Member

    How long take the widest plant to get weres she @.
    warren kirk

    warren kirk Active Member

    U can lst ,all way threw flower, just bow them. Don't bend, break, just bow @ 45 degree angle, grow,grow,grow.
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    warren kirk

    warren kirk Active Member

    Have to save ur pics, to view, blurred thow.

    littlejacob Well-Known Member

    French lst...
    20160110_231810.jpg 20160107_202458.jpg
    And scrog lst...
    20160110_231754.jpg 20160110_231949.jpg
    First was an amherst sd in 3gl who was with 4 other plants in a 3.5x3.5x4.5 under 200w of cxb3590 3500ºK 36V CD (4x50w)
    The other was with 8 other plants...it is a cheese i guess...in 3gl under a 600hps in a 4x4x7!
    I hate to cut my plants...only before bloom to take cuts...but there is other way than topping!
    I pinch a lot and i twist the main branch to have all the "stairs" grow on the sides...it is easy after 4/5 pair of leaves...i just pinch a bit and put one leave behind and one in front of the other to keep the twist and because of the light it will solder like this...and then do the same with the next...

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    3rdworldgrower Member

    am i doing this right, its my first time? i see most plants not quite get to the edge when they are first tied down, did i tie to far down, the leaves are touching the soil and the sides of the pot... i haven't seen much on doing LST wrong so i thought i would ask!


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    3rdworldgrower Member

    answered my own question, 2.30hr later


    littlejacob Well-Known Member

    You should try to pinch a tiny bit the main branch between each pair of leaves and twist it a bit to have all the pair of leaves growing on the sides!
    If you don't do that you will have a pair who is going to grow on the side...good...but the other pair will grow one on the top and one under the main branch...no good...this one will grow slower and you will cut it
    Plus I will add a screen for a real scrog...not a net...a screen to attach the plant and use all the space you have! ...

    BossBnell Member

    image.jpeg image.jpeg First time doing LST hope all looks well (Vanilla Kush)

    OsmosisJones14 Member

    Hey fellow growers. My first grow has afforded me the opportunity for my first chance to clone. I pulled these two clones in the 15-gal tan smart-pots about 6 weeks ago. THC Bomb (pic 2) and Amherst Sour Diesel (pic 1).

    I haven't topped them a single time. From the very beginning when it was just two fan leaves and a single top I have kept them sideways. Each time it grows taller, it gets staked down and adjusted for growth. They were transplanted to the 15 gallon last week with a custom mix and have been growing steadily. Again, this is entirely LST.

    The little 8-top in a 5-gallon (pic 3) is my attempt at main-lining some Crystal Meth bagseed and mixing it with heavy LST training to produce 8 monster tops.

    I'm waiting another 2 more weeks to FIM all of the main tops to get the absolutely insane number of lower tops a chance to get bigger. Every top you see on the lush green Sour D (pic 1) has about 5x as many in the next level of the canopy that you can't see.
    1SourD.jpg 1THCBomb.JPG Christy.jpg
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    Richie LxP

    Richie LxP Well-Known Member

    Plants look A1 mate:clap:

    3rdworldgrower Member

    those are looking super healthy mate

    BossBnell Member

    Osmosis Jones your plants are lookin beautiful
    Dan can grow

    Dan can grow Well-Known Member

    I used LST on her after I fimmed the third node. After her fourth week in flower I untied her. This pic was taken right after I trimmed her up to harvest. Tie those girls down they love it. Great guide!

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    littlejacob Well-Known Member

    If you do lst for long enough it will change to no stress training...lol!
    This is THE grow tech imo!
    It allows you to save weeks of vegg for the same results

    Quintessence Active Member

    It's my first grow and things are heating up in the tent..I went with LST and I think it's worked out pretty well. The Gorilla Glue (bottom right) was a clone i bent over almost to the edge of the smart pot and it just shot out like crazy. The same with Sout Tanige on the left, although the top was lost in an accident.. I've had a couple accidents along the way actually but a little aloe and tape seem to have done wonders for healing. In my experience with other types of gardening, when you cut a weed back it usually grows back twice as strong, it seems cannabis is no exception to that rule. :) Here are my girls at 6 weeks of veg. The back 2 are Dr. Who and they were from seed. I've been squeezing stems (fattening them up) and I just put this screen in to organize my canopy and keep the Gorilla Glue #4 on the front right from stretching so fast. I honestly don't know how I feel about the screen. I'm not sure whether I need it or if I'm over complicating things.The front two were from clones and they are 32 inches tall. The back two are up on crates and they are 17 inches (even with the canopy) Anyone got any advice? Time to flower?

    veg week 6.jpg

    BusyBee75 Well-Known Member

    I have never grown a plant out that I hadn't LST. I consider myself a master. Here are a few current plants. Chemdawg, Berry white, lemon kush(heart plant) chronic x n.l., and the rest are autos and clones of these four big ones. I always top my plants very first true leaves. The serated ones, not round ones obviously, they do all the work for a slow start above, but bellow it's rooting deep and before I know it, it's a bush I'm tying down with twist ties that unroll and snip to whatever size needed. Puncture holes around lip of pot, and bend till tense and wrap a loose loop around stem firmly connected to pot. All I've ever used. IMAG1921.jpg IMAG1842.jpg IMAG1846.jpg IMAG1910.jpg IMAG1847.jpg IMAG1841.jpg IMAG1816.jpg IMAG1934.jpg IMAG1913.jpg
    Top your plant as young as possible, to avoid any stress that might Herm out your plant. I've NEVER had a regular seed plant Herm on me after topping, because I take off the very first set of true leaves, not the round seed leaf. It splits in two off rip, two plants in one. Bury right on to split. Then ONLY LST after that. Check it out. IMAG1921.jpg IMAG1842.jpg IMAG1846.jpg IMAG1910.jpg IMAG1847.jpg IMAG1841.jpg IMAG1816.jpg IMAG1934.jpg IMAG1913.jpg IMAG0509.jpg start.

    Jeanpaulsastre Member

    Is this too small?
    and is this one ready to be bent yet?
    Thank you for your help :bigjoint:

    BusyBee75 Well-Known Member

    Hey brother, the first looks good so far. Don't get too crazy if you're a beginner, only because if it's a bit of a pain to keep in line now, imagine 5-6 weeks into flower. I've made this mistake before, and ended up having to cut branches to save others from crowding. Could have taken them and used as clones earlier, and flower them right along the mom, get like a zip dried apiece, only in like one gallon square pots,

    Resinhound Well-Known Member

    Great looking plant.

    Suh_dude Member

    She popped on valentines day. A little LST and FIM going on. Hasn't shown any signs of sex though. Positive vibes until then. Cheers.

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