Low Stress Training (LST) Guide

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    IMAG2706.jpg IMAG2705.jpg IMAG2712.jpg IMAG2712.jpg IMAG2754.jpg Screenshot_2016-04-16-23-01-30.png Screenshot_2016-04-17-10-19-40.png IMAG2695.jpg Screenshot_2016-04-17-10-18-14.png Screenshot_2016-04-15-12-07-40.png I'm running 2 -600 Apollo Horticulture hps, and a 1000watt double chip king LED. All purchased on Amazon for under a grand. I feed only General Hydroponics organic floralicious line it's a little more expensive thin the ionic I used to use as you see the results are phenomenal I am only in week 4 of flower and I already have trichome production all the way out to shade leaves trust them busy bee

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    I think a 600 watts hps would get me 450grams (sort of one pound) in fact my dealer told me to get one, so it's got to be true. Thank you for your help busybee I gotta tell you I'm testing the dead leaves and they're awesome :blsmoke:

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    Hey y'all, check out some start of week 5 flower. Some tasteful bud porn. You can gladly check the ladies out, but please don't stare, it makes the girls uncomfortable. Lol By time 5 more weeks passes , they are going to be the finest I've done to date. And I've no intention on slowing down. I'll be doing my hobby in northern California real soon. Screenshot_2016-04-18-15-44-13.png Screenshot_2016-04-18-15-44-23.png Screenshot_2016-04-18-15-43-47.png Screenshot_2016-04-18-15-46-43.png Screenshot_2016-04-18-15-46-07.png Screenshot_2016-04-18-15-45-02.png Screenshot_2016-04-18-15-45-40.png Screenshot_2016-04-18-15-42-13.png IMAG2862.jpg IMAG2869.jpg
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    What an awesome thread man, especially the part about auxins and the utilization of weights & tying! Thank you for the knowledge refresher!

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    Had you just completed a foliar application of some kind? Or is that copious neem oil, like, are they sticky? Looks fantastic anyways! What are LEDs like nowadays here in 2016? Used LED as supplement for HID and as standalone supplement in greenhouse, but they were just... meh. I've heard they're a whole hell of alot better now. Is this true? Can anyone elaborate?

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    Thanks for the compliment! And I don't only use LED I am trial running one a 1000watt, that I believe is only like a 600 watt because it was so cheap only 300$ , a KIND led is about 1200$-1500$ , mine is a KING brand, it's got 100-double 5watt diodes=1000watts, but you realistically need to Daisy chain like 5 of them in a room or tent that's like 10'x10'x 8' and hang em like 5 on a dice. They only suck like 250watts to produce 1000watt of light emitting diodes. So 5 of them would only use up 1000watts , and at 11cents a kilowatt, a veg period of 60 days, 5 plants one under each light, 24hrs a day equals roughly 60$ a month to run 27/7, plus fans (35watts)x like 4= maybe another 15$ month, realistically not counting any other equipment and nutrients, just power used for 60 day veg is about 150-175$ a month. Then flower cuts light in half to 30$ a month, fans stay on 24/7(terp extractor ect) so 45$ a month for 8-15 weeks depending on strain(I have Dr.Grinspoon pure sativa 14-17 weeks) so roughly about 300$ for flower, total cost for 5 plants each giving about 8-12 ounces(longer veg makes bigger plant, I veg for 110 days and take clones at day 60 that veg for 30 days then flower along side big mamma. Each giving like 5 ounces ) total coast about 600$ in electricity for about 40-50 ounces of primo if you grow my clones. Lol. That's not too shabby. LED has advantages, and cons, like penetration of light and density of bud. Peace out for now homie.

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    Would you be able to top a plant and use the LST method on the same plant. Or is that too much to do on the plant??

    BusyBee75 Well-Known Member

    I always do that

    BusyBee75 Well-Known Member

    How do you think I get them so big yet only 3-4 feet tall

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    As a new grower, i have few questions regarding LST.
    I want to top and than LST. i am 2weeks from sprouting and its been going good until now.
    If someone can please clarify the following:
    What time after topping should LST begin?
    How long should i keep the plants bending, meaning after what period i should remove the strings?

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    Good question. Just commenting to bring this thread back up because I'd like an answer too haha

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    Day 30 from seed
    LST grow
    Topping once
    2x LED panels 700 watts total
    Obama kush
    2x4x5 tent

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    Lmao for real

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    "1.)What time after topping should LST begin?
    2.)How long should i keep the plants bending, meaning after what period i should remove the strings?"

    Too lazy to find the original quote...

    1.) This is up to you. I wait until the plant is able to be bent and tied to one side of the pot, this way all lower tops get light exposure. If you're topping there will usually be a delayed growth so once it gets back on track bend whenever you like, its pretty much trial and error man! Whatever suits your desires, do it.

    2.) You could leave them tied for as long as you like, the entire grow if you wanted. I take mine off about two weeks into flowering because thats when they stop stretching and have basically found their final resting spot. There is no need to keep tied after this. Be careful not to let the branches grow into the string or whatever you're using. The branches will bulk up to hold the buds, during flower especially, so keep a close eye and make sure your ties are a little loose.

    Walterwhiter Well-Known Member

    Definitely dig the scientific aspect!

    ☢Smokey♛Dragon♨❀ Well-Known Member

    Isn't fiming [fuck I missed] a better method than toping? It where u only pinch 70% of the top and instead of 2 new main colas you get 4!
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    BusyBee75 Well-Known Member

    LST them anytime after new growth shows up from topping

    ҖҗlegilizeitҗҖ Well-Known Member

    Here's a small one is did a few years ago, I Topped once than just laid her down flat on the soil. I didn't veg for long so she isn't very big GEDC1112.jpg cool.jpg

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    I do LST on my Autoflower on Day 13 to know, is that good how i do it? I Cut to Fan Leafs to Help Light for New Growth!

    OC Day 17 LST (1).jpg OC Day 17 LST (2).jpg SC Day 21 (1).jpg SC Day 21 (2).jpg Orange C Day 24 (1).jpg Orange C Day 24 (2).jpg Orange Crack Day 26 (1).jpg Orange Crack Day 26 (2).jpg

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