Marijuana, Mushrooms, and More!

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I'm an avid amateur photographer specializing in close-up and macro photography of fungi and plants, including the good stuff, of course :bigjoint:

This thread is just going to be an ongoing collection of some photographs I have taken over the years and will continue to take.

All photos are taken on a Nexus 6P smartphone, but I am soon looking to upgrade to a DSLR.

Any feedback or advice from fellow RIU photographers would be much appreciated!

What might any of you recommend in terms of a high-quality lens for someone only interested in closeup/macro photography?

Feel free to share your best work aswell!



A cluster of 3 yellow waxy cap mushrooms.jpg SYMBIOSIS Orange Waxy Cap with Single Yellow Coral Mushroom.jpg IMG_20170216_224538.jpg IMG_20171004_172252.jpg IMG_20171004_172305.jpg IMG_20170905_085523-2.jpg IMG_20170903_120251-2.jpg IMG_20170903_120041-2.jpg IMG_20170905_121725-2.jpg IMG_20170902_152510-2.jpg