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    D.C. Seed Exchange

    Great Lakes Genetics

    Green Point Seeds

    James Bean Co

    Lumberjack Seed Source

    Neptune Seed Bank!home/c1dxd
    Money order or Google wallet

    Oregon Elite Seeds

    Oregon Green Seeds

    Reliable Seed Bank

    Ript Genetics

    Seed Vault Of California
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    GroKing Seeds

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    We ship to the US and carry a decent selection of both fem and auto's at some pretty competitive prices. Check us out at - any questions just fire me a pm on here

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    This one gave me pause: I got a pack of Mr. Nice's Shit from Attitude just the other day and today I see that they are out.

    Oh, I hope that the stealth shipping works!!!!
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    I didn't read through the entire post to see if they are mentioned, but I have had 100% positive results with Original seed Company and Growers choice.
    Original seed store is in Spain, and you need to mail cash only. I gambled and it was great. I also like the being able to buy single seeds, so I can try lots of new strains.... please add a pinch of luck... my avatar pic is Tutankhamen, single seed purchase and wow! It's in a 1 gal pail and only two weeks old, if I'm remembering correctly. Point I was making is the plant itself! The lid in the pic is about eight inches across. The first leaves were gigantic! Really cool plant....
    For a quicker, and like 3-4 days every time, is growerschoiceseeds Top notch company and great variety. Credit card is run through a Canadian bank and shipped from California. I have had no problems with either of these.

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    Stop Now while u still can lmfao @luv2grow at what point do I realize I have a problem

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    I ordered multiple orders from 11 different companies overseas & never had a problem w/ any of them not getting here
    The Attitude - Just Feminized - Freedom of Seeds - Pick N Mix (now out of business)
    Seed Supreme - MSNL - Discreet seeds (for breeders Packs) - The Choice - GYO seedbank (for breeders packs) - Bonza - Rhino (but watch half their stock is out & they will still send you an invoice for it & after they receive your cash then they'll ask you to pick another strain smh)
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    the only company I would not buy from again is Rhino - after asking about 5 different strains as a substitute for the original one I ordered & every one was out of stock although listed as - In Stock , ended up paying over $100 & getting a pack I could get here in the USA for $70 smh
    Attitude the only thing is in the USA ,don't get your heart set on freebies , the freebies can make it worth it but I've ordered & received Dinafem replacing Reserva Privada, Serious seeds , etc. ,all the top dollar $15-$25 seeds for junk no one wants, happened twice, but you can get all the freebies if you order as soon as the sale starts , take a pic of your receipts for the money order & $17 registered letter you sent cash in to get the 15% discount which could cover the outrageous $21 shipping, others average charge is free over $100-$150 or $10-$15 tops, so you're spending $40 total on shipping & payment to get a free dollar store gift lmao , send an email to them w/ both pictures stating please hold my free seeds here's proof my payment is on the way, I sent my last order in following these steps & got all my freebies this time :0) Choice is a sister company to Attitude so I suggest doing the same for both companies so that you can get exactly what you want & paid for :0)
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    Attitude rocks... Single Seed Centre is back too. If you want specific genetics and a large selection, these both are great. Keep it green!

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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Attitude only changed my freebies when the original package was nabbed
    on its way into the country.

    I was not stoked....but they did seem to try to match strength/popularity, and it
    was clear at the time that those specific freebies had been kinda scarce. (forget
    the breeds...)

    BTW: The payment system at Attitude has gotten as good as any other online seller...
    ...I went back after getting The Shit (;0) and Barney beans and made a new order
    of two beans each of nine different DNA breeds.

    I just got my stealth package fine. With no problem.
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    SAMMYB913 Well-Known Member

    I pay usually $10-$15 shipping & use my MasterCard & get Breeders packs , the only time I would use Attitude or Choice is if I wanted seeds especially singles I couldn't find anywhere else but lately I buy American & get 2 day delivery $8-$10 for Bodhi or Stray Fox Gardenz w/ freebies & testers that will blow your mind & not found overseas. deals like buy 2 or more packs & get a free 7 pack w/ each pack ordered , I got so far not including the buy one get one free at GLG 420 promo or the regular buy 2 get 1 pack free deals everyone has, I'd personally rather have these freebies I got
    7pk Blueberry Chem
    7pk Purple Unicorn x Blueberry,
    7pk Starfighter F1 X Purple Kandahae (tester)
    6pk & 5pk (Ethiopian 75 x Laos) x Blueberry Temple
    10pk Herijuana x Good Medicine F2 testers
    10pk SWAZI X ARUBA testers,
    10pk -Headband (AKA DAYWRECKER DIESEL) x Long Bottom Leaf testers,
    10pk -Socal Master Kush (clone only) x Long Bottom Leaf testers,
    6pk -Medical Dragon - Atonic (Nine Fold) x 3 Headed Dragon (Bodhi) testers

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    What is your other sources then? Interested. :0)

    TheHero Member

    Hello. What is a big yielder and good quality strain available from Nirvana seeds?
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  13. I've been using Seed City for a while now, they are based in the UK. They have a massive selection, and pretty good prices. They are very good to deal with, and fast getting the seeds out.
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    The single seed company - I ordered over 10 times and got every order and do replace orders and seeds ..... I received 2 cracked seeds they reshipped my entire order !
    ( that may be a fluke - but I damn sure didn't complain )

    Huge selection and carry mephisto , rare dankness , reserva privada and a whole shitload of breeders .... They take cards - I always pay that way ... It never shows company and is listed with another business. Fast shipping 5-7 days most orders.
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    GTA seeds here in Canada is legit never had any issues. Original packaging

    Thai_Lights Well-Known Member

    Where is the best place I can get bodhi or csi Humboldt shipped to Canada pay with credit card?

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    I know that Attitude fits that bill

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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Im in USA.

    Best USA Banks Ive dealt with are..

    DC Seed Exchange.. I like this guy.

    JamesBeanCompany... Equally nice guy.

    Both DC, and JB are seemingly nice people.

    Swami Organic Seeds... Has Original COOT/BOEL Genes.... Best deal Ive found for freebies. They have a minimum $100 "Donation", but you get a free pack of 15 seeds, and extras. Usually 3.

    Usually you get 18 seeds instead of 15, and a "Free Pack" of 15 of another variety. GAS, has been very good to me, and if I ask for a certain freebie, I usually get it, if available. He doesn't just send the cheapest stuff either. With the Freebies, and extras, it comes out to about $50 a pack, and NO LIGHT COLORED SEEDS.

    Swami Seeds/GAS has also quickly answered any, and all questions Ive asked. Though I believe if youre in a Non Legal State, he doesn't like to say much about specifics.

    MountainOrganics. Also have COOT/BOEL genetics. $75 donation here. No Freebies, but answered a couple questions I had in a timely manner.


    Have had a couple good dealings with them, and also good customer service.

    For out of the Country, Ive also had good experiences with Attitude, for a Loooooong Time.

    In Canada Ive had good success with Seed Depot. Also nice guys.

    Mullumbimby Well-Known Member

    Just say 'No" to buying more seeds lol.

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