#MarsHydroEbay420 #Mars Hydro #Giveaway #promotion⁣ is coming now! Enjoy them!O(∩_∩)O~


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#MarsHydroEbay420 #Mars Hydro #Giveaway #promotion⁣ is coming now!

POST pictures or videos of your mars product or REPOST/SHARE our post to social medias. ⁣

1.Mention " "and product model.⁣
2.Add hashtag #420 at the BEGINNING of your post.⁣

✅ PART 1 - POST & FREE TS/SP LED (4/10-4/22)
Post and mention “ ”, add hashtag #420 at the BEGINNING of your post.⁣
We’ll pick random on // to send free TS or SP LED or GROW TENT.⁣

✅ PART 2 - POST & EXCHANGE COUPON (4/10-4/20)
Each like or each video view of your post/repost can be exchanged to $0.01 coupon. ⁣
(1 like or 1 video view=$0.01)⁣
Note: Order discount can be used for orders within 4/20-4/22⁣

✅ PART 3 - COMMENT & FREE BAGS (4/20-4/22)
Comment under our post, pick a winner randomly to send free smell proof bag EVERYDAY.⁣

✅ PART 4 - ORDER & FULL REFUND (4/20-4/22)
Order from our ebay store, and show your order screenshot on social medias,pick one to get full refund.⁣

1.Pls contact us to sign up. ⁣
2.All prizes will be sent out according to local stock after event ends.

✅ Check products by links below:⬇

Business inquiries: [email protected]
✅Local shipping from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Europe, Australia, Russia, China warehouses.


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