Mephisto Reserva Line Bundles Available


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Nah. I didn't buy anything from them. Not since the beginning of the year. I looked at all my seeds, and I've got 46 Mephisto strains and 303 seeds total. I just want to buy new(none of these were new, just not sold much or for awhile and i have Glue and White Crack already) or the few im missing when they come back in stock for the 10 minutes they open every few months.


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What kind of medium/lights are you using ?
whatever you're doing, it's obviously working out great
Canna terra professional medium, megacrop 1 part, mono ammonium phosphate for Nitrogen and P. MPK for a P,K boost aswell as foliar feeds with cal nitrate upto about 4th week flower, plants suck at uptaking calcium through roots. Spiderfarmer light