my dog is 16 and ate few coffee filters used too strain cannabis butter any tips

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shes wobbleing and acting super drunk im worried for her she gives the look its not a fun ride:(help

  1. time?

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  2. vet?

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    FunCatLady2017 Member

    Water, and watch him. I would call my vet. My dog was a big puppy, 75# of busy. Would still do it. I laughed after I found out he was ok. My vet recommended chips too.

    charface Well-Known Member

    Whenever a human or animal is at risk or you are not sure I recommend seeking professional opinions.

    You will eventually find very few people in a weed forum agree on anything but most state their opinion as fact. Kind of disturbing really when you think about what is at stake. But here we are. Lol
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