Mysterious condition dubbed 'scromiting' hits weed smokers across the US

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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    no disrespect intended but your cousin seems to be some sort of dink? screaming and shitting and vomiting and cannot deduce the cause himself without multiple trips to the hospital.(gee, every time I toke I freak out, what in heavens can I do about it?)
    shits poisoning him because his organ cannot process correctly, so the fool decides to self regulate this poisonous toxin he's found, because he likes the stone a little, sometimes? wtf
    I'd do a dna test to see exactly how much you have in common with this goof, respectfully.

    I've known junkies with the same ill thought patterns.
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    Capt. Stickyfingers

    Capt. Stickyfingers Well-Known Member

    He didn't freak out everytime he smoked. Even if he didn't smoke, he was sick because of the toxic buildup in his system. Nice assumptions. And how was he supposed to know the weed was causing it? He'd be sick for days regardless if he smoked any weed while sick or not.
    Fuck you, bitch.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    its toxic to him but not others right? chronically sick, chronically using marijuana= obvious causation to any but the elementary user.

    my hand hurts all the time because its been burned.
    how was I supposed to know its the stove top doing the burning if my hand is burning all the time even when I dont touch the burner, hell, sometimes I can touch the burner quickly and avoid the burning sensation even but the blisters are confusing me on the other hand.... couldnt possibly be the stove top burner, I'll just keep going to the hospital maybe they can figure this out.
    weed isnt for everyone evidently
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    Capt. Stickyfingers

    Capt. Stickyfingers Well-Known Member

    This is how it would happen: Whenever he got sick, it was for 1-2 weeks every day almost as if he had a virus. He of course cut down on the weed smoking because he was sick as fuck, but he still smoked some to relieve his stomach (not knowing the weed was the cause). After being sick for 1-2 weeks and cutting down on the smoke, he'd get better again, then go back to smoking an obscene amount of weed daily for a couple weeks, then get sick again. Rinse and repeat. I know it seems like you'd make the connection with the weed intake, but neither him or I could have guessed weed was doing it. We never heard of it or heard of it happening to anyone else, and (just like HydroRed) I didn't think it was possible to get sick from weed like that. When he told me the docs said it was from weed, I said bullshit. I didn't believe it. But he cut down and sure enough, the shit went away.
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    dagwood45431 Well-Known Member

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    ANC Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't think I'd be able to tell if I got it, I like yelling at people anyway.
    I'm always angry about something, except when I'm not.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    Ima just pulling your leg a bit, I got the love for ya always. I cant imagine the bummer if I found out weed was to blame for illness.
    I suspect these instances are symptoms of a condition he is suffering and cannabis exacerbates/creates further symptoms.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Thats in a nutshell what I was trying to say but someone had to go get all menstral with their reply. It might not be the weed itself but whats been sprayed on the weed etc that he has issues with.....but Im sure that could NEVER be the problem.:roll:

    I was being not so much. "Where did that shit come from".....It came from someone whos lives in a new generation of dumbasses spraying everything but water on their fuckin plants wondering why they are getting sick and screaming while vomiting. Plenty of folks smoking concentrated poisons and I'm sure your cousin has been one at least once.
    Maybe Bubbleboy should stick with gluten free everything, artificial sweeteners and lower doses of tainted garbage weed. :finger:

    ANC Well-Known Member

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    cannn Well-Known Member

    My dad always vomits and gets the spins when he smokes too much. No screaming though lol. It seems some ppl are just more sensitive than others. No matter how much ive smoked or anyone else ive never seen anyone get destroyed by it like him. He gets pale faced, really confused, unable to walk right, and vomits. And it is my own weed. I use no sprays at all. At worst theres been once or twice i didnt flush properly. Hes not a heavy smoker either. This just happens when the buds too strong or he makes it too far into a joint. I think some people should not smoke.

    Sugarleafloni Well-Known Member

    Prolly something used to grow the weed. Where u guys get it from?? Street or grow? Idk I know someone who smokes all day every day for the past like 15 years and I ain't never seen or heard of something like that happening.
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    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

    I Scromit when my scrog gets all fer cocked. That's Scrog and Dammit yelled out while pissed about it.
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    907cannabis Well-Known Member

    The scrommiting is an exaggeration it's called cannabinoid hyperemisis syndrome. It's directly related to smoking long term and only effects some people. I have it and it's fucked up. I still smoke and live with it though.

    I get nausea in the morning and pain, it builds till one day your stomach just freaks out. I didn't believe it at all but after quitting over and over again and testing it it's definitely the weed. I grow my own and smoke from friends too, some that grow organic and some far from.

    Right now I use ffof soil and the fox farm lineup. My weed still causes this shit in me if I smoke too much.

    I was explained to that it's the anti-emetic medicine in marijuana that causes it, your body gets used to using it for so long instead of its own then one day it just can't have enough and forgets how to make its own, it's almost like an addiction thing and people have different tolerances. When I quit for about 6 days though it's gone for awhile like up to a month if I take it easy on smoking after that.

    At first the doctors put me on all sorts of shit stomach meds, said I might have an ulcer and that it was just gastritis and sent me home with a script for Prilosec, 9 months later I was still sick and I had been on Prilosec the whole time, that shit fucked me up bad trying to come off it.

    Now that I know what is wrong with me when I feel the symptoms start to come on I quit for a few days. They go away if I do and if I don't they come back and it's back to the tub.

    More people have it then people think, for most it's just that they have a good stomach so it ends up being just morning nausea and that's it, usually cured by a bowl of weed.

    For others it's like a bipolar stomach that cries when it doesn't get its bowl in time and freaks the fuck out when you hand it something else instead.
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    907cannabis Well-Known Member

    I wish it weren't true, I don't spray shit on my weed, nobody I know does.

    It's extremely rude to the people who know they have it to say otherwise. It's like an allergy, not every person gets it and not always from the same amounts.

    To immediately assume it's anything else and disregard weed is dumb. There's a lot of smart people on this forum, people who have taught me that flushing plants at the end of harvest isn't "scientifically correct" and had some excellent information to back it.

    Now we have people that have a big hard on over marijuana, the miracle plant they think there's no way it can do harm. Don't make yourselves look stupid.

    It's going to be used as anti marijuana propaganda and that sucks but that doesn't mean I don't have it.
    Dunbar Santiago

    Dunbar Santiago Well-Known Member

    Hey buddy, no offense, but you're being a moron. We all love weed, but sometimes too much is really bad for some people. Ever stop and think that just because you're ignorant on a subject doesn't make the subject false or nonexistant? You'll never learn anything with that attitude.
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    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    @HydroRed and @chemphlegm, you guys are both wrong.
    This is real, and it happens to some people, but not to all. Try to use your brains here and not your blind love of cannabis.
    Just like vaccines, most are not affected, but the small percentage that are....ARE!!!
    It has nothing to do with some chemical that was sprayed on, it's THC!
    It builds up from long term use. THC stays in the system much longer than any other drug. So when you are saturated for too long, this is what happens to the sensitive individuals.
    Cannabis does affect many body functions, and binds with receptors in many different parts of the body.
    A break from smoking is all that's needed to cleanse the body. Then one can resume smoking.
    And if you have ever had to stop for a drug test for a job, then you are cleaned, and it most likely won't affect you. But if you have never stopped smoking since you started, then you have never had it out if your system.
    Yes , cannabis affectsthe hypothalamus, as it is easy to tell that after you smoke, you temperature is regulated(it helps me stop sweating), and digestion. So if too much too long these systems might need to reboot so to speak to return to homeostasis.
    Hopefully you can comprehend this, and open your eyes to this!?!
    Any substance that is over used will become a problem eventually!
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Some people can eat shellfish all their lives and then get an allergic reaction to it out of the blue
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    907cannabis Well-Known Member

    You have heard of something like that I'm sure...ever heard of adult onset diabetes? Not everyone gets it and lots of people eat sugar man!

    Chs is like the same fucking thing basically. You don't just start dying from eating too much sugar but after years of too much your bodies insulin regulators go out of whack.

    Chs is the same way because it's your anti emetic system that goes out of whack from years of abuse, your stomach being directly connected to your nervous system goes haywire and contracts and shivers and shit it's not fun at all.

    The weirdest part is that its all related to your hypothalamus and when you get in a hot bath your body detects the temp change and it shuts down like a light bulb. No more symptoms for me till I get out of the tub anyway and it's immediately back.

    I fully admit it's from overusing marijuana.

    I think everyone needs to be educated on it it's rare and we need to act now to educate and make people aware before it becomes some serious weapon in prohibition.

    Alcohol litterally kills within hours but they will find a way to make weed look bad over making a few addicts sick.

    Jynx616 Active Member

    I am currently trying like hell DESPERATELY to get off methadone, yes i go to a clinic & yes its horrible, but its supposed to be the horrible that drives you to be gratuitous in your current situation (just for today hah) ... hmm sounds like more sensory deprivation the same thing they been using in mental hospitals by community mental health for years. .. anyways long story short a doctor at my clinic told me about this... i as experiencing the symptoms myself but i think its all just the methadone and they don't want to lose there funding to cannabis consumers the God plant that is soon going to be freed! I am currently using it to try and get off the clinic. . & guess what its working!

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    "Phallus and Scromit", the result of a very drunken Christmas party at Aardman Animations which they've managed to keep off of YouTube.

    For now anyway...
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