Mysterious condition dubbed 'scromiting' hits weed smokers across the US

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    puked my guts out first three times I ate cooked oysters
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    Great post, you have done your homework.

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    I smoked weed for first time in 1971, supposedly from Vietnam. Stopped in 1987 until arthritis started kicking me around. In order to deal with the pain of arthritis I started using medical marijuana in 2008, what a funny term, can someone tell me the differences.

    Starting in 2010 about every two months I would have a 12 hour episode of vomiting, starting as I sat at the breakfast table. I did not scream and i did not go to emergency room, but at those times I had never felt so bad. It would often come on Tuesday mornings after a weekend of heavy usage. Started visiting the doctors and they were clueless. Ended up with removing gall bladder in 2012. I still had episodes after the surgery.

    Somewhere between then and now my body has changed, I smoke even more now and occasionally will experience what i believe is a sudden drop in blood sugar, feeling a little hungry or something, loss of temperature controls, but it subsides in seconds now.

    I did learn to stop smoking during the episodes, wife kept telling me to smoke for the nausea, only made things worse. My experience is that MMJ definitely had an interaction with my body and its operations that caused this nausea. Hot shower did bring very temporary relief.

    the MMJ fascists who believe that everyone is the same and MJ can never cause harm may be correct, but my body got pretty mad at me sometimes.

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    You know, I was watching this video recently of people who are suffering from arsenic poisoning due to their weed being sprayed...
    I'm just saying maybe the weed was tainted at some point and you suffered damage as a result?
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    i'm not going to tell you that it can't have a bad effect on some people. my sister is mildly allergic, makes her cough for hours, and itch..weird.
    all i can say is if its not giving you an enjoyable experience, quit using it.
    i used to drink...a fair bit. i have a problem with my stomach, and as it has progressed, i can no longer drink without having a sick, shitty hangover the next i quit drinking, it's no longer an enjoyable thing, so i stopped.

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    Hi, I'm on a healing journey and am currently studying & practicing Qi Gong for healing and balance. I'm also a cannabis smoker and would like to share some information i've found that could probably help explain and give a little veracity to this.

    If you read that article you'll probably find it funny, as it sounds ridiculous by our standards, but it describes a very real condition that happens after years of constant ABUSE. We're not talking about 1 or 2 joints here and there, but extremes.

    In my studies i've come across mentions of Cannabis such as these:

    Anything taken to the extreme that takes your life out of balance will eventually show acute physical symptoms...

    I'm only recently becoming aware of these things by delving into herbalism, oriental medicine, energetic work and such. And this may make me sound like a contradicting fool because I still consume cannabis, but only a 420 stoner smokealldayerryday would argue that smoking cannabis all day every day for years on and on will actually make you super healthy and cure all cancers.

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    Scromiting????? need to do some research.

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    this sounds very funny. though if there is anything like, if at all there is, mainstream media would have been flashing it round the globe

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    What's in your weed?
    Ottawa says it's dangerous. Dispensaries say it's safe. The Globe subjected unregulated weed to a battery of tests to find the truth. The results cast doubt not only on some of the product, but on Ottawa's handling of legalization itself


    Inside a sterile facility, the lab technician holds up a petri dish to show the intricate pattern of bacteria that are quickly multiplying.

    "Looks like something is already growing," she says, surprised by how much has amassed in less than a day and a half.

    In any other context, the dish would be a sight to behold, with an attractive swirl of shapes that resembles an oil painting. But the bacteria growing inside are Citrobacter freundii, a human pathogen that can lead to serious infections, particularly in the elderly and weak.

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    I think it depends.
    There's going to be so many psychoactive properties, harnessed from this plant, one day.
    I grew up with massive anxiety issues. I started smoking at 19, for fun. Enjoyed it. But i also noticed my anxiety go right away. Swear on my life.
    I dont need, or have never needed anxiety medication. Because of this fantastic plant. It chills me out so much.
    I think about so much less, everyday. That's great medication for anxiety. Its the racing thoughts, that make people anxious, in the first place.

    My mother, is bi-polar.
    Ive noticed with her, over the years. How much of a better, more relaxed person she is. When she has smoke.
    The person i know when she doesn't, is completely different. She is just the nastiest person, off the weed.
    Ignorant people would think, its the drug. But that doesn't explain the rest of her family. They are as anti weed, as anyone. Never smoked. They all are bi-polar too.
    Its her medication. It seems like its as good, as a chemical labotamy (however its spelled). Instead of her being up and down, all day long. She's right, smack bang, stoned in the middle.
    I wish they would do more research into its psychoactive properties. I truly believe this is where, the gifts of this fantastic plant lie.
    Medication has to be prescribed properly. Or it can be abuse.
    Thanks to mother earth for this wonderful plant. Is all i can say.
    Im living proof it works. So is my mother. Even more so.

    All those testimonies, of parents, whos epileptic kids, go from multiple siezures a day. To 1 a week.
    Kids quality of life improved. Parents in tears of joy. From cbd oil.
    Its amazing shit.

    Why is it still labelled as such a bad thing.
    Here in most of Australia. You could smoke crystal meth, and drink 3 litres of beer, everyday. Our government would probably be more understanding.

    This drugs wonderful properties have to be harnessed.

    The part that doest sit well with me. Is the advertisement.
    IMHO the way weed, is packaged in the states, is targeting all the kids. The weed companies, are being just like the tobacco industry.
    That shit has gotta stop.
    Kids need to be safely educated as well.
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    Yeah, my grand kid's dad has it. Heavy smoker and grower has lost a bunch of weight and looks like death eating a cracker. I've been reading about this for years now and it's real but fairly rare. It's hyped big time but it's not as prevalent as they'd like you to think. Weed isn't for everyone I guess. edit: a lot of weed all of the time isn't for everyone.
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    Excuse me while I scromit

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    One Question, Why would you believe them if they are not allowed to study it, and are totally against it ?
    Any doctors claiming its weed doing this is unproven Period, Until they can take these studies to a lab and test it properly HITF are we believe what their saying ?
    Doctors are told by the POLICE and COURTS not to do anything with Patients Using MMJ. Don't give pain pills, but you can give the new shit that can cause so many more PROBLEMS than any Joint or Bowl we smoke.
    This is very sad , but imo it's all about them losing Quota on there NON-Violent Pot smokers....... Just look at Michigan Crime down since 08 15% and MM arrests are up 17%. it's all about the Mighty Dollar........


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    no playin here Son.. Grow some dude man
    Time to learn a thing or 4 ;)

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    THey are allowed, just not enough and whats studied and proven gets covered up. FDA is gonna take time to approve cannabis, as long as big pharma wants to patent it and make it synthetic which does not work its already tried. And they make drugs like prozac that get FDA approved through lies and cheating tests go figure.

    You can grow pot but not prozac which may I add is poison and creates the same chemical imbalance it claims to stop. But of course they gotta make money right?

    Ppl get spoon fed this crap about good pharma drugs on TV and swallow it like a kid and santa klaus story

    Its pathetic
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    I was beginning to lose hope that anyone in this thread actually understood the mechanics of the human body.
    You broke that down very well. The diabetes comparison in particular.
    Its baffling to me how ppl can have such a strong unfounded opinion about a subject (basic human A&P) they know so little about. Even go so far as to be completely arrogant in their posts regarding CHS.
    Nice response 907!

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    CHS is not uncommon in Colorado, lots of medical professionals have seen it.

    It seems to be worse for those who dab heavily.

    My friends and I have a possible cause and when we took preventative steps it seemed to work;

    Neem oil and especially its concentrated form, azadiractin (Azamax, Azatrol) seems to be the cause.

    Use it in veg and only in the first 2-3 weeks of bloom. If you use it later in the bloom cycle it will fuck up your shatter and smoking it will make you sick. It's an oil so it does not dissipate like other pesticides.

    The use of neem oil and its derivatives became much more common about the time such cases started popping up.

    Think about your pest killing regimens and see if there's a correlation.
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    i bought one bottle of neem oil, and threw half of it away. it stinks like rotten food, and it makes me break out in hives if i touch it. anything that irritates the outside of my body that easily can't be good for the inside of it.

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    That's what makes it a good pesticide lol

    Just don't spray it in anything you plan to smoke, so not after week two of bloom.
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    the shit lasts forever, i flatly won't use it. i'll rely on spinosad, and pyrethin in veg for really tough cases.
    and i'm not convinced it's at all good for you, the one time i used it, it sure seemed like the weed wasn't nearly as effective at controlling my stomach problems.
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