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    max316420 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys i'd appreciate any input. So im gonna order from attitude seeds in the pick and mix category and was looking for some recommendations on what to get. Trying to lean towards really skunky smelling with a couchlock high... Thanks in advance
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    lungbutter Member

    reserva privada, karma genetics

    they make some great seeds
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    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    Dynasty genetics, exotic genetix, in house genetics, bodhi, there’s so many more. Pick a couple 50/50 hybrids and a couple indica doms

    DieselNuts Active Member

    Green House Seeds
    Emerald Triangle

    Black Domina or her crosses (Blackberry_)
    Og Kush
    Bubba kush

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Order from SeedsHereNow in USA, and order the Dominion... GRANNY SKUNK, or the SIS Skunk. I send Cash, and get a 15% Discount.

    Both REEK, will knock you on your ass, and give a huge yield of killer buds. It will pin your ass to the couch, and also blow out the brain.
    Its called a Robotripesqe High. Theyre not cheap seeds, but I Promise Every Plant is a Keeper as far as potency is concerned. All are very consistent, though there is a small amount of variation.
    Just let the Granny veg extra, and give it a good amount of soil, as it doesn't stretch much, but the colas are thick all the way down the branch, and do well in slightly lower light conditions with really good yield for a mostly Indica.
    Its about 83% Indica, with just enough Sativa to fry your brain.
    This strain is a cross of the ORIGINAL Super Sativa Seed Club Sk1 from the 80s. If you don't know who SSSC WERE you need to look them up. This is the Real Deal Skunk1 x Skelly Hashplant Male Dominion uses in many crosses, and is a killer pollen source.
    The Granny Mother is a 1991 VA Afghani... AKA Virginia Beach Afghani that was picked from over 2000 females, and is clone only. The Skelly cut has been around as a clone since 1989, and is the most sought after of all the Hashplants.

    While not Couch Lock, the Dominion Skunk REEKS the most of Skunk, but is a Speed Ball type high, though the Granny does REEK, they are different, but similar. But high is 100% different.

    The Sis Skunk is 50/50 and is also couchlock, and will stretch a lot more vs Granny. Dominion Skunk also stretches a lot, so veg time is less.

    But Sis is really strong and uses the Chemdog SIS cut. The Dominion Skunk has the Original Chem91 VA Cut crossed with a Male Super Sativa Seed Club Sk1 Male, use the female of that, and use a Male of the SSSC SK1, and the Skelly Hashplant Male as mentioned earlier.
    The SIS uses the same Skelly x Sk1 Male.

    The Sis is good for 2 things. Eating, and Sleeping, and is Totally Couchlock. No Functioning on this stuff.

    Also REEKS really, really funky.

    Also MOST, But not ALL, but a really small section of SOME of the Modern Day Skunks Advertised aren't skunk, and have had the REEK bred out of it long, long ago.
    Sam the Skunkman started mucking with it in the 80s, and in most cses the RKS is GONE, and is also more Indica Dominant, as per Mr Nice Shit, and others.
    The phenos from Mr Nice, and others are 50/50 when original Sk1 is 2/3 Sativa. Columbian x Acapulco Gold x Kandahar.

    But if you want SKUNK REEK, No Pretenders, real deal genetics, and Couch Lock, my 1st stop would be Dominion Seed Company Granny, or Chems Sis Skunk.

    Look into Diamond Duke VA stuff on Instagram. Pure Fire, and beautiful plants.

    Granny Skunk this one smells like garlic bud and pinecones in gas.


    SISSkunk.. MMMMMMM

    THT Well-Known Member

    I agree with @jimihendrix1, if you are in the US, order from one of the many great US based companies. No sense in waiting for over seas shipping and paying the extra for cost. No sense rolling the dice with customs. No sense taking the chance of getting sub-par genetics.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Agreed fuck the attitudes old ass seeds lol

    Get fresh us genetics.

    You can get good packs of seeds for 45 bucks at green point seeds.

    Also check out great lake genetics.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Damn near everything bodhi puts out is fire

    How much $ you workin with?
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

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    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    You always post such killer information, and I appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to do what you do. Do you know or have an idea of what the differences are between each of DD'S seed companies? Bro's Grimm, Dominion, and Duke Diamonds Vault? Is this sort of like Bodhi's companies, where each one is working on different kinds of breeding projects? It seems like there's a lot of stuff that is similar between all 3, Like i think he's selling a Romulan cross or a C99 cross at each one. Is there a goal for each of the companies/projects? Thanks for any insight.
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    They "Were" working together on joint projects, but from what I hear they've parted ways, on Good Terms.

    Dominion from what I understand, is trying to isolate the RKS Pheno of the Skunk Strain, and is supposed to have it available sometime this summer, and Im sure if 1 doesn't jump on these as soon as they come out, they wont last but a few hours, unless he's just made millions of seeds.
    The Dominion Skunk is already not being supplied anymore, because of the anticipation of the New Line coming out.
    He also had a limited supply of a strain he called Capital G that sold out overnight, and I recently saw on I believe it was Webstagram Auction, 1 pack was at over $900 USD, and it had a couple more days to go.:shock::shock::cuss::cuss:.

    But considering the best stuff Ive had since the 70s had the Skelly/SSSC Sk1 like a few of Dominion crosses, though mine had the SSSC/HP as the Mother, Id pay $900 if I could get back what I lost from the Feds in 1997. Other side was Nevils NL5 x Haze.

    We are waiting to run through our Swami Blue Orca Haze before we do either the Dominion Gear, or The Nature Farm Genetics Sk18.2.....I have great anticipation for both the Dominion, and The Nature Fam Genetics.

    And we have found FIRE in the Swami Blue Orca Haze,, and will breed the NFG, and Dominion Gear next Fall/Winter when temps are cooler. And in between, Im going to save money, monitor Dominion Gear, And The Nature Farm like the CIA to look for releases. I wish I could get more of those NL5 x Sk18.2.:wall::wall::cuss::cuss::cuss:I consider that a HUGE Miss. Though I did get 1 pack.:wall:

    I also got 10 packs of the Pure Skunk18.2 when it was available.

    His Freebie right now is the Old Mr Nice ( G13 x HP ) x Sk18.2

    I just stumbled upon The Nature Farm release of 1989 NL5 x Sk18.2. Last Pack, and I wouldn't have known unless I read it on another forum. I would have bought 10 packs. So now Im going to monitor the crap out of both places. Dominion is best monitored on Instagram, and SeedsHereNow.
    The Nature Farm is best monitored on
    Webstagram…. The Nature.Farm.Genetics

    Hes ( Nature Farm ) some killer stuff right now you should be interested in.
    Dumpster Skunk?? Super Lemon Haze ( Franco Cut ) x Sk18.2

    Duke Diamond VA is the guys name on the internet ( Also anything I say is second hand, and there are others who know ore than I ), and he also holds the original Chem91 Sk VA cut, and when the Original guy who gave DD the cut.. IE Chemdog…. lost his cut, and DD was who he got it back from.
    He also has the original 90s VA Afghani cut, Skelly Hashplant, and Super Sativa Seed Club Sk1, which was originally Sacred Seeds, and originally is known as Sk18.2 from Uncle Fester/Hells Angels, and other names.
    The Nature Farm Genetics HAS the real Sk18.2, but is Sold Out, but he has crosses.

    I really don't know a lot about whom, is working with whom, but I understand Swami Organic Seeds, and The Nature Farm are working together on some things Sk18.2Blue Orca/Blue Orca Haze/NL5/Haze related Im sure.
    It wouldn't surprise me to find Dominion also using some Nature Farm Gear. Why the Hell Not???

    Coastal Seeds has a NL1 x Romulan, and I believe Coastal, and Bodhi have some of the same genes.
    Coastal also has genes that I also wont let get away. Puck Yeah was #1 for me. Mainly for Resin Content. It produces really LOW. Great Breeding Stock.
    Sk18.2 x NL1/Skelly Hashplant… Skelly is also known as PUCK Cut.

    Anything with Skelly, SSSC Sk1/SK18.2, Chem91, VA Afghani, Sis Skunk, are going to be straight up FIRE, if they aint fibbing about what it is, and they aint, as many photos, and successful grows are available on Instagram, and Webstagram. 1 just has to look, as in reality, there aren't many of these seeds. Dominion only sells on SeedsHereNow. Coastal only 2 places, SeedsHereNow, GreatLakesGenetics, and The Nature Farm is themselves. So these are really smaller operations.

    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    Holy hell ,thank you for all that information. I've picked up that Duke is the man, and from listening to podcasts he's been on, sounds like he wont sign his name to anything unless its the best of the best. I'm having a hard time deciphering info, so is Skelly/puck still available in their current lines? Or were those cuts of the past that have since died out? And when you say low, do you mean its a low yielder, but of some real fire?

    I'm doing my best to shell out for genetics when can, but I'm young with a mortgage and wife so I cant be throwing all my money at beans unfortunately. Would you be wary of anything that is in the $60 range from Dominion, or should I hold off until I can buy some of the more pricey packs?

    FOr what its worth, I'm growing out bodhi stuff right now in soil, and loving it. Looking for real stinky nasty stuff. Currently growing ASS, bingo pajama, and purple wookie. Got SOAR, HAOGxSSDD, and J1HP in the seedling tent. some bodhi testers on the way I believe. But I really want to try something duke has had his hands in, it all looks so good. I have just heard that c99 from bro's grimm just wasnt all it was cracked up to be. I take everything with a grain of salt, but i have heard that a couple times. and from what I thought, wasnt c99 one of Bro's grimm signature strains?

    and that granny skunk looks like something i NEED

    edit: some searching shows that seedsherenow has Puck yeah, but its out of stock. is that anyting I can expect to restock?
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Suprisingly as long as ive been on the scene (not too long)

    Ive seen so much stuff about cindy 99 , Cinderella 99,c99

    Ive been thingking about some bros grimm beans as well

    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    well do tell homie, damn! lol. you heard shit both ways, or that its good or bunk?

    I dont think i'm as interested in bro's grimm anymore since I saw his other two releases, especially the DD vault.
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    IMHO the C99 is Not as good as the original, and produced very low. I can get 1lb+ from a 1000w light, and a 20 gallon container.

    I struggled to get 6oz from C99, but it was good weed, and had a Pineapple taste, and was lung expansive.

    It was good weed, but 6oz aint cutting it for me when I can get 16-22oz from a different strain.


    Coastal Seeds sells to both GreatlakesGenetics, and SHN, and both are sold out at both of the Puck Yeah.

    Puck Yeah is IBL NL#1 x Puck Cut. Puck/Skelly are AKA Pacific Northwest Hashplant, and is the most sought after of all the Hashplant cuts.

    I would NOT be wary of anything Dominion has for $60.
    I wanted the Skunk/Haze/SSHGH so bad I couldn't stand it, but I missed it.

    1 big consideration for me is that it has to be a big yielder, and Potent. Less than an lb per 1000w is a failure. And that's the low side of acceptable. For me.

    I would hold off if I wanted the Dominion with Skunk in it, and you are searching for stink.

    Another to look at is the

    Coastal Seeds NL1 x 89 UK Cheese.

    This should be a killer/REEKER, with good production, and UK Cheese comes from Sk1.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Haha all i know is ive seen it in high yime since early 2000s even though i dont read them much anymore or for the last decade lol

    But from the pics in hightimes it never wowed me

    Im only interested because its a strain that has been around for a while that ive never tried .

    Ive only run mabey 50 or so different strains but i picked up a nice load of seeds to work through for me at least

    Also i havent been really searching it out its just on my gota try once list haha
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    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    really at this point i'm just looking for something that will put me in a stupid coma. some good ol' cant function worth a shit weed. Also I found puck yeah at JBC but its sold out there too. Do you know if its still being made? thanks for all of your insight, its been super helpful.

    as much as i'd like the super duper stink, I'm still in a highly populated illegal area and I gotta be careful.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Lots of stuff will do that bud haha

    The trick is to find one that will do that to you after you smoke a qp of it ;)

    jayblaze710 Well-Known Member

    Coastal Seeds is done. They announced it on IG about a week ago. All of the individual breeders are still going, but it sounds like the Coastal Seeds releases are it.

    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    was coastal like a breeder collective? who has Puck/skelly? I want it!

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