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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Digital Chronic, Feb 3, 2017.

    Digital Chronic

    Digital Chronic Member

    Ok so my card got declined when ordering from I Love Growing Marijuana which is where I got my last batch from and they said I need to tell my bank about it. Well seeing as they charge it under a different company and its illegal in my state I dont know what I'd say to my bank that isnt suspicious. Last time I ordered I had a buddy who started growing before me (hes not very good) and I just gave him the cash cause I was paranoid about my name being on it but now I have to do it for myself. Guys how should I go about this?
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    Creature1969 Well-Known Member

    Tell your bank your expecting a charge from China and will likely be doing so again in the future. This way you only have to tell them once. If they ask who the co is, just say you don't know cuz it's chinese.

    Or.. True north seed bank (canada) or https://www.dcseedexchange.org/ is in DC and takes CC.

    EGrower Well-Known Member

    Just go to any store with gift cards eg walmart and buy a pre-paid credit card for however much money you need to order your seeds. they have 100 , 250, 500 $ prepaids
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    cash is king even better if you register it with the courier

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    Strange I buy from US based seed banks. I use my card from my bank oh and it's a military bank and I've never had any issue except when I was overseas and pulled money from an ATM over there.
    Digital Chronic

    Digital Chronic Member

    The website said they are based in Amsterdam and the envelope they came in said they came from Switzerland and the company was called some climate company. Have none of you bought seeds from there? Its like the first site that comes up on Google when I searched about growing when I started my first grow.
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i've never heard of that company, which is probably better that your card got declined imo.. in what country do you live in?
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i just reread the op, you said your state is illegal, so i'd say that you live in the us.. if so, why not check out some of the us based seed banks? that way you don't have to worry about getting your beans through customs..
    check out a site like great lake genetics, james bean seed company, and a bunch of others .. if you want, i can get the link for the thread on what sites in the us are good to use..
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    Digital Chronic

    Digital Chronic Member

    Yeah I'm from the US. Well my buddy used them and thats where my seeds came from and during the grow they legit smelled like sour d I got from my plug so I trust they are legit, cause thats two orders I know of from that site that I know for a fact came, my buddy got white widow autoflowers (they ended u being garbage cause he cut his plant down early) and I got feminized sour diesel (I grew mine till harvest and except for being real small cause I stunted their growth under a shitty light for the first month ended up getting me baked like some street bought shit). Like they do the fake company (climate something company) to get it through customs and they have a guarantee they will resend them. I just like my first post said had that guy buy them for me so I didnt have to get my name attached to anything.
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    Xcoregamerskillz Well-Known Member

    You can try again with your card, or try getting a visa gift card like was mentioned before. Or try a US seedbank and find the same strain. Those are your best options over calling your bank.

    cawolves Well-Known Member

    I was using attitude until they stopped taking credit cards. Now I'm trying bonza. Things seem okay. Don't think I would want to call my bank either, because I feel like it would be weird... maybe I'm just being paranoid. bongsmilie

    Clutchcargo_1 Active Member

    The guys at Ilovegrowingmarijuana.com are excellent at marketing. Their store pops up first when doing any search for seeds. Plus the website is actually pretty good; lots of info.
    From the 10 seeds that I bought (3 strains) I tried getting 7 of them going and 3 didn't germinate. I left a one star review for the strain that I had 100% failure and of course they didn't post the review.
    I didn't know that attitude stopped taking CCs, I'll have to get a bitcoin account going.

    TurboTokes Well-Known Member

    Theres plenty of great genetics that can be bought with credit cards in the US, some even conviently take e-transfer / wire transfer

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    i just placed an order last week with attitude(choice) cc was no issue at all.

    call the toll free number on the back of the cc and tell them your charge was declined. they'll quote the amount and the company name and country and you just say I approve. they do the rest. no worries, happens, thank your card company for watching your back for strange charges
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    gunjamonster Well-Known Member

    yup i just used them and great ! great ! service got my beans in 14 days
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    bryan oconner

    bryan oconner Well-Known Member

    No more credit ? Attitude . I know Herbie's stopped did not know attitude too. Great ! :(

    kelevra1572 New Member

    Big problem in the industry right now...about to fly to amsterdam and mail seeds to myself....place i've been using for 7 years only does bank wires....
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    LamontCranston Well-Known Member

    I use Attitude and choose the bank transfer option. Go to Fred Meyers and send it through Western Union. Shit works and I don't have to use my real bank account.

    redzi Well-Known Member

    What does Western Union charge? I was thinking of using someone like Xoom (claim to have $ in UK accounts in 2 hours) that charge a $5 flat rate but they also make money on the exchange rate. As far as wire transfer from Chase it is $40 for the type of account I have.

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    a lot of companies on e-bay are from china so the billing comes from china or paypal. tell your bank you are ordering something from a company in china. this is likely just part of their security. my bank blocks transactions that don't fit my normal pattern and I just need to call them and tell them that I did make this purchase or that I just started buying from this company

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