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    ruwtz Well-Known Member

    Funniest thing. A packet of seeds just today fell on my doorstep. Can only be ILGM, and must be their reshipment. 5 months late.

    Sometimes you win 'em...
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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Why not just deal with us seedbanks? There are a lot of them, and some still take cc's or paypal (at least the smaller breeders dealing direct).

    MaloMAL Active Member

    Well I had the same exact issue, paranoia and all. Call your bank provider notify them you are approving any future or current "foreign transaction". If you do not do so within a certain time. Your order will expire and you ban could add security to your account that could lead to a new card being issues if you also ignore that. Trust me. I had this same issue same website same paranoia. It'll be fine. the Bank isnt concerned with what your buying as long as you approve it. Also, the merchant is going to be under a lot of suspicious names from offset locations. It's normal bro. You ordering seeds lmao. Can't expect much haha. Keeps everyone safe and discreet... oh yeah if your not using GBP expect a currency conversion fee, a foreign transaction fee along with adjusted taxes, small visa surcharge fee and whatever you paid. At least that was my experience with ilgm. Fuck my bank too lol. Never again. ordered once from attitude. No issues
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    The deal with many "offshore" seed banks not taking CC is from the CC company getting pressured by the FED on the fact that they are contributing to an illegal act. Simply put, partners in a federal crime.
    Master card was the first to begin to give the "tude" a hard time in payment. Tude simply stopped accepting MC charges. Visa continued on for another year, till the DEA/Justice threw stat's of confiscated incoming seed shipments, made by customs at New York, Chicago, etc. (memeber the period of many seed orders arriving with the package opened and taped shut with "customs" tape. Many had a card of a customs agent in them (where the seeds should have been).

    How do I know? Because this was reported BY mastercard in a press report....Later by confirmed Visa also....Doesn't matter if you have a bank account outside the US/Canada either. MC and V made it world wide...

    WU direct wire transfer......SAFE.
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    Joey Badabing

    Joey Badabing Member

    I've ordered from Herbies twice without issues. This week I got a notice from the local PO about a letter that needs signing. I know it has to be regarding Herbies. I think it was confiscated. Normally it would go straight into the PO Box. What will they do? Does Herbies resend. Is there a US source that's easier, discreet, and keeps up with the quality.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    ??? What's with the fear factor in driving with seeds for all of you potential drivers??? Drive like an idiot? Car missing required parts?
    Get Real. Drive like a normal "law abiding" citizen and why worry? Save getting "baked" for after you drive.

    As far as calling your bank. Not going to work for those big seed banks that don't even take cards any more eh?

    Well, that concludes my not understanding the continual rehashing of this topic.....rant.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    US seed banks can be limited by only selling to "legal" medical or recreational states. There are others that will deal with the whole country. There are places that will have strains you've never heard of and will basically blow the doors off the vast majority of strains sold by the well known established seed breeders. Like I really never got the love of folks for Barny's Farm's. Inconsistent quality of even single strains...Plenty of others on that list....
    Even looking in "heaven forbid" High Times, Skunk, MM mag.....will give you choice's.

    I could list a few, but I'll get plenty of guff for the "I never heard of any of these", The prices are too high" and "Not enough selection", "I wanted what I read about in XYZ magazine".

    Look around, keep an open mind and be willing to pay a bit more for better genetic's.
    bryan oconner

    bryan oconner Well-Known Member

    and whatever you do dont buy barneys farms cookie kush . major let down all the others did very good quality and bulk . barneys farms very slow grower small yield took 3 weeks longer to flower . and it was 2 plants . trash . thanks barneys farms .

    bigbluegoo Active Member

    i like to use thinktank seedbank on instagram. fair prices and good freebies. fast shipping and paypal accepted.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    I give in!
    Here's a US seed dist. that has a big list, fair prices and FREE shipping! (Big list, Fair prices and FREE shipping - OH MY! come on - sing it now!) Guess what? They still take CC's..

    Joey Badabing

    Joey Badabing Member

    Do any of you grow auto strains? Are they good to grow? How's the potency?

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    Creature1969 Well-Known Member

    Auto bubblicious 38 days old.
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    BabyAndaconda420 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to say but everyone who is scared to send cash are some big fat vaginas, I'd rather send cash then leave a paper trail..
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    Digital Chronic

    Digital Chronic Member

    Well got my order of Super Skunk and got 10 for the price of 5 ($49.95) and got it a couple weeks ago. I had it sent to a buddies house for extra security on my end. Took 2 weeks to get here.

    Bosgrower Well-Known Member

    You sure they're US based? Looks like a Brit site.
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    DR.W33DTHUMB New Member

    I tried to order seeds from there a couple months ago and was in the same pickle as u. I recently found a website that has some potent stuff and actually delivers discretely. The place is called kiwi seeds.

    sparkygeek Well-Known Member

    The Attitude has never let me down. Switched to cash when they stopped taking cc's and they have never failed to deliver! They're stealth shipping is stealth... I've even had to ask where the seeds are hidden because I couldn't find them! John Doe seeds took my money and never delivered.

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