Organic Feeding 101.

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    Dumme Well-Known Member

    Was fish poo listed?
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    So this nute will be fine with my babies? This will be the first time that I will feed them and they are 19 days old as of now.

    iskatero19 Active Member

    This can also be used and mixed with the water that will be used for watering and not just for spraying, right?
    How much will I need of this nute to mix with the water? This will be the first time that I will feed my babies. They are now 19 days after sprout.

    Thanks in advance for your kind response. :)


    Woyaboy Well-Known Member

    Hey OF's! Been enjoying trying to do things all organic. Gotta quick question maybe one of you guys wouldn't mind answering? Basically it goes like this: I made Moonshines Mix with the Happy Frog and FFOF and Fruit and Flower mixed in etc, everything was going great up until my 3rd week of flower and I had read that my mix ONLY works if I transplant. I did not realize that at all, so freaking out thinking she was going to be nute starved I threw in some Jacks Classic Citrus FEed. I'm realizing I fucked up but for future reference what SHOULD/COULD I have done to keep things all organic? Do the teas that put nutrients back in the soil, can they "burn" the plants if not done right? I was enjoying making my compost tea and all that and out of nowhere lost my confidence and went straight to Jacks.
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    nick17gar Well-Known Member

    just wanted to pop in and say... im high as shit balls right now. bongsmilie

    Apparently, Comoran poo, bat poo, banana tea, honey, and rotten fruits is a good mix.

    Currently its winter here in Argentina, so sadly all i can do is keep last years clones alive (of this lemon haze plant im smoking on, its def the best of the bunch this year) til its spring when ill be taking them all outside.. =(
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    nick17gar Well-Known Member

    yes! the teas arent just nutrients in water... most requiere decomposition, which breeds a lot of bacteria, mold and fungus spores... id try to keep to the recipes other people share... if in doubt, dilute it.

    I dont do anything when i plant seedlings... just good dirt (mix of potting soil, mulch, organic compost thats been aged and is done decomposing for the most part, vermiculite, etc...). When i transplant i normally use the same mix. the teas i add in at waterings. at most ill toss in some banana peels when i transplant under the plant.

    dont just use organics, plan to use them. the best take a while to prepare... and if your in a hurry, the banana tea is great.

    AnimalMother1974 Active Member

    If you have organic soil that you've sterilized with heat, will the roots be able to uptake nutrients or will bacteria need to be restored in order for the nutrients to be plant available?

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    Just got some alfalfa pellets, gonna start brewing. Brewing 1 part alfalfa to 10 parts water for 1 week, tea is then diluted 1 part tea to 10 parts water. This is all from the OP. Question is, can I end up burning my girls if I give them too much even if I mix and dilute correctly? Or can I just saturate the soil (in 5 gallon buckets) and the excess will run off? I believe the buckets are heating the soil and cooking out a lot of moisture, so I have to water heavy daily. I have a 32 gal trash barrel I can brew in, but it's not supposed to keep well so if I brew a big batch it's a waste unless I can do a full watering with it. I have 11 buckets, how much should I brew?

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    I am 7 weeks into flower and my ladies have completely ran out of gas . I am using true living organic soil and teas but all of my leaves are dead and they need food . I am all organic so what should I do to finish out when they still have 2 weeks plus to go and are really underfed . The soil just ran out of food. Thanks for any help

    Woyaboy Well-Known Member

    I'd say fuck it and give it a 1/4 teaspoon of jacks citrus.

    Or top dress with organic but it might take awhile to break down.

    I'd personally try using recharge by real growers. Throw in some cal mag and my ladies usually look very happy from that.
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    Stonironi Well-Known Member

    Recharge and cal mag ? What type of calmag is ok for organics ? Does recharge work like they are saying or is it snake oil ? Thanks for the response

    Woyaboy Well-Known Member

    TBH, I'm not sure...I personally feel like they respond to recharge. I've no scienctific data to back it up. But every last person who uses it in soil has nothing but good things to say. Myself included. Cal/mag can be added with dolomite lime. Get the powder not the pellets. Also, you can get instant cal/mag using general organics brand. I've gotta say cal/mag cannot be overstated enough, I truly believe they're just as important as NPK in terms of growing. Do you have pictures of your plants? I'd like to see what you mean by out of gas.
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    Stonironi Well-Known Member

    Ran out of food to eat. So they are eating themselves before they are done.
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    yungkodama Active Member

    Someone care to shoot me some help?

    I just flipped them things and now im wondering whats the cheapest route of making a veg + bloom fpj or team or drench. Id like to try fruits but not to sure which fruits to use because I cant find to much info on the NPK values only on a few like bananas.
    I know I can use alfalfa but I really would like to maybe use fruit that way I can atleast eat something too. Im a little on the broke end right now till later but would like to do something effective immediately. Next water I will use mollasses just need to find a local place that sells blackstrap or else I will just use Grandmas mollasses. If anyone can shoot me some help that would be pretty kick ass!
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    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    I personally throw all my old fruit scraps into my compost I use for flowering. Then I make a banana, molasses, bat guano and worm casting tea for deep flowering. You can really taste the difference in the cannabis.
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    DigitalTorture Well-Known Member

    Be careful to not use too much citrus fruits in your compost though.
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    yungkodama Active Member

    Okay cool! will give it a try as I get deeper into the phase :)

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I sometimes cook banana peels, egg shells and used coffee grounds in an old electric frying pan.
    Then once it's dehydrated. I grind it up in my mortar & pestle until it's a fine powder.

    I'll either add this to water/feed cycle by sprinkling about a tablespoon over the soil. And watering in bokashi like normal.

    I've also added a good quarter cup to my brewed supersoil. Mind you. This one isn't anyone's recipe. Just an improv of what I could find.
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    NaturalFarmer Well-Known Member

    NPK of everything

    So just remember the numbers are a percentage of concentration with any given weight.

    Joomby Well-Known Member

    I didn't see it mentioned. The gunk saved out of a dirty fish tank fillter would have to be pretty much the best as bacteria is the main thing that keeps the tank clean breaking down all organic matter and keeping ammonia and other things under control. I grow silver beat.peas.chives ect directly out of the top of my filter with no added ferts and they are pumping along.

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