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Discussion in 'Organics' started by Sincerely420, Nov 7, 2012.

    Kind Sir

    Kind Sir Well-Known Member

    Im not doing organic patta, I have house and garden soil A + B, root excelurator, drip clean, top booster.
    I think my bigger plants need feeding or something the leaves are yellowing at bottom bad. I have a grow journal, not much response Id really appreciate a quick look..

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    Can someone take a look atmy situation and give some feedback

    radicaldank42 Well-Known Member

    well honestly I have had better respopnses to a lower ph. my soils ph is between 5.5-6 nothing higher. plsus if youre soil is inoculated enough the plant will change the soils ph by its self. and that's when you just don't take any notice to those people what so ever.

    cityworker415 Well-Known Member

    Cup o lime to ffof per 5gal. Fixed my drift

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    cityworker415 Well-Known Member

    Works great every time

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    OneStonedPony Well-Known Member

    Happy 4/20 peps, BMO is having a 4/20 Sale. I knew these dudes didn't just make there ferts for growing tomatoes. 25 % off everything today. Grabbed some SPT, man does that stuff make my garden happy.

    ANK Active Member

    When people say cook does that mean you have to leave it outside to cook in the sun or can I just fill my pots, water, and stick in the corner of my grow room, ive used ffof for years all on its own straight from bag and would like to try this but only if I can do it inside my room, also is it only 1 time that you water it and then just let em dry out for weeks on end till you put your plants in or hows that work

    mwooten102 Well-Known Member



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    Rayne Well-Known Member

    Generally speaking the term "Cook," when referring to a super soil mix, means to leave it outside with cover over it, water, and mix/turn semi-regularly.

    KushyKari Active Member

    I use fox farms ocean mix. No nutes in veg except now I'm adding seaweed to everything veg and flower. Foliage and in soil. In flower I don't use many nutes either. My strain is touchy so I go easy.
    Years ago I used to mix it with perlite and add bat guano, but just the soil alone has all that good ish in it. I've done the cocoa mixed my own got creative, but I stick with ffof because it makes the buds flavor sooooooo much better!! In my opinion at least
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    drekoushranada Well-Known Member

    I would like to know this also. I have some soil doing the same thing.

    WeedyBlooDShoT Well-Known Member

    What should be my unit %. With a 12qt bag of FFOF. 8qt bag of perlite and a 8qt bag of peat moss?
    Thank you-- also i save the peat moss for when i start to flower right?? and if i baught a bag of EWC when and how much to use as well..

    Whodatt Well-Known Member

    I use ffof and I add perlite and some organic dry fertilizer. Always works great for me.

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    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

    I am going start to finish, with ffof and dry organic fert happy frog bloom organic, one cup of lime dolomite, mix it in wheelbarrow, now only tap water start to finish
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    the aparition

    the aparition Active Member

    What strain is this? Looks great!

    Whodatt Well-Known Member

    Thanks! That was th seeds critical hog.

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    Whodatt Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Th seeds critical hog.

    Nu-Be Well-Known Member

    I realize this thread is pretty dead, but it did inspire me to buy $200 worth of amendments to start making my own ROLS for both houseplants and some special plants. Thanks, RIU. :) :) :)

    Two weeks after mixing it, it's cooking down to a delicious scent - perfect humus earthiness. I used regular metro tap water, after letting it sit for a couple hours.

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    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

    It's alive

    Whodatt Well-Known Member

    Still kicking! I love ffof. Plants are loving it too. Mk ultra-the real g-13,and bubblegum.

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    Michael Huntherz

    Michael Huntherz Well-Known Member

    Are you saying that when I buy "Organic" blood and bone meal from Espoma that the "organic" label is a lie?

    Why isn't someone suing them, if that's the case? Are you telling me my organic soil mix isn't organic? I'm curious how strong your background in organic chemistry is? If it was extensive you might feel less fanatical, I think. I'm not an organic chemist, but I've slept with more than one, and that has to count for something.

    If we can't believe these labels whatsoever then do we have to start our organic agriculture from scratch? Can I start an organic chicken coop from eggs that weren't marked organic? If not, when is it OK to start calling it organic? Who is the authority, you? How about a farmer out in places so rural that you @Pattahabi might not be able to imagine, if I go out there and this 80-year old man who is working a family farm that has been around for 150 years, using no pesticides, and I buy some chickens from him, are they organic or not?

    At a certain point we have to make a leap of faith, don't we? Logically, epistemologically, the answer is yes.

    Perhaps instead of being an absolutist on behalf of all humankind you could calmly make a note about it? It feels to me like you're shouting people down over tiny things that are not entirely their fault, responsibility, or mistake to correct.

    Hi Tim! I'm doing something very similar with Black Gold Natural and Organic, it says so right there on the bag! I wonder if it is more-or-less "true" organic compared to FFOF, or if Black Gold could afford to bribe the official when FF could not? I think next time I'll use FFOF. The best results I've had so far (personal-only micro-grow) were when I used it as a base. It depends how well I do with the Black Gold.

    Here's my stupid simple recipe, in case anyone cares. I might top-dress with a low-nitrogen fert during flower, depending how she looks. I think this mix will actually get me through a grow just fine.
    per cubic foot of base
    add the following

    - 7.5 lbs. of Organic Earthworm Castings (EWC)
    - 1 cup Espoma Bio-Tone Starter
    - 1 cup Espoma Plant-Tone
    - 1/4 cup Dolomite Lime (most stuff I use is limed already, I add this much anyway, would double it if not already buffered)
    - 1/3 cup Azomite
    - 8 quarts (aka 2 dry gallons or 1/3 cubic foot) chunky 'organic' Perlite.
    - water with 1 gallon of tap water, after dissolving in it a half-tablespoon of Epsom Salt
    (Oh no, am I no longer Organic? Heavens to Betsy!)
    Mix regularly and let cook for a month, done.

    I guess I probably shouldn't come to the organic forum and give organic fanatics a raft of shit, huh? I'll just lurk here again now for a while.

    One Love.
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