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    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    Hi there;
    Quick question but I don't want to hijack this thread.
    The "super" soil (can I call them that?) recipes above, do they have to be amended later on in the grow?
    I ask because I have a 2x4 tent and I live in a condo. I have a small balcony and enough room for a trash can. I have no room to brew teas and have bubbling stuff.
    Are there instant teas available? What would I need to purchase?
    Thanks so much in advance.
    One more thing: I bought Gaia Green 4-4-4 at my local hydro store. It has most of the amendments as the super soils but in a granular form that you work into the soil and it time releases. I kind of like that idea.
    Is this a good method ? I
    Tried it on some hibiscus and me hey seem to like it.
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    demarko Member

    I have a half used bag of ocean forest stored in a tote with a lid in my garage. Every time I go into the bag I feel moisture like the soil is sweating and I can see the soil sticking to the bag in moist spots.... is this normal? Is it cooking lol I didnt add anything

    @chief420 I have been also looking into teas and I found a small brewer for $62.95 that can fit in any size room

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    Spicehazy New Member

    Which Bat Guano?
    Mad Farmer DeeJ

    Mad Farmer DeeJ Member

    just buy a bag of 707. Done. if you want to add something save yourself the time and get uprising foundation from roots.. stuff is the shit.

    Woyaboy Well-Known Member

    You still using this mix for your plants? Does this bring all the way to flower?

    intenseneal Well-Known Member

    I have not used FF in a while too hot. I use Happy Frog every grow now. No it will not get u all the way to flower if u vegg for more than 3 weeks you will need to feed veg nutes and i always feed heavy in flower but thas me.

    j00ster Member

    I like using ffof. What i do is i put 2 bags in a wheel barrow, add in 3 cups of down to earth biolive. Add 1/2 bottle of great white. Take 4 cups of oatmeal, blend it up, mix all of it up real well then stick it in a big 40 gallon tote from walmart in my storage rokm next to the hot water tank for 30 days. Once a week ill go in with a spray bottle and hand trowel and mix up the mycos that grows. Aeound day 15 or so i might add another cup of ground oatmeal and a light sprinkle of more great white on the top, spray it down. And let it sit. I havent tested the runoff but i have been harvesting some amazing smoke. I also recycle my soil doing exactly this. Some times i let my last grows sit for the entire current grow. Once a year i throw it all out in my garden for some nice big outdoor in 100 gallon smart pots

    Woyaboy Well-Known Member

    My soil mixes never seem to grow the white Mycellium, do you know what's up with that? I have followed soil making down to a T. How wet should this soil be?

    ugmjfarmer Well-Known Member

    That's legit advice. I do about the same thing with a moonshine mix alteration, and add white rice. 2 month cook, turning it a few times in a 40 gal just like you. The rice always has so much fuzzy stuff all around it.
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    ugmjfarmer Well-Known Member

    Moonshine Mix (Ugmjfarmer modifications):

    1 Bag Ocean Forest
    1 Bag Planting Mix (red bag)
    1 Bag Light Warrior (can be substituted with Sunshine advanced #4)
    1 cup Happy Frog Jump start
    1 cup Happy Frog Fruit and Flower
    10lbs Fishnure
    10lbs Worm Castings
    3 cups Biopreta/Biochar
    2 cups Neem Seed meal
    2 cups Neptunes Crabshell
    1 cup organic white rice
    1 cup Oyster Shell
    1/4 cup Dolomite Lime
    1/4 cup Gypsum
    1/4 cup Rock Phosphate
    2.5 gal of Rice Hulls

    optional: Chunky Perlite, Seagate Fish Fertilizer (1/2 tsp per gal), 1 cup Bokashi.

    Precharge/moisten with 48 hour compost tea brew using 1 cup Fishnute, 1 cup Worm Castings, 5 tbsp Organic Molasses brewed 48-72 hours, rainwater preferred. Enjoy after 60 days, make sure the internal temperature reaches 90F at a minimum.
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    camaro630hp Well-Known Member

    What a great thread
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    camaro630hp Well-Known Member

    Thanks for taking time out of your day to post what is needed makes it so easy.
    Dr. Greenthumb2317

    Dr. Greenthumb2317 Member

    I've been using FFOF as well. I use some squid, seaweed, tea, coffee from a local place out here, and a couple other things I add to it. I've been getting some good healthy plants. Last harvest was good. Indoor, organic.

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    tripleD Well-Known Member

    I've always used FFOF soil & FF Nutes (Tiger Bloom, Grow Big, Big Bloom, etc) in the past, but this time around I planted a Nirvana Blue Mystic in FFOF on Sep 22nd & it sprouted on Sept 23rd, and I've only been feeding it a gallon of RO water every 3 days up til now, but I want to start feeding her some of the organics that I bought last year called "general organics GO BOX".... Any feeding schedule suggestions or other advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Willy_Santos Member

    I was wondering if anyone has experience vegging in FFOF and repotting with Happy Frog at the 12/12 flip to prevent a rush to flush out all the N in OF.

    AutoNorCal Well-Known Member

    Thank you thank you thank you
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    DrCannaPath Well-Known Member

    Wow what an amazing thread with great amount of quality knowledge!
    I am a hydro grower and have been since screwing up all my early newbie runs in soil.
    I bought a large bag of ffof and another large bag of FF Coco Loco (anyone with experience using this or mixing it woth FFOF?) And large bag of FF happy frog soil CONDITIONER (anyone uses this in the mix or is it the bappy frog Soil?) I have some tomato and veggies fert by happy frog as well as some higher pk fert specific for flowers also by happy frog that I'll use to amend my soil mix (which I havent figured out yet) in addition to some high n and high p guano and ewc to amend the soil. I acquired some marble and granite dust and some rabbit food (for kelp). I can easily get kelp from the beach and i started making my own compost recently.
    Getting excited about getting my hands dirty again and trying out growing organically :-)
    Happy growing, merry christmas and happy holidays yall :-)
    Forgot to mention that i went through it in one day .... Thanks S420 wherever you might be and thank you everyone for your valuable contributions

    Check out my new QuadStrain grow ;-) :
    and my previous TriStrain grow ;-) :
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    DrCannaPath Well-Known Member

    Hello ladies and gents and thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post and add your 2 cents! And ideas, thoughts or help are much appreciated :-)

    Soil mix to a total of 2.5cf to be split in 2x 9gal pots for a final transplant right before the flip to 12/12 plus leftover:

    1/3 FFOF (peat based). Pic of ingredients
    1/3 FF CocoLoco (coco based and nicely amended). Pic of ingredients
    1/3 aeration: (consisting of 1/3 of each: construction sand, happy frog soil conditioner and perlites). This soil mix is coarse-grainy but very airy although with a nice heavy body and structure. (Thoughts on this?)

    Mixing all 3 parts together gives me the advantages of both peat and coco from the first and second parts of the mix. Theyre both aerated with perlites out of the bag. Therefore i wanted my additional 1/3 aeration to have sand as part of it. I didnt want to lose too much organic composition in the mix and thus i added 1/3 of the aeration portion of Happy Frog soil conditioner (see pic for ingredients)

    Amendments (still haven't been added so please let me know if I should decrease or increase or drop any):
    2 cups rock dust (actually dust acquired from Marble/Granite joint)
    2 cups happy frog tomatoes n veggies (pic)
    2 cups happy frog bulb food for higher p/k for flowering (pic)
    2 cups ground up rabbit food (for alfalfa+ meal?)
    1 cup bat guano high N
    1 cup bat guano high P
    (Also have happy frog steamed bone meal if needed to be added .... and I can get some algae from a nearby beach and dry it up for kelp meal??)

    This mix will be allowed to cook for at least 4 weeks (watered with EWC/Great White tea for a jump start) while we wait for the girls to germinate and veg :-)

    I will put the girls in the final 9gal pots right before I flip to 12/12 and give them a few days to recover any shock. I am hoping for a water only

    Any thoughts on the soil mix or amendments or what i am doin are more than welcome and appreciated ... as this is my first organic run and first time playing around with dirt like this and with some background knowledge haha :-) happy growin yall
    P.S: I got thw above right from my grow diary ..... i figured posting the m8x and questions here will yield more views from the experienced organic growers. Thanks again :-)

    Check out my new QuadStrain grow ;-) :
    and my previous TriStrain grow ;-) :

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    DrCannaPath Well-Known Member

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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    i just noticed this question. I am a little worried that your mix may be too hot. I think if you just did the happy frog @ 1 cups/cuft and the PK boost @ 1 cups/cuft and the alfalfa @ 1/4-1/2 cup/cuft you would be fine. the rock dust is fine (and could even be doubled) I think you would benefit from a kelp meal as the stuff contains all kinds of beneficial things (vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids, potassium, ect) which all have positive effects on your soil and plants.

    Guanos are highly soluble and don't slow release very well, so you can actually overfeed with them because they are so soluble. if you have them and you wanted to use them up, you could brew teas with them. (high N for veg and High P for flower)

    also i think some sort of ph buffer would help you a lot too. oyster shell flour @ 1/4-1/2 c per cu. ft. since i know the FFOF has some lime in it, but it's likely not quite enough so a little supplement may benefit you.

    wish i woulda saw your post sooner! Good luck with the grow man. Hope it turns out well for you. I think you'll do fine with a water only grow :bigjoint:
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