Personal Attacks Will not be tolerated

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Since people are having a problem getting along

1) first warning will be an infraction on your account
2) Second warning will be a 15 day ban
3) Final warning is permanent ban

Threads that are of no benefit to the forum will be deleted on sight.

Personal arguments will be ok... this is what debate/discussion is all about just don't make personal insults.



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Thank you for putting that in writing.

Since we don't have anywhere to really put this make that my sig? The top part?


i like this...

i would just like to make sure that before any punishment on someone is made perminent, that they atleast are attempted to be contacted (and/or other party involved) to make sure that a mod isn't just misinterpretting something or thinking its more than it is... of course some things are obvious, but i just want to make sure that no mod gets too trigger happy with this

cuz well, that would just start more hate threads

i love you all, stop fighting with eachother
its not real conductive to growing

i like that this is being dealt with, i'm tired of the drama...


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i also wouldn't mind knowing of which members you speak of because i can think of a mod that herasses more than all, just a thought.


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i'm all for keeping posts on topic, but this wreaks of fascism. how could any sane human being possibly be offended by someone they don't know?


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wow... thats hilarious but still, u want to get booted? widow maker is some form of gro god to me haha, hes gonna lay the smackdown...


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good, wtf was he thinking... i remember a year ago, you were one of the only ones willing to help a noop. honestly your the reason i still grow and i thank you alot... ive never cheated on rollitup, i think ive been to maybe one other gro forum and it was to check on videos hash technique
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