Pictures of my first grow in 2002!LoL


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Hello guys,today i got in touch with a buddy i didnt talk to for ages,we were best buddies at young age before i got married and moved to the US.he sent me pictures of my first grow,i’m so glad he saved some because i didnt!it makes me laugh how i set it up back than,i was 17 at the time,used computer fans to blow air in and out and a small fan inside!few time i was pretty close to burn everything up cause the fan i was using inside was faulty (probably from the late 80’s) and wouldnt start sometime.everything only lasted 2 grow before my parents found out and i had to tear it down,i’m glad they did because that was in our private garage of a 10 story building,other people garage are next door and sometime you could smell it all the way up to the main hall!No carbon filter back than and even if they had them i was broke,i remember i had to save for months to buy the hps light and when i finally bought it it had to be connected to a sort of a transformer so i went to an eletrician and he was questioning me what i had to do with such a strong light,i told him it was for my acquarium and when he asked why i needed such a strong light for an acquarium i just grabbed the light and the transformer and got out of the shop! LoL later the friend in question helped me with putting together the light,today he is a former elettrician and owns his own company. this made my day and i tought to share it with you guys!49E73846-AAF6-47DC-96A5-A3E3FD747D37.jpeg


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