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    Wus up guys, so to start I have a Canuk White Widow Auto that is out doors. It's in a 5 gal smart pot and is LST'd. This is my first experience with autoflowers and I assumed they would at least a little faster to finish. Every year I always do some outdoors but never with a Auto and I'm honestly lost! Been feeding it the same regiment as my outdoor blueberry and the blueberry is off the hook! Unfortunately where I live it's getting close to being to cold at night out doors so I'm getting a little worried... Take a look at my pics let me know what you think. Personally I think she not done but Idk. Starting to seem to be putting on sum weight everything is stating to sag, but another problem is that there's not really a smell. Let me know what you think. Also I recently was told that my shit re-vegged. Never herd of that. I am freaking out guys so any help will help!

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    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    Where're all the leaves?
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    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    As Sir72 asked, where are the leaves?

    As for time, White Widow is Sativa which takes a lot longer for the buds to ripen than the average plant.

    Stealthstyle Well-Known Member

    I could be wrong as i dont use autos but arent autos meant to flower in summer?

    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    Autos automatically start flowering when they reach a certain age, the seasons have no affect.

    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    terrible genetics.That plant is finished.Next time dont LST outdoors.Whats the point when you have a giant ass free HID in the sky.Your not trying to train a plant to sit under a canopy,The sun will give you 100,000 LUX on a sunny day.Thats enough to cover that plant and than some.I would throw that plant in the trash.not even worth trimming

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