Plz Help! Deficiencies? Lockouts? At a loss

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    amich Member

    Hi all,

    I'm growing 5 autos: 3 white widows, 2 super lemon haze, in coco under leds and cfl using house & garden nutes ph'd to 5.8. Was at about 350-400ppm 0.5 (~500ppm 0.7) when shit started going downhill. Using tap water 115ppm 0.5 (~150ppm 0.7).

    Problems started about 12 days after popped, pics are from today- 21 days. Started as rust spots on lower leaves of WW1, some in middle more towards edges and serrations.

    WW3 followed, but with weird necrotic grey/brown color faded patch in middle of lowest leaves.

    All 3 WWs have brown spotting with slight lightening in between veins. Some down turned browning tips. Some purpling of bigger leaf stems. Spots starting on newer leaves a bit. The first and worst WW has skinny newer leaves with some discloured tips.

    SLHs are o.k...a few small brown spots on one of them.

    Reckon all their growths have slowed since problems started.

    Idk what the fk is going on. My inexperienced eye can't match it to a deficiency...

    I was feeding a tiny bit of cal/mag with my 1/10 dose. Gave them 1/4 dose when spots started then decided could be doing harm as lots of cal in tap water and coco nutes...maybe too much cal locking other stuff out? haha i really dunno

    I flushed a few days ago...feeding low right now.

    Please take a look and tell me what ya think, thanks.

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    Dynamo626 Well-Known Member

    Looks like cal or mad deficiency before you add more nutes check ph. Ph effects nute uptake
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    your plants symptoms could be several different things or the combination of 2 things
    revolving around your fertilizer feed being imbalanced and or possibly ph issues...(id raise your ph up to 6.5 for coco)
    to figure it out I need some info on your nutes

    I need to know how many bottle of fertilizer you have and what the npk numbers are for each

    I will also need the % amounts for calcium and magnesium for each bottle

    then tell me how your mixing it

    this will tell me what you may or may not be def in or if your over feeding and it will help me balance your potassium:calcium:magnesium ratios in your feed

    amich Member

    Hey guys, with the ph and mixing - I mix in A, wait a few minutes, mix in B, wait a few minutes, ph to 5.8 then add additives, wait a few minutes then feed. After additives the ph tends to be 6.2. I just checked a mix a made last night and it was 6.2. Run off is between 6.0-6.2.

    I thought i was all good for coco ph... I'm following H&G instructions (for that).

    O.k, thanks heaps, annoyingly I have to go to work right now, so i'll get this info to you after work.

    Dutchieman420 Well-Known Member

    Leaves on the bottom look like they have gotten wet and need to be picked because those are just naturally getting soggy. As for your other leaves a lot of different people have been having conversations with similar problems you're probably going to hear magnesium deficiency or Cal deficiency people are going to recommend something probably called Cal Mag are you going for an organic grow or are you adding non organic salts to it?
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    Dutchieman420 Well-Known Member

    Also what have you used can you take pictures of everything you've added to these?

    im4satori Well-Known Member

    I have seen and read conflicting info over coco ph

    and since ive not grown in coco I wont argue it either way

    maybe others with actual coco experience would be better to chime in on that

    Dynamo626 Well-Known Member

    Coco ph is the same as any other hydro medium. 6.2 is fine for plants that young. So that leaves cal or mag deficiency or root rot. Add 50 ppms calmag is my advice if its the rot best start new seeds. Even if you cure rot its going to take weeks to recover. Pray its the deficiency

    amich Member

    O.k, so here are the NPK values along with ml/L i was using and the day or 2 before issues.. I also noticed a change I made just before, but i'll mention it after the values.

    A = 3-0-3 0.495ml/L (1/3 dose)
    B = 1-3-6 0.495ml/L (1/3 dose)
    Roots excelurator = 0.1-0-0.2 0.3ml/L (full dose)
    Amino treatment = 0.1-0-0.6 0.066ml/L (1/3 dose)
    Drip clean = 0-18-6 0.033ml/L (1/3 dose) 0.3ml/L (full dose)
    Multizyme = 0.5-0-0.1 1.0ml/L (full dose)
    Calimagic = 1-0-0 0.1ml/L (1/10 dose)

    A & B i've read give 11% Calcium. I think H&G are known for not giving much info...i can't find Mag%
    Calimagic is Ca 5%, Mg 1.5%

    My Tap water is Ca 11.4-17.3 mg/L, Mg 4.3-5.2mg/L and 115ppm 0.5 (~150ppm 0.7)... if that helps at all.

    I added multizyme at full dose just before problems, and increase drip clean to full dose at same time.

    I don't think drip clean is a nutrient? Anyone know about drip clean?

    Also H&G has a magnesium additive 8% but i'm not using it...

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    amich Member

    Man...I spaced all that stuff into nice columns...didn't save it...

    I was adding calmag at low dose...just coz i read you can run into deficiencies in coco. When the spots appeared i boosted calmag to 1/4 dose....but the next day the spots looked worse, so i cut it altogether. Maybe inexperience as i was seeing continued effects of before increasing calmag and didn't wait long enough to see if calmag helped?

    Not organic grow, using non organic nutes

    Yup agree it looks like sitting on wet medium damage, but its not coz its not touching, and it started as a blotch in the middle and then spread. That kind of blotch is only on the lowest leaves

    amich Member

    I hope one of you guys can see a pattern or something. Looking at my pictures and comparing to deficiency pics... its not very obvious (to me).

    Is there some kind of fairly safe action i should be taking now before we hopefully figure it out a bit? I've stopped calmag and dropped nutes to much lower levels atm...and i'm building them back up each day.

    Do you think its safe to add calmag back in? Epsom? if i should how much?

    Thanks so much!
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    amich Member

    Also yeah I hope its not root rot for sure. Less likely in coco?

    Dynamo626 Well-Known Member

    Drip clean is an additive but not a fert. It is used to ceap drip and spray nozels clean of salt build up
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    Drowning-Man Well-Known Member

    Chem burn?

    Dutchieman420 Well-Known Member

    Yellowing leaves won't "get better" they cycle through need to pull them and look at newgrowth. I pull yellowing leaves sooner than later most of the time

    Dutchieman420 Well-Known Member

    Cool thing about bud it's pretty strong shit u should figure out wats wat in time and if not new seeds or clones are never far

    Dynamo626 Well-Known Member

    Rot is less likley in coco but still possable. Yes add the calmag think that is your problem if your not running a feeding system lose the drip clean make sure your watering to 20% runnoff.wait untill you think the problem is fixed before you pull yellow leaves. Leaves look deficient because the plant is pulling nutes away from them to fuel new growth. If it isnt fixed the plant will just pull from other leaves. This is a good way to see if your problem is fixed. Pull the deficient leaves no others are turning. Problem fixed. New leaves start to die problem still exists

    im4satori Well-Known Member

    looking at the base nutes part a&b alone
    the full or max dose would be roughly 7mls per gallon of each for bloom but
    this mix ratios is super low in P, if your ph adjusting with a good bit of phophuric acid you might be ok but again its very very low in P

    lets eliminate these from our conversation since these don't contain enough npk to qualify
    root exellerator

    Im confused about a couple things

    drip clean, what kind of name is that and whats it for? it lists as having high P, is it a bloom booster? or a drip line cleaner containing potassium chloride or this where you meant to get the P from since the base is so low?

    you say it contains 11% calcium for a&b, whats the % amount for A and whats the % amount for B

    11% is a huge number.... if the product contains 11% calcium its got a ridiculous amount of calcium in it and would render it only good for maybe growing tomatoes
    that sjust too much calcium by any standard so please double check your info and confirm

    im4satori Well-Known Member

    without knowing how much magnesium and calcium is in the base nutes theres no way to answer how much calmag you should or shouldn't use... if your base nutes have that much calcium as you said 11% then you wouldn't want o use calmag at already have too much calcium

    if you end up needing magnesium you would source that from Epsom salt but again without knowing whats in the base nutes its impossible to predict

    amich Member

    O.k, so the drip clean NPK is N/A in terms of food.

    Yeah true Dutchie. New seeds aren't far at all! I want to solve this problem/turn this around...but i'm more concerned about future grows now. I feel like it wouldn't be smart to start new seeds or anything until i've sorted this problem. If i can't sort it, then I'll either have to change nutes, or change medium and nutes. That would suck...these nutes were expensive!!

    O.k thanks Dynamo, interesting info on how the plant is pulling the deficient nutes from the leaves which then shows the deficiency.

    Sorry im4satori, i didn't give you the full picture. Those are only the nutes i've used so far. The A and B are run together through the whole grow and i have additional bloom nutes from H&G called bud XL, top booster and top shooter. Is that what you mean?

    Argh i can't post links, how annoying! If you can be bothered, theres a description of drip clean on house and garden nutrients aus website
    It seems to be popular with ppl using coco H&G to minimise salt buildup.

    WIth the 11% calcium, I read this from someones post. I've also read 10%. I assume this is referring to the total of both A and B. I don't know if this is accurate, I can't find any analysis of H&G. I think this is high because it is coco nutes, so the calcium is upped to account for the calcium binding properties of coco(?). The thing is...i'm using buffered coco (Canna coco professional plus). I just found this: Google "Buffering up: Adjusting the cation exchange capacity in coco growing media" maybe you'll find it interesting

    yeah i get that you can't properly advise without that info, all good

    Can you guys pls advise on epsom and calmag dose? With epsom, should i foilar feed some too? And if dosing either worked i assume it would be ongoing at the same rate?

    Also how long dose it take to see an improvement usually?

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